Every Husband’s Nightmare Spring Bazaar . . . .

Opened TODAY and runs through Saturday at 5pm at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.  Here are some pics of the signs that I took to the show:


Not sure how well I like how I have it set up, but not sure how ELSE I could do it either!?!?!


I sure two of the 8′ tables set ‘back to back’ to create one large square table; with a shutter facing outward on each of the four sides.


I’ve got too many signs to really use the shutters to HANG them on; except for the little bit of extra room ABOVE the ones ‘stacked on end’.


Had to take some of the really long ones and just pile them in a tub; and/or prop them at the end of the tables.  (can’t hang things on the wall of this facility!)


I’ve got this one small ‘tiered’ stand that helps a little for some of the small signs.


I’ll take an inventory again after the show to see which signs sold the best and probably weed out some that didn’t sell well for the next show.  (AND I’ll have some ‘holiday themed’ signs for the fall show to make room for)


Keeping the ‘piles’ in order will probably be a challenge.  I’m sure they’ll get mixed up as people look through the stacks.


Short or actually ‘building walls’ to display them on, this was my best guess.  Plus I have to be able to HAUL my display pieces in my car!

And that’s IT for my items at the show!!!   NOTHING like what I used to do.  But that’s life!  My bad back is just getting too old to haul as much stuff as I used to!

P1130533Here are some pics of the rest of the show.  )some of my signs are also placed throughout the other displays also.)






























So get in while the gettin’s good!  Open 10am – 8pm Wed Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday.

***HELPFUL HINT:  If you prefer to AVOID the crowds, shop in the evenings!

Ceramic busts

Look what I found at One Kings Lane!  (I had to make the link go to their Facebook page, because the link to the site kept saying ‘cannot connect to the REAL One Kings Lane>  I ma getting SO sick of that ‘issue’ lately!!! grrrrr!)


They ended up being MUCH bigger than I was expecting.  My plan is to keep one for me and then ‘alter’ the other three to sell at Stars.


This is the one I’ve decided to keep.


Her face is very similar to the one my son and his girlfriend gave me for Christmas last year.

P1130319This one has a ‘bun’ in her hair.

P1130320Almost a smirk on her face.

P1130318Much ‘gentler’ features on this one’s face.


Not sure just WHAT I am going to do to alter them . . .  probably paint the body part a slightly different color to start, then see what I’m inspired to do next.  Add crowns and wings?  And Santos like ‘cage bases’?  (I do have a few stashed that I found in my thrifitng rounds)

P1130325And this one????  Creeps me out a little!!!  The head is so tall and pointy!  And the mouth is so small!

P1130324Somewhat reminds me of those ALIEN pictures when I look at just a close up of the face!

Have you found any cool on-line shopping stuff lately???  Sure seems to be an abundance of ‘off price’ shopping options these days!  Zulilly is one I like to browse too!

NEW SIGNS in my etsy shop

Put a few of my newest stencils to work and got some new signs made for my etsy shop  AND for the upcoming EVERY HUSBAND;S NIGHTMARE BAZAAR!

P1130290Retro style EAT signs.


Great reminder!

P1130302Any Grandmas out there??


LOVE this one!!!

P1130315Great Easter sign!

P1130362You KNOW you want to say it sometimes!!




Yes, I will be returning to Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar as a vendor; but NOT with as humongous of a set up as I used to do.  Just signs now.  The show is NEXT WEEK at the Washington county Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.

Thrifting finds

P1130166A few more jewelry boxes to make over.

P1130170Very ‘French classic’ style wall clock.  (yes, it WORKS!) Will be selling this one ‘as found’.

P1130145A BIG drop leaf coffee table.  Sorry about the strange positioning for the photo!  This thing is HEAVY, so I had to have Michael unload and store it for me and it’s so big he HAD to stand it on end to get it to fit in my ‘project storage shed’.

P1130146The table top is in pretty bad shape; but tops are very easy to sand away any damage on.  Legs, on the other hand can be a LOT of work if damaged; so I look more closely at the LEGS than I do at the top when making my buying decisions.  I’m a sucker for ‘pretty legs’ too!

P1130137VERY tall candle holder.  It’s quite heavy too.  Will make a great table base . . . . eventually!

P1130126Pretty ceramic Madonna.  I had another one just like this in my booth at Stars, but the other one was just a glossy clear glaze.  LOVE the tiny bit of coloration and matte glaze on this one.  This has gone to my booth at Stars, as is.

P1130147Funky little plant stand in need of a total make-over.


That design on the top is actually just a plastic applique!!!  (HOPE it’s not to hard to remove it!)

P1130149Outdated country style cubby shelf.  Will add a carved wood applique to the top to update the style and maybe a backing before I paint it.  LOVE finding unfinished pieces like this that I don’t have to remove any old paint.

P1130150Metal wall pocket thing.  Will probably get painted white.  Tempted to keep this one and use it to hold wash cloths in the bathroom.

P1130171Wrought iron pillar candelabra will get painted white and be taken to stars.  LOVE these that are designed to hold bigger pillar candles because they are great for displaying other things on like I did in this next picture:

From my booth at Stars; June 2012

From my booth at Stars; June 2012


This piece from a Jenny Lind cradle will make a great backing for a bench or little wall shelf.


Perfect example of a great piece, just in the WRONG color.  These handled trays are SO functional!

P1130152In my booth display, I like setting them on end like this to add height to a display.  I can tuck a few items around the base of it and then something on top.  LOVE using them as a little WALL shelf too.  Hang it with the flat bottom part against the wall.  Then you can tuck small items inside, hang towels from the bar AND set taller items on the ‘top’!  (I think I may have just talked myself into keeping this one!)

P1130155This is how this pair of child size chairs was TAPED together at the GW outlet store.  I should have KNOWN to untape and inspect them.  But that place just gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I wanted to pay and get out!

P1130154Yep!!  They were taped that way for a reason!  This is what the seats look like!

P1130156Still, pretty cute little chairs and I’m sure I’ll cone up with someway to disguise those ugly seats.

It was GORGEOUS outside today and I SHOULD have been outside painting all day.  Instead I took a FOUR hour nap?!?!  I’m not even kidding.  Must be the pain from this plantar fasciitis that is making me so dang tired.  I got a steroid shot 2 weeks ago and it started feeling better after a few days.  But by the time I went to my next appt with the podiatrist, the pain had gradually started increasing again. sigh

Now I start with physical therapy next week and then will be fitted for a custom orthodic (which my insurance does NOT cover!  double sigh!)  It started feeling a little better again this week, then Friday I took my car in for an oil change and there are three steps you have to climb to go to the cashier.  As I stepped down I could feel something SNAP in my foot.  Instant pain again and I limped through all the rest of my errands!!  At least I am past ‘that part’ where there is excruciating pain when you first put weight on your foot EVERY time you stand up!

A little riddle for you.

When is a salt shaker NOT a salt shaker?

P1130185Take one little cut crystal salt shaker without the top.

P1130184Turn it upside down and glue a round clear stone to the bottom.  (these are the pretty stones they sell by the bagful at craft stores, used as vase filler)


Add one thrifted hurricane vase, turned upside down; and glue the upside down salt shaker to the bottom of the hurricane.  (I used e6000 for this and gluing the stone to the shaker)

P1130187Put it all together and you have a pretty UPcycled cloche!

P1130186If you want to you can tie a piece of ribbon around the neck of the salt shaker to better disguise it.  Then NO ONE would ever guess what it was.  I kind of like it when people figure out my ‘secret tricks’ though.


Here is another one that I made using a more ‘bell shaped’  vase.    The little crystal salt shakers are fairly easy to find at thrift stores.  Oftentimes they will even put several mis-matched ones together in a bag for a very LOW price.   Those are the ones I usually look for.  Always keep a small stash of them on hand.

Speaking of gold . . .

Didn’t I JUST say that I didn’t really like gold and show you some gold frames that I was repainting?!?!?  I still don’t like gold, but occasionally I find gold items that I like, regardless of the color.

P1100958These cherub busts with a gold rim that I used as handles on some make-do cloches were such items.  As well as the vintage perfume bottle.


I came across this rusty tin lid that used to top a paper mache box (that got wet and ruined) whilst sorting through some boxes of old craft supplies.  Couldn’t think of anything to do with it ‘at the moment’, so it went in my ‘think about it pile’.  The rule is (my own personal rule for getting rid of stuff!) if I can’t come up with a way to use it before my next trip to the thrift store, that it has to go in the donate box.  The gold candle pillar was in the ‘TAIP” as well.  My first thought on the pillar was to paint it white,  I can ALWAYS use white pillars.  And in fact just recently painted several of them white and took them to Stars.

P1130058Here are a few pictures of what I DO with the white pillars in my display.  These items are all priced separately; the shoes, the cloche and the pillar.  If someone wants to buy all three and use them just as I have them displayed, Fine!  But more often than not, someone wants ‘just the cloche’ or ‘just the shoes’; and then they have to call me and I have to remember what items they are talking about and divide up the prices and they have to make new price tags for all three items and THEN half the time the customer doesn’t even BUY the item!!  Just TMW!  (too much WORK!) When it can be easily avoided with individual pricing in the first place!

P1130087With this one the nest is permanently attached.

P1120940Here I just sat the jars of glitter eggs atop a couple of the pillars.

P1120803In this little grouping I had placed a small white bird cage atop the pillar.

P1120820On the far right you can see a rusty tin candle lantern atop another one.

P1130141Back to the topic of GOLD stuff.  This wide gold candle stand ended up in the “TAIP” as well.  At the end of the day I was looking at the pile and kind of LIKED how the gold stuff looked together and LOVED how the gold stand looked with the rusty tin lid!

P1130138It just needed a little something more . . . .beaded trim!

P1130142I’m really liking this little pair of  ‘goldies’.  NOW I just have to figure out HOW to work them into my display at Stars!

P1130232I decided to group ALL of the gold stuff together!  I think I forgot to take a close up picture of the gold hurricane.  It was another ‘orphan’ that I came across in my sorting.  Was going to save it for Christmas and put some little bottle brush trees and snow in it.  But since I’m doing a gold group I may as well put ALL the gold stuff out.

P1130235Put it front the center in my booth.  That’s a HUGE wood lazy Susan with an upcycled table on top and the gold stuff grouped together on the table.

P1130231Put a trio of cloches between the legs of the table.

P1130265Tied a key to the handle of this one.  Little touched like this will make your items stand out from the rest.

P1130229As always . .  lots of LAYERS in my display!  Especially at the very FRONT.  The shoppers first impression is what will make them decide whether or not to go INTO your booth and explore further!

Gold frames???

Personally I am not a fan of gold frames.  But I found these beautifully embossed gold frames at an estate sale and decided to ‘give a shot’ at selling them ‘as found’.


A matching pair of them even!

P1130143Very intricate detailing!


This picture is a bit more ‘true to the color’; and shows how I had them displayed at Stars.  USUALLY frames, ANY frames that I stock, sell super quickly; so I typically don’t ‘display them’.  But these 2 gold ones just sand sat!   Time to re-think my selling strategy!

P1130051I left the 2 black & gold ones ‘as is’ for now.  Will decide whether or not to repaint them depending upon how it goes with these first two that I am painting.  (besides that black velvet stuff soaks up paint like a sponge!)

P1130109And I displayed them better than just piling them in a suitcase!

P1130160This is all I’ve done with them so far; just a quick dry brush paint with white.  I’m unimpressed!

P1130160 P1130158It looks cool up close like this, but at a distance it just looks DINGY.  sigh.

P1130157So what next?!?!?  I could paint them completely white, then  distress; which would be almost the opposite of what I have now.  The raised parts would be the dark/gold areas (IF the gold doesn’t sand off too easily!)  And IF the gold does sand off too easily I can always paint over what I’ve test sanded and then just use an antiquing glaze.  But I just hate covering up such pretty detail!!!

I’m in a real quandary over these frames! Normally I but stuff that is so beat up it doesn’t matter if I mess them up more!!!  That’ll teach me to buy nice things!!!

What do YOU think I should do with them???  Black paint perhaps, then to raised gold parts with show through when I sand???  It’s not really the time of year for black, but I could set them aside til fall I suppose.  OR maybe I should just go with my signature beachy blue?!?!?

Buttons,BUTTONS! What to do with all those buttons?!?!?

So I found this big gallon jar filled with buttons at Stars last week and HAD to buy it!


Spent my first evening with them sorting according to colors; and sorting out all the ones that still had thread or fabric on them that needed to be removed.  (as soon as I can find my seam ripper!)


I’ve been cleaning out my craft room and getting rid of (donating to GW!) a lot of old craft supplies that I have not touched for TEN years or longer.  For the most part, if I brought it with me when I moved out here with Michael and have not used it since then, IT GOES!


But then I came across THESE plaster ostrich size eggs that I bought at Dollar Tree WAY more than 10 years ago.  ‘Back when’ I did folk art and primitives I used to paint designs on them.  Was even invited to display some of my painted eggs at a special art show at a winery.  Long story short, we switched over to cottage and shabby chic and I haven’t had a use for the big ceramic eggs since.  But I really did NOT want to get rid of them because I KNOW you can’t find them anymore; and if I DID toss them I just KNOW I’d see an idea on Pinterest for them the very next day!!  But I PROMISED myself that I would NOT keep things I did not have an immediate use for.    THEREFORE:

P1130030Button covered plaster ostrich eggs!


I got that “Seriously?!?!” kind of look from Micheal when I showed them to him.  Can’t blame him, as I am not entirely ‘sold’ on the either!


But at least I kept my promise to myself and USED them!


Now we’ll see if anyone actually BUYS them from my booth at Stars.  I only made three of them; put them in little felt baskets with some pretty iridescent grass.  HOPEFULLY no one DROPS one because they will shatter!!



Again, some old supplies that have been sitting around for years!  Little satin jewelry boxes with buttons glued on the tops.

P1130036These are at least a little more ‘practical’.  Can be used as a gift box for a small gift or as a pretty storage box.


Layers upon layers of buttons until all the surface was covered.  (used tacky glue on these and the eggs.)


Added a pretty sheer ribbon as a finishing touch before taking them to Stars.



Maybe this little pink jewelry box???


I had originally planned on repainting it, but decided to leave it pink since I was adding the buttons.


Just a few slightly pink buttons amongst all the white ones.


The inside top was a little scratched up.  Probably from where a mirror had originally been.  I just covered it with some pretty scrapbook paper.


That’s it on the button projects for now.  LOTS more buttons to use up still.

 Any suggestions?!?!?

Finding FRAMES: feast or famine!

It seems to be feast or famine when it comes to finding frames lately!  Used to be that I found ‘a frame or two’ EVERY time I went thrifting.  Anymore it seems I can go for MONTHS and not find a single frame.  Then when I finally DO find some, it’s a lot of them all at once!!  I buy them all, of course; but then I am so overwhelmed with so many of the same thing that I have a hard time deciding how to re-make or re-use them!

P1120730All of these were from just TWO thrifting trips.


These are all PART of the next ‘frame feast’ find.

P1120728These from the same day as above.  I had really HOPED to leave that green one ‘as found’, but I did end up painting it.

P1120907Here is one of the smaller ones that I’ve re-painted and distressed.

P1120910I’ve been mostly painting this stash white and ivory; a few turquoise.

Just waiting for ROOM to take them into my booth at Stars.  Usually I just take ALL that I have all at once and just ‘prop them on the floor’.  They always sell so quickly that it’s just not worth my time to ‘work them into a display’.  With it being a 2 hour round trip (and the price of gas these days!) I just can’t afford to make the trip more than once a week.  Sometimes you just ‘gotta do what you gotta do”!

The only way I can make the frames ‘last long enough’ to work into a display is if I price them crazy HIGH!  And I kind of pride myself in having very reasonable prices.  sigh.  Maybe I’ll just work a ‘couple of them’ that I have duplicates of into a display!

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