I WANT THIS!!! *** Last call for contest entries! ***


Have you seen this beauty on Pinterest??

EMP_7964LOVE IT!  WANT one!!  Alas, this particular piece is on a website that RENTS put vintage furniture and accessories in California.  I KNOW they still make these things, so I did some digging.

f2ef72b1ae0367a14f7a3258ad42a7e5Found this UPcycled one using vintage tins, but I really want the DIVIDED bins.

571df2886dfd8af578d42ac2663e9474Another UPcycled one using graduated sizes of cake pans; and as a succulent garden.  Cute.  But not what I wanted still.

zu14187387_main_tm1412011999Couldn’t find the ‘source’ information on this one (the one BAD thing about Pinterest!)  But I really wanted at least 3 tiers.

rotating-hardware-bin-1Found these HERE (again via Pinterest)  but it was a bit ‘pricey’ for me.  THEN I noticed that someone had commented to this pin that they had them for $19.99 at Harbor Freight!


Michael and I were headed to Dollar Tree to use our 10% customer appreciation coupon to stock up on stuff we use all the time (tape, brown wrapping paper for shipping signs for etsy, pens, calendars . . . )  and Harbor Freight is right next door!  AND their weekly ad almost ALWAYS has a 20% off a single item coupon.  AND coupons for FREE stuff ‘with purchase’.

P1170021So, I got this 4-tier one for $16.00.  PLUS a free tarp!  Alas, the ones from Harbor Freight are not the galvanized steel, rather a satin finish black color; which I’m not particularly fond of, but I suppose I ‘could’ paint it to look galvanized.  Gonna wait to see how I decide to use it before I alter it though.

P1170013This is kind of ‘funny angle’ for the picture because you can see all the nuts and bolts underneath!  I might give those a quick spray of black paint.  The bottom 2 bins are divided into 3 spaces; and the top two into 6 spaces.

P1170019Mostly GOOD reviews of it on the Harbor Freight website.  A few ‘moaned a little’ about how long it took to put it together, but that it was worth it in the end, and for the price.  (I lucked out and Michael OFFERED to put it together for me!)

Now I just have to decide what I want to use if for!

UPcycled White Christmas swag

Found this white swag at the thrift store and decided to get it.

P1160912It’s MUCH prettier in person.  Very fluffy and sparkly.

P1160913The obnoxious burgundy velvet bow HAD to go!  Fortunately it was just ‘wired on’, so I didn’t have to surgically remove it!

P1160917You can see a little bit more of the detail in this picture, but it’s still not a great photo!  sigh.  White just does NOT photograph well!  I HOPE the ‘finished’ photos come out better!

P1170003I stood way back and used the zoom for this picture of the finished swag.

P1170005I tied up bundles of 3 – 5 white/silver ornaments (thrifted of course; some vintage glass, some new shatter-proof) and tied them onto the swag.  It has a nice sturdy wire form on the back, so that is what I tied the ornament clusters to.


Had to fire up my hot glue gun to attach this ‘Merry Christmas’ glitter ornament to a round ornament.  Also used hot glue to glue the snowflake ornaments in place in the background.

P1170007I really didn’t follow any particular pattern for adding things.  Just added a few and stood back and looked, over and over and over again!  I didn’t necessarily want it to look perfectly symmetrical, rather ‘balanced’.

P1170006After all the ornaments and snowflakes were in place it still needed some ‘filler’ for the gaps between the ornaments.  You can BARELY see it in the pictures, but I added about 2 dozen snippets of sheer and silver ribbon; just tied in a knot with the two ends sticking out.  Hot glue again to attach these.

P1170008The cat nudged me as I was taking this picture, so it blurred.  But I kind of LIKE how it turned out!

P1170007Here’s the non-blurry version; and you can see the ribbon I added in this one, along the bottom.

P1170010I made this as a Christmas gift.

Trying to collect up enough ornaments to make one of those ‘big ole’ ornaments COVERED round wreaths.  LOVE those things!!

Pretty wedding gift wrap

P1160167I had a wedding gift to wrap recently, but didn’t have any ‘wedding type’ paper or ribbon!  Time to improvise.

P1160168I ALWAYS have aqua wrapping paper, so I wrapped it in aqua, then I just looked at it like a ‘blank canvas’ and rummaged through my paper craft stuff for embellishments.

The birds are laser cut felt; purchased from craft store.

Two (one large, one small) tea stained doilies, and one aqua doily from craft store.  (RE:tea staining – I had these doilies already stained.  whenever I need something like that, I do a whole batch of them.  Then NEXT time I need one, it’s ready to use!)

The little heart was from a package of ‘table scatter’ hearts from the dollar store.  The little “I do” a scrap book embellishment.

Really, once I figured out WHAT I wanted to do, it was pretty quick and easy to apply.  It’s figuring out the DESIGN that takes time!

Another project using vintage individual salt shakers

I can usually find these little guys at thrift stores and rummage sales for a dollar.  


Sometimes for less, if the caps are missing!  (which is fine by me, as I don’t use the caps.  Need to think of a project TO use them though, as I’m accumulating quite a stash of them!  SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!)


Lots of different shapes and sizes of shaker lids; awaiting an inspiring idea.


Taller / wider ones are a bit too big for this project, but will work for larger cloches.

Whoa!  That does NOT look ‘centered’ in the photo, but I assure it is centered in reality.  These pretty little individual vintage salt shakers make perfect knobs for the tops of cloches!

P1160826I just put a little e6000 adhesive around the rim of the shaker and place it upside down in the center of an upside down vase or hurricane jar.

P1160828I had four of these medium sized ‘bell’ shaped vases to turn into cloches; so I decided to vary the shakers.  (I didn’t have four matching ones anyhow!)

P1160849A snippet of pretty ribbon tied around the neck of the shaker and no one would ever guess it wasn’t a crystal knob.

P1160851What can you DO with these cloches?? Put ANYTHING that will fit under them.  Everything looks more special ‘under glass’.

P1160852I don’t have many things here at home to put under them; so I just used a couple of the little tree topped shakers I recently showed you.  Will have lots more ‘examples’ of ways to use them once I take these to my booth.

Cloches are a STAPLE in my booth.

IT’S A CONTEST! Win a $20.00 credit to my etsy shop!! What can I do with this???

p1130679Remember this fabulous turquoise GLITTER lamp that I made a while ago??

p1130680I had just coated the base with several coats of glitter and glue.  Once completely dry I apply a couple of coats of clear spray to ‘set’ the glitter and minimize it’s ‘shedding’.  Add a shade and a bulb and it’s ready to sell.

P1170011Alas,  THIS is all that is left of it at this point!  It apparently got knocked over one too many times while on display in my booth at Stars and the switch broke.  Now I KNOW I ‘could’ buy the parts and replace them and re-wire the lamp; but I wanted to come up with ‘something else’ UNIQUE to do with it.

I already have that ‘something’ in mind, but I thought I’d also ask for YOUR ideas and input.  And since it’s ‘Christmas time’, why not make it a contest with a PRIZE?!?!

So, here’s the deal . . . leave your suggestions as comments to me.  Whomever has the BEST and most unique idea (OR actually guesses the same idea as I already have for it) wins a $20.00 credit to spend in my etsy shop.

There is a small hole on the top of it where the wire came through; and a small hole where the cord came out in the back (that can easily be ignored) but the hole on top will have to be ‘dealt with’ in some way in your suggestion.

Cut-off date for entries in December 5th.  The winner will be announced on the 6th, and will be able to SHOP for their prize immediately.  Michael will be judging the entries with me.  (He doesn’t like MY idea for it at ALL!!  But if you come up with the SAME idea as I did, you’ll still be the winner.  Otherwise entries will be judged upon the following aspects of the idea:

EASE of completion.  SPEED of completion.  COST of completion.  (Fast, cheap and easy being the BEST scores!)

Put on your thinking caps and start thinking . . . . . What would AJ do?!?!

More Christmas bottles

Round 2 of the altered Christmas bottles.

P1160818Teeny tiny bottles in this batch and a fun ‘short squatty square’ bottle.


This was probably originally a perfume bottle.  Narrow opening that required I take the base off the tree (this tree from a set of 2 from Dollar Tree; covered with Mica flakes for a vintage look)  I had to wrap a bit of string around the wire tree base so it fit tighter in the opening, then glued it in place.


The side of this bottle was perfect for another ‘CHEER’ label!  I KNOW!!!  The ribbon doesn’t MATCH the label.  Shades of aqua and turquoise work together so well, I kind of LIKE mixing them.  (Also committed to ONLY using what I HAVE this year and not buying and NEW supplies!) **At least not until they are all half price AFTER Christmas to stock up for NEXT year!**

P1160819Itty bitty bottles are the vintage individual salt/pepper shakers.  (ALWAYS buy those when I can find them.  Use them for KNOBS on the glass cloches I make also!)  This tree is from a package of several from the craft store.  There were 2 sizes in the packages; this is the smallest size.  Was able to glue the base to the bottle top.
Sheer white bow and snowflake button glued on.

P1160821Another vintage salt shaker bottle in a cute ‘tree like’ shape.  Spray painted this little tree (from Dollar Tree) gold, removed base, wrapped stem with some string for a tight fit and glued into the opening.  Little metal snowflake ornament and thin satin ribbon instead of sheer this time.


Decided to leave this tree top bare.

These will also be going to my booth for sale.

Altered ice skates – part II

The second pair of ice skates I found were even SMALLER than the first pair!  And again, I anm trying to only use the craft supplies I have on hand this year.  (really NEED to pare down mu stash!)  So, these were both decorated the same!


Went a little more ‘traditional Christmas’ on these.


Vintage Santa is a scrap book piece that I glued to a wood skewer so I could ‘stick it’ into the greens.  Red glitter ornaments (from DT last year) were already ‘picks’.


Merry Christmas red glitter ornament tied to the stick of the ball ornament.


Greens with red berries were scraps from cut apart stems from other years.  Red glitter stems to add some interest. (and use them up!)


These 2 have gone to my booth st Stars.


LOVE it against the aqua background!!

Altered Christmas bottles

Rounded up a few small bottles from my stash to ‘Winter-fy’


Just ‘using what I have’ this year as far as supplies ans embellishments go.  It feels pretty good to pare down my stash a bit!


First, I partially filled them all with some fake snow (bought at Dollar Tree AFTER Christmas last year!)


Glued a little white tree that I covered with Mica flakes to the top, a sheer bow and a small metal snowflake ornament.  On top is a tiny snowflake BUTTON with a clear rhinestone glued to the center.


On this tall bottle, I glued a ‘CHEER” label to the front and tied and aqua bow around the neck.


Similar (but BIGGER) tree glued to the top of this one.  This one had a cork, so I took the base off the tree and screwed the tree into the cork; unscrewed it, put a dot of glue ion the hole and screwed it back in.

The previous bottle had a bigger opening and rim and no cork. so I glued it with the base still on.


This one is a triangle shaped bottle, small opening but good sized rim.  Blued this little bottle brush tree directly onto the opening.  Glued the JOY embellishment on and added a larger snowflake button to it.

These will be going to my booth at Stars Antique Mall soon.

Decorated ice skates

Have seen these around for years and always wanted to try it, but could never find the ice skates I needed!  This year I found TWO pairs – children’s sizes no less!  (the smaller ones are just ‘cuter’!)

I just rummaged through what wreath embellishing supplied I had and put these together:

P1160638* ~ *

P1160619* ~ *

P1160623* ~ *

P1160620* ~ *

P1160618* ~ *

P1160617* ~ *

P1160613* ~ *

P1160612* ~ *

P1160615* ~ *

P1160614* ~ *

Now to hunt down sore stuff to do the other two!

I think I’ve just got “BLOG BURNOUT”!

I’m just tired of ‘listening to myself talk’ (er type!)  Wondering if maybe this ole blog of mine has ‘run it’s course’.  I’m still creating a lot of stuff for both my etsy shop and my booth at the antique mall . . . but it’s just more of the same ole stuff.  Nothing that really seems ‘blog-worthy’  . . . . to me at least.

I started this blog nearly EIGHT years ago.  And during that time I have made 1,609 entries, and probably posted TEN times that many photos.  It’s just time to give it a rest . . . for a while . . . .longer than I already have.  Some MAJOR changed coming my way next year that will bring some new experiences to share.

On a lighter note, my son and his Fiance just got their formal engagement photos done.  Here they are on the photographers blog if you want to take a peek:


The wedding will be next August.

So, my dear blog reading friends . . . . Keep calm and craft and reVamp on!

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