The votes are in on the angel wings controversy

Not everyone who commented specified ‘up’ or ‘down'; but of those who did; 4 voted for up and 12 voted for facing down.  I didn’t want to tell you which direction I preferred vs. what Michael liked better, so as to not influence the voting process.  I liked them better down, but almost immediately after I posted the pictures I decided on NEITHER, and set to work on a SMALLER pair, using tea stained music pages cut into leaf shapes.  And made them ‘not so directional’.


Here’s the previous options.  I still LIKE that pair of wings, just not ON this doll.  Will probably make them to just hang on the wall as a decoration.

Now that I’ve solved the wing debacle, I’m kicking myself for having not painted the base and cage before I attached them.  And I’m not sure I even CAN go back and do it now because I’d need to use spray paint and she is NOT removable anymore at this point!  sigh.

Looks like this one will end up in my ‘personal collection’ of ‘not quite right’ projects.  I can never seem to keep the ‘perfect ones’ for myself.  So I end up with the ones that aren’t good enough to sell.  I still LOVE them, imperfect as they are; because they are the ‘first fruits’ (so to speak) of my inspiration and have sentimental value.

Maybe I will display her among my globe collection, which will kind of hide her base.  Might be kinda cool having an angel overlooking the world (s!)

Post card holder

I just happen to prefer using  post cards over business cards for putting out in my space at Stars and at craft shows.  Biz cards are great for handing out when needed, but a post card will catch the customers eye better.  I’m always looking for creative ways to display my post cards.

Which is why this little wood settee caught my eye.  And even IF it wasn’t the right size for a post card holder, little chairs and benches always sell well.

A little bit of paint . . .


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Glittered witch hats

I know you you can buy the unfinished paper mache witch hats at craft stores, but that’s too EASY for me!  And a tad pricey when I am trying to make stuff to sell at a mall when I pay rent and commission, and need to make a little profit!  Time to put on my thinking cap and come up with some creative and inexpensive way to make some witch hats.


I hunted through my ‘favorite store’ for a reasonable facimile of a witch hat and headed home to create a new masterpiece.  I completely covered them with glitter, and added some ‘eyelash yarn’ around the rim. 

To keep my selling price ‘reasonable’ I decided to make them about 1/2 size.  The BIG witch hats are great, but can get pricey and are hard to store away because the take up so much space.

 I’m quite pleased with the outcome!  You’ll NEVER guess what materilas I repurposed to make the hat!!  And you’ll have to pop over to my

Dollar Diva blog to see.


I’ll be selling the finished hats at Stars for $9.00


Repurposed spice rack: Halloween decor

Just for fun.  Turned an old spice rack into a Halloween “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” apothecary set.

I almost passed this set up.  (includes spice jars)  But Michael pointed out that I could al least ‘use the little jars’, so I went ahead and bought it at a local rummage sale a few weeks ago.

With a little bit of work and creativity, I turned it into this!

Having NO idea what I could use the knife  for, I used some scrap cardboard to glue on and cover it up.  On second thought, I could maybe use ONE hole to post some sort of banner in, so I punched one hole in the cardboard at the back corner.  Then painted the entire holder black.

The bottles DID have their glass toppers, but when I washed the bottles, they all came apart.  (the plastic cork part came off the glass knob part.  sorry, no pic!) I could have glued them back together and then glued them in place on the jars, but decided to save them for another project. (they kinda look like little ‘genie’ bottles!)

So, after I spent a couple of HOURS scrounging the house and my craft supplies for bottle contents and clever labels for such contents; I cut out circular topper from stained cardstock to glue to the tops of the bottles.  (things like this tend to get opened up and messed with in the mall, IF you make them accessible!)  Then I cut apart a skull and bones border paper I had to put on the top of each.  Glued on a little rubber mouse too.

Thought long and hard about what to print on the banner.  Didn’t want it to be TOO Halloween exclusive; so Sorcerer’s Apprentice fit the bill.

Close up of some of the jar labels.


Eyes of newt.

Snake eggs.  These little round ‘things’ are ‘vase fillers’ I bought at Dollar Tree.  Used a magic marker for the newt eyes.  You could also make the white ones into eyes if you wanted to.

Wing of bat; made by cutting up some black fabric leaves.

Ash of eel; a little black glitter mixed with sand.


Magic dust: iridescent glitter

Wombat hair: Short cuts bits of excelsior

Spider legs: trimmed some black brush bristles

Firefly wings: Cut up little pieces of screen

Dragon’s breath: Some cream colored tulle

Poison: coarse gravel


Repurposed bar stool table finished

I showed you this much of it a few days ago along with some other ‘in the works’ projects.

Michael attached the stool to the thrifted wood top by screwing through the bottom.

The legs of this bar stool were in very good shape, so I wanted to see if I could use them ‘as is’.   I painted the top my signature aqua blue, then sanded.  The wood showing through the top was too light to match the color of the legs, so I applied a quick coat of stain ON TOP of the painted and sanded top.  Let the stain dry overnight, then applied 2 coats of a water based matte varnish.  finite!

These are very handy little tables for using around the house as a lamp table, bedside table, plant stand, end table or even a little kitchen table ‘for two’.  They are GREAT for use in retail displays too.  I loved using lots of round tables for display when we had our shop.  (no corners to bump into!)  And for some reason ROUND just seems more ‘inviting’.

Faux pewter finial

I guess I’m more used to seeing tarnished pewter, because this looks a tad ‘sparkly’ to me.  From appearance alone, what do you think?  At first glance would you think this was a pewter piece?

I painted it with Sophisticated Finishes, metallic pewter paint.

Here it is next to a silver plated vase.  (Because you KNOW I have to have at least a group of THREE similar objects to display together!)

The silver looks very PINK next to the pewter, doesn’t it?

Here’s what it started out as, a wax candle!!  I added a piece of a 2×4 to the base to make it sturdier, then  just painted the whole thing with the aforementioned pewter paint.   Debating whether or not I should try the pewter paint on some small pitchers and bowls???

Old drawers repurposed into little shelves

Didn’t really need to do too much to these old drawers.  Cleaned them up and sanded off some scratches and glued some pretty paper to the inside bottom (which becomes the backing when hung as a shelf)

I removed the handle to distress the top and bit, then reattached the handle.  Used some vintage sheet music for papering this one.

 “Tea stained’  (using my own special stain formula; NOT realy tea!) the edges of this torn paper for a very aged look.

On this second drawer, the handle was splattered with old paint, so I gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint when I removed it to sand the drawer front.

Used a couple of coordinating scrapbook papers for the bottom of this one.  Just tore them up and glued them down kinda mosaic style.  You ‘could’ do nice neat straight line cuts if you prefer.  I just happen to like the torn edges look. 

Very quick and simple project!  These  two will be going to Stars.


Time for a do-over!

This shabby Paris style round table made by repurposing a wood bar stool for the base, has made the rounds . . from booth to show and back to our booth again.  Has sat through several special sales, without selling.  Time to take it home for a makeover.

I, personally LOVE the black accents on the aqua furniture; and tables I’ve done the past with this same color combination have sold in a snap.  I’m not sure WHY this one hasn’t sold???  Regardless of the reason, it was time to take it home  and paint it differently.

The recent switch over to mostly white furnishings (with just a few aqua accents) in my space at Stars was the perfect time to bring this table home for it’s much needed make-over.  Not wanting to COMPLETELY re-do the whole thing; I just did a quickie update.  Sanded off the black paint, applied a fresh coat of a lighter aqua paint (leaving the base as is for now; will ‘wait and see’ if I need to re-do that too!)   to the top; and stamped on some white starfish around the edge.

Will be taking it back to Stars for the next booth make-over when I switch back to aqua from the white.


Plain and primitive stool to shabby chic and a repurposed candle pedestal

Grubby little old thrift store stool.

Pretty dinged up, so I gave it a good once over with the orbital sander.

A big turned candle pedestal from the thrift store and a round scrap piece of wood; glue them together and you’ve got a sweet little ‘smoking’ table!


Forgot the before pic again, but the pedestal was a dark gun-metal grey and the top was raw wood.  Glued them together with e6000 and let dry overnight.  Then a quick spray coat of flat black paint, and two coats of brush on white paint.

And a bit of sanding to distress!

Wonderfully  SUMMERY white and oh so shabby CHIC duo!

BEST DEAL EVER!!! Ginormous vintage window pane shelf; was originally priced $799.99. NOW reduced to $329.00 for quick sale!!!

It’s BIG.  Six feet tall and over five feet wide with 16 ‘cubbys’ (or the ILLUSION thereof actually!) and LOTS of room to show off your favorite collectibles.

In fact it’s SO big, that within the confines of my 10×10 booth, it’s impossible to get the WHOLE thing in a picture.  I’m going to have to dig into my photo archives to get a picture that you can see the WHOLE thing.

You can ‘kinda’ see the whole thing in this photo; when I had the shelf positioned in the very back, center of the booth.  I tend to get a little carried away with ‘all that space’, and pile WAY too much stuff on it!

Here’s a photo of it empty from back when we first brought it into our shop.

And this photo gives you a bit better idea of the SIZE of the shelf, in contrast to the 4′ wire mannequin on a hatbox on a chair beside it.

Close up of the book pages backing; nice and neutral to fit in with ANY color scheme or design concept.

The cubbies are even big enough to safely hold lamps with low-wattage bulbs in them!   This was the MOST functional display piece EVER, when we had our own shop.  Perfect for using as a ‘divider’ to create separate vignettes, and we could even hang stuff on the back.    The back of this one is unfinished, but could easily be painted, or wall papered to match your decor needs.  Would be ideal to divide up a ‘multi function space’ like a family room/office.

AND I found MORE of those great shabby white wire baskets!!!  How perfectly do the fit this shelf?!?!


At this price it won’t last long!!!  Come and get it whilst the gettin’s GOOD!



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