A few small findings

6.14.14 projects etsy 009Wood Mocha box from the thrift store.

6.14.14 projects etsy 010Will set it on it’s back so the top opens UP and turn it into a ‘memory box’.

6.14.14 projects etsy 011Copper tray.  Not sure what I’ll do with it just yet.

6.14.14 projects etsy 012Little ironstone creamer for my personal collection (I only collect this specific SHAPE.)  Glass vase that will be turned into a cloche.

6.14.14 projects etsy 013Small duck and chicken tureens.

6.14.14 projects etsy 018Small dome cloche (might have to keep this one for myself too!)  And a vintage ‘Owl Drug’ bottle.  Was going to embellish the bottle, then at the last minute I decided to research it online real quick.  Turns out these are HIGHLY collectible, so I’ll be selling it ‘as is’ (a tiny ‘bruise’ on the back) in my booth at

6.14.14 projects etsy 019Bag of BIG wood bun feet!  You know ow I LOVE furniture feet!!!  Will save these for ‘just the right’ furniture project.

6.14.14 projects etsy 020Fancy dowel finials that I will probably use as drawer knobs.

6.14.14 projects etsy 021Packets of little wood knobs. The package SAYS 4, but there are only 3.  To add to my stash for when I need extra knobs.

Nice dry weekend and had a VERY productive painting marathon.  (pictures coming soon)  Raining today!

OUTDATED / UPDATED: old prints

6.14.14 projects etsy 001I really LIKED these vintage prints when I bought them several years ago.  They ‘worked well’ with the primitive kitchen area I had set up in our shop.

6.14.14 projects etsy 002Alas, no one else shared my vision or saw their charm, so they went into the ‘make -over’ pile.  And there they have sat for YEARS!  I’m sorting through all that old stuff and I have to ‘use it or toss it’ (into the donation box!) I actually put these in the donation box due to lack of any inspiration as to what to do with them.  Had a ‘brainstorm’ for what to do with them that night and pulled them out the next day.

6.14.14 projects etsy 091Ta~DA!!  Some new paint, a bit of sanding and some e6000 and fingerling starfish.

6.14.14 projects etsy 099Variegated shades of aqua/turquoise.

6.14.14 projects etsy 094Simple beach cottage decor.

6.14.14 projects etsy 095I just might put these in my etsy shop.  Sold all the similar starfish designs I had on etsy previously; and have even had people contact me from the sold listings to see if I had more.

I really could have used these for some of my signs too.

New thrifting place in Beaverton!

I discovered a new thrift shopping place in Beaverton!  The Garage Sale Warehouse on Walker Road, just east of Cedar Hills Blvd.  Most recently it housed a JoAnn Fabric store; and if you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ll remember that it was a Thriftway grocery store a long time ago.

This must be a ‘chain store’ or franchise because I’ve seen a few of them around, just never had time to stop in.  It’s set up with individual booths like an antique or craft mall.  There is another one on Western Ave in what used to be the Dollar Shoppe.  I had stopped in that one ONCE, and was unimpressed.  Nice enough stuff and decent prices even; but too pricey for ME to re-sell.

The one on Walker though had LOTS of great stuff at ‘my kind of prices’!  A lot of  the typical ‘garage sale crap’, lots of funky collectibles, some very nice antiques at very reasonable prices, and some great CHEAP CRAP just right for me!!!

6.14.14 projects etsy 078This little flower cart was a bit too expensive for me to buy to re-sell, but will make a great display piece!

6.19.14 Stars wedding signs 027Perfect size for holding journals and note cards in my booth at Stars.

6.14.14 projects etsy 076Vintage child size wicker chair.  Just needs a new paint job and it will be ready for a new home.

6.14.14 projects etsy 077This one was called a ‘project table’ on the price tag.  Gotta LOVE finding pieces that have already been sanded like this.  The legs need a bit more sanding.  I might keep this one for a bedside table on the other side of my bed.

6.14.14 projects etsy 014These ‘book boxes’ were the perfect color.

6.14.14 projects etsy 016Haven’t decided if I can part with them yet or not.  Might be handy to store crafting supplies that I need ‘at hand’ in the living room when I am watching TV.

So, that was my haul from the Walker Road Garage Sale Warehouse.  There were several more items I ‘could have’ bought,  (right price and style for what I do) but my project shed is getting pretty FULL.  I need to get to WORK on that stuff instead of buying MORE!

Creating new sign designs

Been doing some more ‘mixing & matching’ with my stencils to create some new sign designs.  

6.14.14 projects etsy 022

I honestly can’t decide which top/bottom border I like best.  Which do you think looks best and why?  The original stencil was like the one on the right, but with the border at the bottom ONLY.  I really prefer the ‘balance’ of the borders on the top and bottom.

6.14.14 projects etsy 024I designed this specialty sign shape a while back upon request from an etsy customer.  The customer flaked out on buying the custom sign, which left me with the leftover special sign shape.  What do you think about the borders at the top and bottom of this one??

I’m really trying to stay away from using the stencils ‘as purchased’ by changing things up a bit and creating more unique designs.  etsy is getting bigger and BIGGER and there is starting to be a LOT of the SAME items being offered by a multitude of different shops.  Hoping that having designs that they don’t see all over the place and over and over again will give my sales a much needed boost.

6.14.14 projects etsy 039New style “Junk Collector” sign.  (Original stencil that I purchased was JUST the words; plain and simple.)


And it’s a perfectly fine sign like that.  I’m just trying to create more signs that people haven’t ‘seen everywhere’ already.

6.14.14 projects etsy 045

New style “Salle de Bains” sign; again, I just added the borders.

6.14.14 projects etsy 056“Parisserie” with borders.  Can’t decide if I like this one better, or the “French Patisserie” below better.

il_570xN.540183434_gld2With “French” being is such fancy scrolled letters, I’m thinking the borders would be TOO much added to this one.

6.14.14 projects etsy 057

ALTHOUGH . . . . the scroll lettering on this “Guest Room” works fine with the added borders.   hmmmmmm . . . .just MIGHT have to give “French Patisserie” with the borders a try!

6.14.14 projects etsy 065And this is the sign that the borders came on.

6.14.14 projects etsy 088“Laundry” has become my top selling sign; and I do already have it in several versions and sizes.  Just added this one to my repertoire.

6.14.14 projects etsy 080Bathroom signs are a close second in sign popularity in my etsy shop; so I added this new design.

Looks like a string of dry days are headed our way.  I feel a furniture painting marathon coming on!


Did you miss out on my 50% off sale at Stars last week for their Birthday sale?

Fret not, because I’m giving you a second chance to save!

Just visit  my webpage  on the Stars website and print up the 50% off coupon.

It’s valid through the end of June, so you’ll have plenty of time to use it.

Go forth and $ave!

Thrifted little green chest make-over

P1120059A missing knob and such dark and dreary colors on this otherwise very sturdy and nicely made little jewelry size chest.

FIRSTLY, I had to address that missing knob.  I WANTED to remove ALL the knobs and put on all new ones. Alas, the others would NOT budge; so I had to create a matching one.  A little wood peg and a bit of sanding and some glue was all that took.

P1140171I had repainted the drawers black in order to match the replaced knob, and decided to leave them black; for now at least.  If I decided I didn’t like the drawers black, I could always go back and repaint them.

So then I started on the chest part, giving it a good sanding first.

P1140172You KNOW how I love ‘feet on things’, so I gave it some little feet; glued on with e6000.

P1140214I painted the chest and feet aqua.

P1140216Stenciled “PARIS” on the top.

P1140219Pretty good match on the knobs, eh?

P1140215I’m still not entirely ‘sold’ on the two-tone look.  I see it SO often on Pinterest and have really been wanting to try it out.  Better to try it on something small first.

This will be going to my booth st Stars in the near future.

Doll size armoir make-over

AT first I thought this was a jewelry chest, but a reader corrected me and said it looked like a doll clothes armoir.  With the rod on the right side, I’m inclined to agree.  I suppose it could be used for anything you wanted though.

P1130663I had to remove the handle to get that silly little lock off.  (tossed the lock and key into my ‘key box’ to use for another project later.)

P1130664It was really in perfectly fine condition, just too PLAIN.

P1140174I added some little wood fleur de lis embellishments on the doors, then painted it Ivory.

P1140175Added some old dictionary pages to the inside of the doors to help it transition from light to dark better.

P1140176And I papered the backside also.  Almost ‘called it good’ at this point.

P1140179But, after looking at it for a couple of days, I decided to distress it.

P1140180SO glad I made that decision.  Sanding along the edges really brings out the details.

P1140177The pretty arch on the doors was hardly even noticeable before I added the distressing.

P1140179NOW, it’s done!  From bland and outdated to updated shabby chic!

I’d love to find a REAL full size armoir to make over some day!

Forest Heights Neighborhood Garage Sale

I snuck out of the house on Saturday morning withOUT my big klunky boot on, to hit the Forest Heights Neighborhood Garage Sale.

P1130949I can’t wear the boot while I’m driving, and getting in and out of the car every five minutes to check out a sale hardly seemed worth it to bother with the boot; so I didn’t.  (I brought it with me just to be safe though)

I only ended up buying a few things.  Spent most of my time driving around in circles!  It’s a much bigger sub-division than I realized.  Lots of little cul-de-sacs and dead ends and narrow streets, crowded with cars who got there earlier than me!

A lot of the homes were participating in the annual sale, but most just had a few items; so I did a lit of ‘drive-bys’.  Here’s what I got:

P1140266Fabulous antique table.  Not sure what its original purpose was.  It’s taller than an end table.  More of a ‘sofa back’ table height; but I’ve never seen an oval sofa back table?!?

P1140265The top is a bit scratched up, so I’ll have to sand it.  Would be fairly easy to match the stain and keep it all wood tone.  But I’m thinking I might want to paint the top an off white, and distress it and leave the pedestal as is.

P1140267Yep, it’s HEAVY!

P1140264This looks like it was probably a craft table for a child, but it’s the perfect height for a coffee table too.  Thinking about some fun decorative painting on this one!

P1140262I just might have to KEEP this cutie-patootie!  Paint it aqua and use it next to my bed to replace the sewing machine stool that is presently serving as my bedside table.   Then maybe I will actually DO some sewing once I have my stool back!

P1140263This one has a semi-gloss finish, so I’ll have to prime it before I can paint it.  Normally I prefer to SAND over painting on primer; but with all the cut out details this would take forever to sand!

I feel a furniture painting marathon coming soon!

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HALF PRICE “Sign of the Month” in my etsy shop

Starting a new sales promo in my etsy shop; “Half Price Sign of the Month”.

P1130489The half price sign special for the month of June is this “PARIS” sign; regularly $19.95.  Now just $10.00 while current in stock supplies last.

P1130488CLICK HERE to go directly to the listing in my etsy shop.

P1130486Once the current stock of 8 of these signs has sold, the sale for this month is done.

A new half price sign will be listed the first week of every month.

Get yourself some ‘discount shopping therapy’ while the gettin’s GOOD!

Spray painting binge

Went on a bit of a spray painting binge with this dark turquoise (teal?) paint:

P1140063Up-cycled cheese plate with a pillar candle holder base.

P1130958Rusty old metal file box; before.


P1130959Smaller brown metal file box; before.


P1130962Hanging wire plant basket.

P1130857Thrifted three tier metal stand; before.


P1130953Wrought iron wall towel rack.

Gotta LOVE getting so many projects painted in a short period of time with spray paint!!  And I haven’t even gotten to the two old bedroom lamps that I bought the paint for in the first place?!?!

Not yet sure what I am going to DO with all this stuff . . . . perhaps hang on to if for a bathroom makeover???


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