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COUNTRY LIVING’S list of best colors.  Guess what the Number ONE color is?!?!?  That must have been the paint chip that was missing on the RL board a few weeks ago when I bought my paint.  Good thing I had another sample piece for them to match the color to!

Guess i was just a little ‘ahead of the times’ when I selected it as MY number one color eight years ago!

And speaking of color . . .  Here are a few newly painted items that I just took to my booth at Stars:


Wood step stool with handle hole.


Vintage oval picnic basket with painted lid.


Painted carrier with Paris chic stencil.


And two rounded corner shelves (back to back).


It’s the start of a new month, so that means a new ‘half price sign special’ in my etsy shop.

The half price sign for August is my “GUEST ROOM” sign.  Regularly priced at $19.95; now reduced to $10.00.

*While current supply lasts or until the end of the month; whichever comes FIRST.  Once the sale ends, more of the signs will be listed, but at their regular price.*

And if you are wanting to MAKE some of your own signs, NOW is the time to buy stencils. 

Maison de Stencils is having a 40% off ALL stencils sale.   (this is the place I get a LOT of my stencils from; including the cool French ones!)

The sale only runs until August 6th, so if you snooze you’ll lose out on some great savings!  To get the discount enter promo code   summer2014  (all lower case, no spaces) at check out. 

And while you are on their web site, sign up for their email list to be notified directly of their sales.  They have frequent ‘flash sales’ that are only valid for a very brief time; too short of a time for me to post on my blog; but still some very great deals.


Estate sale and thrift store finds

I really am trying my darndest to ‘use what I have’  and get rid of the inventory that I have boxed up and stored and not buy a LOT of new stuff.    Still, it’s a good idea to ‘get out and look’ on a regular basis.  You just never know when you might come across that ‘perfect piece’.  Furniture though is one thing that I don’t have a huge stash of, so I picked up a few things last week at an estate sale and the thrift store.P1150090Thrifted little step ladder.  I really prefer them to be more naturally grubbied up and paint splattered.  But when you can’t find grubby; you can always CREATE grubby.  These little ladders always sell well and are great for displaying on.

P1150091Little wood step stool.  I already did one just like it for my booth at Stars.  Gonna keep this one for myself so I don’t always have to drag out the folding kitchen two-stepper!

P1150089These little carriers always sell well, AND they are great for displaying multiples of things in.

P1150015Neat old wood bench.

P1150026I broke one of my own rules when buying this piece.  I normally don’t buy pieces that the legs need a lot of work on, simply because they have to be hand sanded and it’s very time consuming and labor intensive.  If I can’t make over my pieces in a timely manner, I don’t make any money doing this.  BUT, it you are buying pieces for yourself to keep, the time element really doesn’t apply.   I just might have to KEEP this one!

P1150025See how scratched up the edge is there? It’s like that in several places on the legs too.  I think maybe a baby tiger was teething on it!

P1150017Sweet little drop leaf end table.

P1150021It opens up to quite a bit of room.  I’m really liking (and HUNTING for!) drop leaf items lately.  Nice that they don’t take up a lot of space, but can provide extra space when necessary.

P1150029A cast iron candle pedestal that will probably become a small table base.

Those grubby child size chairs

P1130156Remember these two chairs??  Unfinished frames, but pretty ‘grimey’ from a LOT of use.


And the SEATS were really scratched and marked up!  And made of some weird composite material.  Looked like dry erase board stuff on top of particle board, so SANDING to prep for painting was out, because it would probably do more harm then help.  THIS is when it’s preferable to PRIME instead of sand.

P1150001So I sanded the unfinished wood parts to get rid of the grime, and gave the seats TWO good coats of KILZ primer before painting.


I distressed the edges of the chairs (but NOT the seat).  The headrest was just the right size to add a little stenciled word to.


These sold before I even got them into my booth at Stars.  Had a customer looking for items in my booth, and I wasn’t going to have room to bring everything from my car.  Took her to my car to show them to her and she wanted them.  So I took them to the front desk to add to her pile of purchases.

UPdated two drawer night stand

P1140879The previous 2 night stands that I took to Stars have sold already.  Just updated this one and took it in to my booth.

P1140880Not a terribly ‘exciting’ piece, but drawers are always a big plus; and these drawers were super clean to boot!

P1150012Avery light sanding and a coat of primer to prep this piece since the body of it was constructed of the ‘dreaded particle board’!  But the drawers were constructed of pine at least!  As always, I painted the backside.

P1150010 Distressing along the edges really brings out the detail.  Didn’t ‘heavily distress’ the top, sides and drawer fronts because the white primer coat showed through.  Had to sand extra hard to get down to the brown.

P1150008Those dated handles HAD to go.  Fortunately I had a thrifted pair that fit the existing holes.  (otherwise I’d have to fill the holes with putty and drill new ones and somehow disguise the old holes because even though they have been filled and painted over, then still ‘show’.)

P1150009The detail on the bottom shows up a lot more with distressing.

P1150011Side view.

P1150013These drawers were SO clean that they didn’t NEED to be lined; but just for fun I put some old Atlas pages in them.

P1150030Available in my booth st Stars for $62.00.


What is the name of the paint color you use?

If only I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question!  If you HAVE asked me that question before, you already know the answer; which is “I mix my own paint colors” so I cannot give you a color name.

P1140843If you look closely at the different items in this picture, you will see MANY  ‘shades of aqua/turquoise’.

6.14.14 projects etsy 091Here you can see my four basic colors that I use/mix the most.  I don’t use any ‘formula’.  I just EYEBALL it.  Apparently I am gifted with a good ‘eye for color’.  One ‘starter gallon of paint will last me for YEARS, because I mix it to create all these color variations.  The color in the top left, is the closest to my ‘starter color’.

P1140892And I did just happen to buy a new ‘starter’ gallon of paint, which I used ‘as is’ on these two night stands that I just painted.  I always buy the Ralph Lauren brand of paint.  It’s crazy expensive.  ( I just spent close to $90.00 on 2 gallons!  ack!)   Usually Ralph and I like the same colors, but this time there was ONE color sample missing from the RL color board at the paint store, and it was probably the color I wanted.  the one above it was too dark and the one below was too light.  sigh.

6.25.14 projects Stars 037So I had to ‘find my color’ on a different sample board and ask them to create that color for me in the RL brand of paint.  The color is from Behr brand and it is called ‘Embellished Blue’.

P1140896I used it ‘unaltered’ on this round table with a checkerboard design too.    But here it looks a tad ‘lighter’ than on those 2 night stands.  Reason being, that the BASE color and any added detail colors will also affect the overall color.  Distressing can sometimes ‘considerably’ change the tone of any given color.

And this is WHY I prefer RL brand paints.  I have found that other ‘cheaper paints’ don’t always distress well.  It’s almost like the components of the paint color ‘separate’ as it dries and as I sand away aqua, mostly GREEN shows through.  RL is a more highly ‘pigmented’ paint so your colors stay truer and you need much less of it for full coverage.

P1140225Here is another good example of my various colors.  The one on the right being my ‘base color’.  I added some pale green to get the aqua color in the front; and some darker blue and grey to get the color on the left.

P1140259Notice how the added black lettering makes all the paint colors seem darker?

P1140646And how they change still more when distressed over a black basecoat and lettered in black.

P1140917I personally PREFER ‘varying shades’ than all the exact same color.

UPdated vintage night stands

P1140876Found these two vintage night stands at a big rummage sale.

P1140877Both had quite a bit of damage to the tops, one was missing a knob and had two pretty deep burn marks; lots of ‘stickers’ to scrape off.  But they were well made with dovetail joined drawers and still very sturdy.  Nothing a lot of elbow grease can’t cure!

P1140892Lots of pretty detailing on the drawers and base to distress.

P1140891I’ll save the three knobs that came on them for another project another time.  I gave them these new knobs with a skeleton key design on them.  I ‘purposely’ positioned the keys facing opposite directions on the drawers.  Michael thought they should be facing ‘up and down’ and both the same.  I liked them better sideways and facing opposite to each other.  It doesn’t REALLY matter though as they can easily be loosened and positioned however the new owner prefers.


And as I’ve mentioned before, I like to paint the backsides on vintage items.  They usually use a cheap grade of wood that just doesn’t weather very well.  An extra minute of painting just makes it look ‘top notch’ all over.

P1140904It’s a nice ‘added touch’ to line the drawers with some pretty paper.  On these I used some vintage wall paper.  Old book pages, scrapbook paper, pretty wrapping paper, old maps . . . . anything will do.  Again, it only takes a couple of minutes to do, but really enhances the quality of the item.

P1140903I got these on Thursday, worked on them Saturday and Sunday and took them to Stars today!

P1140902I wasn’t entirely certain that I’d have room for them just yet.  But the bit Expo sale was this weekend, and Stars had a sale for that.  So I loaded them up in my car ‘just in case’.  If there hadn’t been room for them, I’d be driving by my storage garage on the way home anyhow, and could have dropped them off there until I needed them.

P1140901Turns out that I WAS able to make room in my booth for them after a bit of creative rearranging.

P1140900The other night stand I had, sold over the weekend.  These are $65.00 each.  (it’s always best to price things ‘individually'; that way if someone only wants to buy ONE, you don’t have to re-price and re-tag them.  And if they want both, it doesn’t really matter if there’s one or two price tags!


Antique show at EXPO this weekend and BIG SALE @ STARS!

It’s time for the summer Antique show at the Expo.  You can go there and pay $15.00 just to walk through the door and then pay premium prices of vintage and collectibles.  OR you can come to Stars and shop the BIG SALE!!

P1140843I just restocked my booth and it is seriously jam-packed with goodies!

P114084450% (yes, FIFTY!) off all regular priced items in my booth during the sale.

P1140842The sale runs Thursday – Sunday; July 10 – 13.  11am – 6pm

P1140813Each individual vendor selects their own sale %, so look for the bright orange signs in each booth to see what % off they are offering for the sale.

P1140822Come on in and enjoy the air conditioning and big savings!

Updated vintage wood canisters


Only three canisters in this vintage wood set, but they are in pretty good shape. P1140230They needed a good sanding to remove the existing satin finish.  A couple of coats a aqua paint and a ‘fleur’ designs stamped on one side of each canister.  I decided to NOT distress these.

P1140232Remember, that by adding the design to only ONE side of the item, you expand your potential buying audience.  Those who might not like the design; or for whom it just doesn’t ;go well with’ their decor, can always display them with the plain side facing front.

P1140236This is a slightly newer old wood canister set, and has plastic inserts.

P1140235And a rubberized seal around the lid for a snug fit.

P1140237A hold in the bottom makes it easy to ‘push out’ the plastic liners for cleaning.


P1140238They even STACK nicely!

P1140664Available to purchase in my booth st Stars; $34.00 for the set.


UPcycled jewelry boxes

ALWAYS remember the FIRST RULE for ‘picking’ old jewelry boxes  . . . . CLEAN innards!

P1130166No matter how great, and easily update-able the outside is; if the innards are dirty . . . pass it up!  There is NO way of cleaning that velvet fabric they line jewelry boxes with.

P1130167Clean. Buy.

P1130168Another good one.

P1130169What’s up with all the PINK innards lately?!?!?  At least they are clean.  I got two of this same box; both are jewelry boxes too.

P1130167A slightly ‘hard to work with’ top on this one.  At first I contemplated removing the faux stained glass insert.  But that was easier said than done.  It was GLUED in place, so I just had to cover it up.

P1140182I spray painted it off-white and filled the inset where the glass was with vintage buttons.

P1140184Then covered the backside of the glass insert (that still showed from the inside) with some pretty scrap book paper that coordinated with the pink fabric.

P1140183Cute as a button, no?  $19.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1120577This small one didn’t have much room to work with, so I kept it simple.

P1140185  Off-white spray paint, some scrapbook paper, a big reproduction key with a fluffy tulle bow. The mirror cleaned up just fine so I left it.  $12.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1140190I decided to make the ‘twin boxes’ nonidentical ones.  Spray painted this one a bright blue.

P1140189Adding a carved wood applique to the top before I painted it.

P1140192Because they have the wind up key for the music on the back, I left the backs unfinished.  Too time consuming to try to paint around it.  $24.00 at Stars.

P1140205Twin #2 got a soft seafoam green paint job.

P1140208And the word PARIS stenciled on the top.   $24.00 at Stars.

*** HELPFUL HINT *** BEFORE you use water based craft paints on TOP of spray painted items; apply a coat of your water based varnish to the surface area you will b adding the decorative paint element FIRST.  Other wise your design will SMEAR when you add your top coat of varnish.   ALTERNATIVELY you can use SPRAY varnish as your final coat on top of your design and skip the varnish base coat.

P1140676All of these are available for purchase in my both at Stars.






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