The big “End of Summer” sale starts TODAY at all three Stars locations; and runs through Labor Day.

As always, each vendor decides what type of discount they will be offering, and signs are posted in each booth telling you what % off items each booth are.

ALL “Regular Priced” (*) items in my booth are HALF OFF for the sale.

(*) Sale discount is NOT valid on already reduced ‘red tagged’ sale items.


Vintage oval picnic basket

P1150081The SHAPE of this vintage picnic basket is what first caught my eye on the shelf at the thrift store.  Picked it up and noticed the meticulously painted Noah’s Ark design on the lid.  (and that it’s painted BACKwards!  This is the direction that the basket open from!?!?  oops!)

P1150079I really almost didn’t want to destroy this beautiful painting!!  And I COULD have unhinged the existing lid, traced out the size on a new piece of wood, and easily replaced it.  But then what would I DO with the painted lid???  Donate it BACK to the thrift store?  I’ve been donating MORE than enough stuff lately, so I sanded off the design.  ***(and you DO need to SAND it off, because the paint lines would shoe through otherwise)

P1150134Don’t forget to check for clean ‘innards’ before you buy!  I NEVER buy picnic baskets that have fabric linings attached.  How the heck do you CLEAN the fabric?!?!  Occasionally though, I have found fabric lined ones where the lining can easily be ripped out.

P1150129LOTS of sanding to completely remove the original painting, a couple of coats of paint, a stenciled on design (facing the correct direction!) and a coat of varnish and done!

P1150132Just cleaned up the rest of the wood and left it ‘as is’ since it had a nice vintage patina.


P1150167Available in my booth at Stars for $32.00.

P1150168The ‘plain top’ split lid basket beneath it is $25.00.

Another step stool

P1150091This is the second one of these that I’ve found recently.  My intention was to keep this second one for myself.

P1150116Painted it aqua, distressed it and was going to call it good; but decided to add a design to this one since I had left the first one plain.

P1150119I use my orbital sander for all the distressing on pieces like this.

P1150117Since it’s going to be getting stepped on a LOT, I gave it  TWO coats of varnish to extra durability.

P1150136I liked it SO much more than the plain white one that I decided to put this one in my booth at Stars and bring the white one home for me to use.  Price is $ 24.00.

P1120169And it’s albino twin has come home to live with me!

Check THIS out!!

COUNTRY LIVING’S list of best colors.  Guess what the Number ONE color is?!?!?  That must have been the paint chip that was missing on the RL board a few weeks ago when I bought my paint.  Good thing I had another sample piece for them to match the color to!

Guess i was just a little ‘ahead of the times’ when I selected it as MY number one color eight years ago!

And speaking of color . . .  Here are a few newly painted items that I just took to my booth at Stars:


Wood step stool with handle hole.


Vintage oval picnic basket with painted lid.


Painted carrier with Paris chic stencil.


And two rounded corner shelves (back to back).

UPdated two drawer night stand

P1140879The previous 2 night stands that I took to Stars have sold already.  Just updated this one and took it in to my booth.

P1140880Not a terribly ‘exciting’ piece, but drawers are always a big plus; and these drawers were super clean to boot!

P1150012Avery light sanding and a coat of primer to prep this piece since the body of it was constructed of the ‘dreaded particle board’!  But the drawers were constructed of pine at least!  As always, I painted the backside.

P1150010 Distressing along the edges really brings out the detail.  Didn’t ‘heavily distress’ the top, sides and drawer fronts because the white primer coat showed through.  Had to sand extra hard to get down to the brown.

P1150008Those dated handles HAD to go.  Fortunately I had a thrifted pair that fit the existing holes.  (otherwise I’d have to fill the holes with putty and drill new ones and somehow disguise the old holes because even though they have been filled and painted over, then still ‘show’.)

P1150009The detail on the bottom shows up a lot more with distressing.

P1150011Side view.

P1150013These drawers were SO clean that they didn’t NEED to be lined; but just for fun I put some old Atlas pages in them.

P1150030Available in my booth st Stars for $62.00.


UPdated vintage night stands

P1140876Found these two vintage night stands at a big rummage sale.

P1140877Both had quite a bit of damage to the tops, one was missing a knob and had two pretty deep burn marks; lots of ‘stickers’ to scrape off.  But they were well made with dovetail joined drawers and still very sturdy.  Nothing a lot of elbow grease can’t cure!

P1140892Lots of pretty detailing on the drawers and base to distress.

P1140891I’ll save the three knobs that came on them for another project another time.  I gave them these new knobs with a skeleton key design on them.  I ‘purposely’ positioned the keys facing opposite directions on the drawers.  Michael thought they should be facing ‘up and down’ and both the same.  I liked them better sideways and facing opposite to each other.  It doesn’t REALLY matter though as they can easily be loosened and positioned however the new owner prefers.


And as I’ve mentioned before, I like to paint the backsides on vintage items.  They usually use a cheap grade of wood that just doesn’t weather very well.  An extra minute of painting just makes it look ‘top notch’ all over.

P1140904It’s a nice ‘added touch’ to line the drawers with some pretty paper.  On these I used some vintage wall paper.  Old book pages, scrapbook paper, pretty wrapping paper, old maps . . . . anything will do.  Again, it only takes a couple of minutes to do, but really enhances the quality of the item.

P1140903I got these on Thursday, worked on them Saturday and Sunday and took them to Stars today!

P1140902I wasn’t entirely certain that I’d have room for them just yet.  But the bit Expo sale was this weekend, and Stars had a sale for that.  So I loaded them up in my car ‘just in case’.  If there hadn’t been room for them, I’d be driving by my storage garage on the way home anyhow, and could have dropped them off there until I needed them.

P1140901Turns out that I WAS able to make room in my booth for them after a bit of creative rearranging.

P1140900The other night stand I had, sold over the weekend.  These are $65.00 each.  (it’s always best to price things ‘individually'; that way if someone only wants to buy ONE, you don’t have to re-price and re-tag them.  And if they want both, it doesn’t really matter if there’s one or two price tags!


Antique show at EXPO this weekend and BIG SALE @ STARS!

It’s time for the summer Antique show at the Expo.  You can go there and pay $15.00 just to walk through the door and then pay premium prices of vintage and collectibles.  OR you can come to Stars and shop the BIG SALE!!

P1140843I just restocked my booth and it is seriously jam-packed with goodies!

P114084450% (yes, FIFTY!) off all regular priced items in my booth during the sale.

P1140842The sale runs Thursday – Sunday; July 10 – 13.  11am – 6pm

P1140813Each individual vendor selects their own sale %, so look for the bright orange signs in each booth to see what % off they are offering for the sale.

P1140822Come on in and enjoy the air conditioning and big savings!

Updated vintage wood canisters


Only three canisters in this vintage wood set, but they are in pretty good shape. P1140230They needed a good sanding to remove the existing satin finish.  A couple of coats a aqua paint and a ‘fleur’ designs stamped on one side of each canister.  I decided to NOT distress these.

P1140232Remember, that by adding the design to only ONE side of the item, you expand your potential buying audience.  Those who might not like the design; or for whom it just doesn’t ;go well with’ their decor, can always display them with the plain side facing front.

P1140236This is a slightly newer old wood canister set, and has plastic inserts.

P1140235And a rubberized seal around the lid for a snug fit.

P1140237A hold in the bottom makes it easy to ‘push out’ the plastic liners for cleaning.


P1140238They even STACK nicely!

P1140664Available to purchase in my booth st Stars; $34.00 for the set.


UPcycled jewelry boxes

ALWAYS remember the FIRST RULE for ‘picking’ old jewelry boxes  . . . . CLEAN innards!

P1130166No matter how great, and easily update-able the outside is; if the innards are dirty . . . pass it up!  There is NO way of cleaning that velvet fabric they line jewelry boxes with.

P1130167Clean. Buy.

P1130168Another good one.

P1130169What’s up with all the PINK innards lately?!?!?  At least they are clean.  I got two of this same box; both are jewelry boxes too.

P1130167A slightly ‘hard to work with’ top on this one.  At first I contemplated removing the faux stained glass insert.  But that was easier said than done.  It was GLUED in place, so I just had to cover it up.

P1140182I spray painted it off-white and filled the inset where the glass was with vintage buttons.

P1140184Then covered the backside of the glass insert (that still showed from the inside) with some pretty scrap book paper that coordinated with the pink fabric.

P1140183Cute as a button, no?  $19.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1120577This small one didn’t have much room to work with, so I kept it simple.

P1140185  Off-white spray paint, some scrapbook paper, a big reproduction key with a fluffy tulle bow. The mirror cleaned up just fine so I left it.  $12.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1140190I decided to make the ‘twin boxes’ nonidentical ones.  Spray painted this one a bright blue.

P1140189Adding a carved wood applique to the top before I painted it.

P1140192Because they have the wind up key for the music on the back, I left the backs unfinished.  Too time consuming to try to paint around it.  $24.00 at Stars.

P1140205Twin #2 got a soft seafoam green paint job.

P1140208And the word PARIS stenciled on the top.   $24.00 at Stars.

*** HELPFUL HINT *** BEFORE you use water based craft paints on TOP of spray painted items; apply a coat of your water based varnish to the surface area you will b adding the decorative paint element FIRST.  Other wise your design will SMEAR when you add your top coat of varnish.   ALTERNATIVELY you can use SPRAY varnish as your final coat on top of your design and skip the varnish base coat.

P1140676All of these are available for purchase in my both at Stars.





Last weekends painting marathon

Had me a little painting marathon this last sunny weekend.

6.25.14 projects Stars 037I actually did almost ALL the painting on Saturday.  Then detailed, distressed and varnished on Sunday.  Rain was predicted for Monday night, so I loaded it all up in my PT Cruiser on  Monday afternoon.  (it ALL fit too; with room to spare!)  Took it all to Stars today.

P1140266This table from the Forest Heights neighborhood garage sale . . .

6.25.14 projects Stars 015Now looks like this.

6.25.14 projects Stars 016The pedestal base was in perfect condition, so no need to fuss with it.  The top just needed a little TLC.

This base would have been a real PAIN to sand and repaint.  I probably would not have even bought it if the base had needed refinishing.  Good profitability comes from knowing what projects to NOT take on too!

6.25.14 projects Stars 017Love the detail on the apron.

6.25.14 projects Stars 072

$75.00 in my booth at Stars,

6.25.14 projects Stars 008JUST picked up this solid maple coffee table on Saturday morning.  VERY damaged top, and good legs.

6.25.14 projects Stars 013Sanded away the damage and painted it turquoise.  I did half of this batch of stuff aqua and half turquoise.  I usually do it ALL the same color, but I really like how the various shades work together.

6.25.14 projects Stars 014Left the legs as is.

6.25.14 projects Stars 084$89.00 in my booth at Stars.

6.14.14 projects etsy 076I could have almost left this vintage child size wicker chair ‘as is'; but decided to apply a coat of aqua paint.

6.25.14 projects Stars 012Not a HUGE difference when you look at it by itself.

6.25.14 projects Stars 070But definitely ‘coordinates’ better with the other stuff.  This chair sold MINUTES after I took the picture!

6.14.14 projects etsy 077That partially prepped solid oak two tier stand.  Just had to sand the legs before I painted it.

6.25.14 projects Stars 010Went with aqua on this one.

6.25.14 projects Stars 024And after ‘sleeping on it’, decided it needed something more.

6.25.14 projects Stars 025LOVE those curvy legs!

6.25.14 projects Stars 113Really had to ‘cram things in’ to get it all to fit!  My booth was already plenty full; and I was entirely prepared to pull out and take home some of the old inventory to make room for all this new stuff.  But I got it ALL to fit!! $45.00.

P1140264Little black table from the Forest heights sale went from this:

6.25.14 projects Stars 018To this!  Turquoise with some Paris chic fleurs in the corners.

6.25.14 projects Stars 020

When adding designs like this, I distress before and after painting on the design.

6.25.14 projects Stars 070

This one is ‘pretty well hidden’ under the round maple coffee table; only way I could get it to fit!  $45.00

6.25.14 projects Stars 083

But, the advantage to stacking furniture like this is that I don’t end up with a huge bare spot as soon as one or two things sell.  Which is extremely helpful for me, considering that it’s a 2+ hour round trip for me.

P1130676One of those little ‘kit’ tables.

6.25.14 projects Stars 031Not so ordinary now!

6.25.14 projects Stars 030Minimal distressing on this piece; just along the very edges.

6.25.14 projects Stars 077More strategic stacking!  $29.00 for this little table.

P1140087HOW long had it been since this kind of white and gold paint has been in style?

6.25.14 projects Stars 026It went from that, to this!

P1140088It is just me, or is that knob much too small for the space?

6.25.14 projects Stars 027I traded out that small knob for this bigger pull that I had in my stash.  I’m sure I’ll need that small knob for another project someday!

6.25.14 projects Stars 028Turquoise paint and minimal distressing; and a fun new drawer pull.

6.25.14 projects Stars 029“You’re painting the BACK???” Michael said as he walked by.  Why not?  It literally took 30 seconds to roll paint on the back; and it looks SO much better when the backside shows in my booth display.

6.25.14 projects Stars 086$65.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1130153Hot pink carrier; a nice extra looooooong one!

6.25.14 projects Stars 035Initially I just painted it turquoise.

6.25.14 projects Stars 041Then I decided it needed a ‘little something’, so I stenciled this PARIS design on ONE side.

*** HELPFUL HINT:  When painting decorative designs on items like this, that have TWO sides; I always only add the design to ONE side.  WHY?  The design might not suit everyone’s design preferences.  So this way, it can also be used with the PLAIN side showing.  Thereby appealing to a larger shopping audience.

6.25.14 projects Stars 106

I also added a little felt chandelier ornament; tied onto the handle, but easily removable.  $29.00.

6.25.14 projects Stars 036Forgot to take these to Stars this trip.  Just a couple of shadow box shelves.  Had been very POORLY painted a medium brown.  I painted them aqua and distressed the edges a bit.  These are very handy to have on hand to use as ‘risers’ in your displays.  AND they usually sell well!

6.25.14 projects Stars 037SO, that was MY weekend.  Glad I got a lot of painting done when I had the chance because ti’s RAINING again now!!  Ahhhhh . . . .summer in Oregon; people don’t tan, they RUST!

6.25.14 projects Stars 070So, since it’s raining, you might as well go shopping!

6.25.14 projects Stars 109


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