What I did with the backless frame

P1120873Found this frame, without the backing, at the thrift store.

P1120880I quickly slapped on some turquoise paint as a base coat.

P1120886Then spray painted with Ivory; then lots of distressing with a sanding sponge.

(there are those darn SPOTS again!!! grrrrr!)

P1120883Just a tiny bit of the turquoise just barely peeking through.  Normally at this point I am DONE.  Tie on a price tag and take it to my booth.  But I’ve been ‘sorting and organizing’ my craft room all week and came across a faded bird egg print that I thought would look perfect in this frame.


  I love how the egg print looks in this frame!  I mounted it on a piece of an old dictionary page.

P1120889Since the backing was missing, I had to ‘make do’ with a piece of heavy cardboard, which I also covered with a dictionary page.


Perfect for spring!

Seeing SPOTS!

Okay, someone finally commented on my ‘spotty photos’.  I’ve been avoiding doing anything for fear of finding out that nothing can be done and I’ll have to buy a new camera!!  I’ve cleaned the lend MANY times, but the dust that is causing the spots seems to be on the INSIDE of the lens; and mostly shows up when I use the zoom.  And the zoom lens does NOT just unscrew.  Guess it’s time to ‘bite the bullet’ and take it to a camera repair shop.  sigh.

P1120830See!!! There they are!

P1120833Just finished up these white glittered finials and took them to Stars.

P1120834On two of them I put little quail sale/pepper shakers on top.  The glitter was actually an after-thought.  I had filled the shaker holes with glue, but they still ‘showed’ when I painted the finials.  Glitter to the rescue!

P1120835The topper on this one is a little individual salt shaker.  The eggs are paper mache from eons ago.


They are all mounted to thrifted candle holder bases.


This base was a little trickier to attach, but it had a ‘nail post’ sticking up in the center (to hold the candle in place) so I pushed the mache egg on hard enough to pierce it, then glued it on.

P1120838Will be interesting to see how the ‘glitter’ goes over VS the more shabby chic style that I usually do my finials in.

MORE “BADwill”, puppy love and other finds

I’ve been trying to stop by the Goodwill ‘bin’ (Outlet) store a little more often lately.  Half the time it’s a 2 minute ‘in and out’ quick look.  But then I DO find stuff, it’s really GOOD stuff and at really GREAT prices.  You just have to hit it at the right time; when they’ve had a huge influx of furniture and they start marking it all down to a DOLLAR!

(if you are in the Hillsboro area, that time is NOW!  There was a TON of furniture today; a lot of it not even priced yet; so the next couple of days they will be wanting to blow it out of there!)

I found an oval drop leaf coffee table, two toddler size chairs, a small book shelf , a funky little stand and a Jenny Lind cradle end piece; and three wine crates.  Two of the wine crates were in the furniture section with price stickers on them.  Then I found another one, EXACTLY THE SAME, in a bin on my way to check out.

There are at least ten people in line and only one register open, as far as ANY of the people in line could tell.  Finally the one cashier directed some of us to the other register, where the cashier had just been standing there doing NOTHING but watch people wait in line!  HELLO!?!?!?  There are no “this lane open” signs!  And there are always ‘stray employees’ behind the register who are NOT cashiers and will very pointedly tell you so.  sheesh!

So, I put up the two crates WITH prices first.  Then then unpriced one, saying “It’s just like the two priced ones so I’m assuming it’s the same price?”  She rings up my OTHER stuff; two of which ‘went by weight’; then says she has to call for a price check on the crates.  Not on the UNPRICED single crate.  Rather on the PRICED ones!  WTH!?!?  Explaining that they don’t usually price this stuff.  I wait patiently.

As I pay she asks if I know where to go to pick up the furniture.  Yes.  And do I know that they will NOT help me load it?  What?  For a company that is SUPPOSED to be helping disadvantaged people, the sure don’t help the CUSTOMER very well.

So I guess the moral of this story is, don’t buy anything you can’t lift and load by yourself! 

On to happier things now!


P1120862How darn cute is this vintage Scotty dog planter?!?

P1120869It was MADE IN JAPAN, so it’s probably a fairly valuable collectible.

P1120867But I don’t think I can part with it!


Such adorable expressions on their faces and those floppy ears!  It’ll make a nice pencil holder on my work table.


P1120873A frame with no backing.

P1120874A very chunky (and HEAVY) little foot stool.

P1120584A little white stool and a finial thingy.

P1120580Another calendar frame holder to turn into a tray like I did with this one.

P1120588A metal tub.

Now to just find time to work on all those projects!!

Still in ‘white mode’

Finishing up a few more white projects before I go back to my signature beachy blue.


Got this little upcycled tray table spray painted off-white.

P1120572I did a first coat of white paint, then decided to go off-white.

P1120759I debated for DAYS on whether or not to paint a design on top or not.  Couldn’t think of WHAT design to do, so I left it plain.

P1120766It has gone to my booth at Stars; $35.00.

P1120765Also got this wire cloche with pedestal finished.  Is this picture it is sitting on top of the tray table.


For the base for the wire cloche I used this thrifted PLASTIC vase.  Since the TOP of the vase was wider than the base, I turned it upside down; attached a thrifted gold plastic charger plate (using e6000 adhesive) to the base, which is now the top.


 The wire waste baskets are available at Dollar Tree!!

P1120597Just needed to attach “something” to serve as a knob on top.  Happened to have this wood finial that I screwed into the finial then held in place with a wood washer underneath.




P1120767The most ‘labor intensive’ part was the spray painting!

P1120768It is available at Stars for $25.00; top and base sold as a set.


 This ‘similarly constructed’ black wire cloche is being sold separately.  On this one the basket was already black, so I only had to paint the knob before I attached it.

P1120616A couple of rusty lanterns.  The one on the left I bought new at Michael’s.  The one on the right is thrifted.

P1120618Two minutes of dry brush painting ans the are perfectly shabby chic!

P1120632These both went to Stars; the one on the right has already sold.

P1120641Found these two very rusty-crusty white metal hanging baskets in the back of the shed.  A good ‘scrub down’ with a stiff brush to remove all the loose rust; then a couple of GOOD coats of clear spray varnish to prevent further rusting and they are ready for duty.  Hung them in my booth to fill with smalls.  Spools of crochet thread in this one.

P1120642Some little packaged nests and eggs in this one.



LOTS of white for spring in my booth at Stars!




Or maybe I should call it ‘MIP’ (missing in PAIN) or ‘Missing in IN-action’!  

If it’s not one thing, it’s another in my life, it seems.  So, we had the big snow storm in early February, during with my annual respiratory infection decided to hit.  I couldn’t get OUT to go to the doctor for five days, so by that time I was very sick and had to go straight to the ER.  At LEAST it was not pneumonia this time.

Got my meds.  Followed up with my PC a few days later because I really was not feeling much better; so he added on a round of steroids.  Got better,  then got worse again.  Back to my PC and on a second round of steroids.  Breathing MUCH better now.

But in the midst of all that my right heel started hurting.  Felt like I had stepped on a nail and that the nail was still in there sending crazy sharp pains up the back of my leg.  Couldn’t even put ANY weight on my foot sometimes.  Since I couldn’t recall having DONE anything to cause the pain, I tried to just ‘take it easy’ and see if it would pass.  Nope.  Got WORSE every day.  Back to m PC who diagnosed ‘plantar fasciitis’, and a few stretching exercises, ice and rest . . . and a trip to a podiatrist if none of that helped.

It didn’t.  But it took almost 2 weeks to get an appt as a new patient with a podiatrist.  That was yesterday.  X-ray showed that I have some bone abnormalities in my right foot.  Ultrasound of the soft tissue showed that it was inflamed to TWICE what it should be.  sigh.  They taped up my foot and gave me a Velcro splint and I go back on Monday to see what’s next; which will depend upon how much this treatment has helped.  (which is so far ‘not at ALL!)  sigh.

Resting for TOO long only makes it hurt MORE when I do get back up.  But being on it for too long also makes it worse.  Slowly keeping moving seems to keep the pain level down a bit, but then after a while even that starts making it worse.  So then I sit with it propped up for a while.  Sitting at the computer is very uncomfortable; hence the lack of posts for so long.  By the time I tend to my etsy shop, answer emails and work on ads, I’m DONE!

I really don’t even have a heck of a lot of projects to catch up on posting about.  Pain really ZAPS the creativity out of me!  Mostly been working on sorting and organizing and getting rid of stuff (project supplies) that I have not touched in 11 years since I moved here.


To aid me in organizing my craft supplies, I picked up a couple of these (on sale, of course!)  I’ve seen these carts around for YEARS.  Remember almost buying one at Costco for $20.00, but they went FAST.  Then they were ‘everywhere’, but priced up to $60.00.  So when I came across TWO of them for $15.00 each, I grabbed them!

But I HATE the colors!!!  I want to have one of those ‘pretty craft studios’ like they show in the magazines.  But these carts are SOOOOOOOOOO practical!!!  What to do?!?!?  I’ll have my sweet Michael build me a little cabinet that I can roll them into!!!  THEN, I can even add a book shelf on top of the cart storage cabinet to make it look like a hutch!!!

I LOVE being me when I think of stuff like that.  The ‘other medical crap’,  notsomuch!!

Do you have any fabulous ‘decorative’ storage solutions to share??


What’s wrong with THIS picture?!?!?


I’ve sort of ‘known’ that they did ‘this kind of thing’ for years.  You can often see ‘several layers’ of price tags carefully place perfectly on top of each other.  But to do it THIS blatantly!?!?!  And then over the loud speaker I hear, “Goo afternoon Goodwill shoppers.  Our color tag of the week is PURPLE.  all items with a purple color tag are half off.

And it wasn’t just that one item.  There were quite a few.  I really wanted to ‘call them out’ on this; especially since the purple tag is TOTALLY visible.  Alas, it was late in the day and I was not feeling at all well.  (recently diagnosed with plantar fasciiatis.  OH JOY!)   My foot just hurt so bad that I didn’t ‘have the fight in me’. But I did take pictures so I could at least BLOG SHAME them.

I found it EXTRA annoying because earlier this week, at a different GW,I had been informed that they are no longer giving out reward points with their club cards.  Um, Okay.  Card holders will still get a small discount on purchases over a certain dollar amount; but no accumulating points and no $10.00 ‘coupon; every time you reach 500 points.

I’m really quite flabbergasted at this.  They are cutting back on shoppers benefits and charging us MORE (in the long run) so that they can spend more on paying employees to ‘change price tags’?!?!?

Oh, and BTW, you can’t even GET their club cards anymore.  They stopped issuing them after only a couple of years, but had continued to honor them.  AND the cashier’s STILL ask every shopper if you have a club card?!?!?

So what would they say if a customer said, “No, but I’d love to get one!  How do I sign up?”

Oh you can’t get them anymore.

They why do you ask everyone if the HAVE one?!?!

BADwill.  For shame!

The moving sale at Curiosities is moving along QUICKLY . . . just ADDED more stuff!!

Week #2 of my moving sale at Curiosities and I’ve already had to take in MORE stuff!!  It was just looking TOO bare, too soon!  And Travis just called to let me know that ALL the rest of the aqua display shelves had just sold.  Reckon it’s time to break out the good ole ‘wood crates and boards’ to use for shelving.  (the crates will NOT be for sale, sorry; I ALWAYS have a need for those!)

P1120501“Borrowed” a few pieces from Michael to get me through last week; including this weathered cedar shelf with open back.  Perfect plant shelf for the patio.  Original price $80.00.  NOW JUST $40.00.

P1120500Also brought in these small aqua corner shelves.

P1120511This is 2 of them stacked on top of each other.  Regular price: $39.00.  Half off will be $19.50.

P1120531This one is slightly smaller than the other two.  Regular price: $29.00.  $15.50 at half off.

P1120534These bigger tan corner shelves are FABULOUS display pieces for a mall booth setting.  Corners are SO difficult to ‘use’ for display, and all too often are just left bare!  Make better use of  that valuable real estate with corner shelves like this.  they are big enough to stack a regular shelf on top of.  (which is what I usually did)  Originally $49.00; with half price discount $25.00.

P1120535ALL items in my booth at Curiosities still have the REGULAR price on the price tag.  The 50% discount will be given at check-out.

P1120519Another naturally weathered cedar piece; this time a ‘stair step’ shelf.  Great display piece or patio plant shelf.  Half off price is; $30.00.

P1120502Found a huge stash of altered journals!  They are marked down to $5.00 AND will get an additional 50% discount at check out.  Great to have on hand when you need a quick gift!


P1120504All of those are spiral bound.

P1120506These black and white ones are soft cover bound.

P1110608Big ole basket of marked down signs will also be reduced and ADDITIONAL 50% at check out.

P1120508Cutie patootie ‘going to grandma’s house’ size plaid fabric suitcases are now just $10.00 each.

P1120509Nice nesting set of display baskets is now $15.00.

P1120521LOTS of vintage pitchers and creamers still available.  I always keep these very reasonable priced.  MIGHT decide to pull all the white dishes and take them to Stars.  So if you’ve had your eye on these, get them NOW before I take them to Stars and they are FULL price again!

P1120544All in all, things are selling down much FASTER than I had expected.  After next week I’ll start pulling the things that aren’t moving.  Prices will NOT go lower than half off.  (I still have to pay my booth rent afterall!)

Shabby white spring make over in my booth at Stars.

Got most of the recently completed white items displayed in my booth at Stars this week.

P1120498The white table (former desk top) with rusty base, corner shelf, the plain little square table, and all the candelabras set up at the front, left side.  This is the view standing in front of the booth.

P1120439This is how it looks once you walk into the booth a few steps and turn left.  Here you can see the vintage vanity chair and  newspaper/magazine table partially under the upcycled desk table.   The metal bamboo candle lantern, and a Pottery Barn cubby shelf that I’ve had for a while.   Turquoise and aqua glitter Easter eggs in a glass jar and wood tray.  It’s hard to see, but the big rusty white hanging candle chandelier in on the table right in front.  (note to self: MOVE that chandelier and put it on something DARK so it will show up batter!!!)


Closer view of the chair.


Closer look at the newspaper stand.

P1120443Outward facing left side of the booth.  The shabby white night stand with the Lion’s head drawer pull and the tall black lamp table with vintage book pages on top, both sitting on top of an upcycled crib bench.   A couple of shabby white bird cages  too.

P1120447Better look at the two bird cages.




P1120452Yet ANOTHER white bird cage; this one filled with dried hydrangeas.  I LOVE the LOOK of dried hydrangeas.  HATE how easily the fall apart and shed!  Displaying them in a cage is a prefect solution!

P1120454Here’s that hanging candle chandelier again; still hard to see against the white table.  A little white cupboard with chicken wire door with a white and aqua candelabra on top; and behind that a white jewelry armoir.  A few new white bird finials too.





P1120456The white and aqua candelabra.

P1120455The candelabra that was black that I repainted sits atop the white corner shelf.

P1120459Vintage white ceramic bunnies and jars of speckled eggs on the corner shelf.

P1120461Two-gallon mercantile jars; on left filled with vintage crochet thread for sale WITH the thread included.  Hand stitched felt hearts with vintage buttons in the jar on the right; hearts sold individually and separately from the jar.

P1120462Another jarful of vintage wool yarn.  This is a 1-gallon jar; sold WITH the yarn.

P1120478Child size bowback chair with vintage wood bowls.



P1120440More wood bowls; these painted aqua on the outside.


Moved the ginormous cubby shelf to the back corner of my booth.

P1120453HUGE vintage bentwood cheese box.

P1120471Big wicker picnic basket with starfish, smaller slat wood basket.  Little turquoise drawer is filled with packets of note cards.

P1120499This batch of aqua shelves pretty much remain here permanently; but I DO change out what it displayed on them seasonally.

P1120444Just moved all of the white dinner plates and large serving bowls to this shelf on the outward facing left wall.


Upcycled round black table; lamp shade cloche sold separately.


P1120470Stack of three aqua benches.

P1120477Blank journals displayed in a black wire cage.

P1120472Little aqua metal stand, and a new batch of small white fleur de lis finials.

P1120489Along the back wall.

P1120235Kind of hard to tell WHAT these are at first glance?!?!

P1120234They are “mini cast iron shoe form hooks”!!  Really cute.  I’ve had them for EONS; intending to use them to make coat racks.  After ten years it’s time to ‘let them go’!

P1120244Very Paris chic cloches with cherub bust handles.

P1120494LOVE creating these ‘mini vignettes’ inside old crate wall shelves.

P1120473Just added some new vintage white cream pitchers too.

More white.

Time for some ‘smalls’ in white.

P1120334Basic black candelabra.

P1120345Now white (spray painted) and distressed along the edges.

P1120346Hard to see the distressed edges, but they DO show up better in person.

P1120337Little black metal bamboo lantern.

P1120354Spray painted white and distressed with a battery candle inside.

P1120353This bird cage was originally shiney gold; spray painted FLAT white.

P1120358Corrugated metal can and wire topiary sculpture were both originally black.

P1120363Spray painted FLAT white, and I distressed the can.

P1120369Metal star on a stand painted white with two keys tied on.

P1120373Thrifted white bird candle holders; already white.

 (how the heck do these dust spots get INSIDE my camera lens?!?!?!  Where would I take it to get it cleaned?!?!  I’ve had a few spots there for a while. but all of a sudden they are much worse!  Especially when photographing white against a white background!ACK!)

P1120378White soap stone bird was already white.

P1120342This metal shelf needs a few more coats; waiting for a DRY day to finish it up.

P1120335Found this cool black base a while ago.

P1120338HAD this big vintage tray already at home.  Would that base FIT this tray to make a little round table??

P1120339Well the tray didn’t fit ‘right side up’, but it does upside down!

P1120344I glued the tray to the base with e6000.  Wasn’t sure that it would hold well enough, but after a couple of days curing, it held tight!  Waiting for that next dry day to paint this white.

Anxious to get all this white stuff TO Stars and displayed!

Half off moving sale at Curiosities continues until the end of March. 

Everything is all white.

We had a couple more partially dry days and I was able to finish up all the white projects that I started.

P1110696BIG wood lazy Susan went from this . . .

P1120164To this!

P1120077BORING wood night stand went from this . . .

P1120173To this.

P1120175Lots of distressing . . .

P1120172And a unique vintage knob turn this ‘basic piece’ into a one of a kind treasure!


Very water damaged little square table went from this  . . .

P1120177To this.  Simple clean lines will go with just about ANY decor style.

P1120073ANOTHER little square table with very damaged top went from this  . . .

P1120166To this.

P1120165Since I have two square tables that are about the same size, but very different styles, I decided to stencil a design on top of this one.   After painting the table and sanding it to distress; I stenciled on the design and once dry sanded some MORE to distress the stencil.  Quick coat of *varnish and done!

*I typically only varnish the TOP of tables, dressers etc to protect them from  damage from use.  The legs, drawers, sides etc are left unvarnished so that they will naturally distress more with age.

P1110694Vintage metal vanity chair.

P1120157Well I guess I forgot to take an after picture of JUST the chair, so this’ll have to do.  I’m on the hunt for an inexpensive round foam cushion to cover and add to the seat, but I’ll take it in ‘as is’ for the time being.

P1120078Vintage metal newspaper table.  Looks like I forgot the after photo of this one too!  See the above picture for how it looks painted white.

P1120075Another very ‘standard’ piece,  I see these types of stools EVERYWHERE!

P1120169White paint and some distressing give it a bit more personality.  I ‘considered’ adding some kind of design to the top, but figured it will probably actually get USED as a step stool, and the design would wear off too quickly.

P1090716And the desk top leftover after I made 2 night stand out of the drawers.

P1110808Here are the night stands (which have already SOLD)


Michael attached the desk top to this rusty old set of legs he had.  ( I spray painted the legs with a clear coat before he attached them,  this keeps them from rusting more AND shedding rust on the carpet.

P1120161Here’s how he attached the legs.

P1120328And here’s how it turned out!!!  I love, LOve, LOVE it!!!

P1120326The top distressed just beautifully!!!


OOPS!  Looks like I forgot the BEFORE picture for this one. sigh. I just get SO excited when we have a dry day, I kind of go into a ‘painting frenzy’!  hehe.  This was originally dark brown.

P1120183I distressed the edges and the surface of all the shelves.

As much as I LOVE my signature ‘beachy blue’ paint color, every so often I feel the needs to ‘cleanse my palette’ and do something different.  Will be changing over my booth at Stars to predominately WHITE sometime next week.    In order to make ROOM for all this white stuff, I may need to pull out some of the existing product.  Depends upon how busy it was for the four day Expo sale at Stars.



And if I have to pull some old stuff from Stars to make room for the new white stuff, I’ll be stocking that stuff at Curiosities.  So even though I am in ‘clearance mode’ for moving out, I will be adding MORE inventory as things sell down!


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