Pictures from the Rebel Junk Vintage Market

At the Washington County Fairgrounds; Saturday, February 6, 10-4.  $7.00 admission,  Free Parking.

Stopped in today during set-up to help a friend with her booth and snapped a few photos.  Not ALL of the booths were ‘photo ready’, so these pics are just a SMALL SNIPPET of what you will actually see in person!










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Tiny Framed Faux Frozen Charlotte’s

P1250065Super simple project.  I made the Faux Frozen Charlotte’s some time ago using Fimo clay and a mold I bought.  Since the clay doesn’t keep well once opened; I make a big batch of them all at once, and stash them for use later when inspiration strikes.

P1250064They were perfect for these tiny oval frames I just found.


This cupboard is ‘Barbie-Doll’ size; the oval frames are about 2″ tall.

P1250100 I just removed the plastic cover on the frames (instead of glass) added backing from a vintage dictionary and glued on the Charlottes.  Quick & easy!

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OUTDATED ~ UPDATED :: A ‘different’ kind of Country Heart Shelf!

I’ve lost count of how many country heart shelves I have made over since starting my blog!  I really thought I had ‘seen them all’.  Alas, a wood crafter, somewhere, some time ago, had a different vision of the country heart shelf.


And therein lies a NEW country heart shelf make-over challenge for me!  None of the carved wood appliques I had on hand were big enough to completely cover the heart.  For a split second I considered cutting the heart off and sanding down the the curves along the top a bit to blend in.  But that would leave me with a EVEN number of designs on the top and that thought gave me the shivers!!  Especially since the cubbies are so ‘random’.


So, I decoded to just ‘cover it up’ with an angular cut ‘cornice’ type thing; then look for an applique that would fit that space.


This one does the trick!


I had painted the added piece BEFORE gluing on (tacky glue) the applique because it saved on painting time.  Always easier to paint a flat surface.  I also painted the ENTIRE shelf before adding on the pre-painted backing.  Another HUGE time saver!  Any time you can avoid having to paint a lot of interior corners . . . DO so.


All painted up with my ‘New Blue’ paint, and distressed just a tad along the edges.  The added piece and wood applique ARE also distressed, but since the wood is a lighter color than the shelf, it just doesn’t ‘show’ as much.


Sometimes I paint the backing a different color than the shelf; or stencil a patter on it to make it look like wall paper.  I kept it plain on this shelf because it’s already a bit ‘busy’ with the various shapes and sizes of the cubbies.

For attaching the backing (AFTER it’s been painted; which takes about ONE minute using a paint roller!) I run a bit of tacky glue along the back lines of the shelf and press the backing into place.  Apply a little pressure for a few minutes to let the glue ‘set’ a little.  Then I use little finishing nails along the outer edges.

After the backing is attached, I paint the BACK of the backing.


This is why I paint the backs of items.  It literally takes ONE minute; and looks so much nicer when the back is visible in your displays.  It actually CREATES new display options and makes the most of every inch of display space.


All filled up!  When attaching price tags to larger or hard to reach items, I try to make the tag visible ‘at a glance’.  I, personally HATE having to HUNT for a price tag.  The easier you make it on your shoppers to SEE the price tag, the easier you make it for them to BUY the item.  AND this lessens the likelihood of them completely dismantling your display ‘just to see the price’.


No such thing as too many cubby shelves!

‘New Blue’ paint-a-thon

In spite of all the rain and damp weather, I managed to get a nice big batch of ‘new blue’ stuff painted.  Of course it took me about a MONTH to paint what I could typically finish on ‘2 sunny days’ . . . but what ELSE is there to do with this much rain!?!


I’ll show the ‘pretty pictures’ of the new stuff in my booth at Stars, first . . . then I’ll show the before and afters.




Stacked as high as I can stack it!


Whenever I bring in a new batch of furniture, I always try to place it at the very front of my booth.  So many customers just ‘browse by’ and don’t actually walk INTO every booth to look, so keeping your booth’s ‘first impression’ always looking it’s best and NEW is what will ‘invite them in’.


I am ‘extra fortunate’ to have TWO open sides to my booth because I am on the ‘back corner.  It CAN be a challenge to keep both the front and side looking great; and it IS a real challenge to not have much wall space.  I finally figured out that if I have about 40% of my booth with ‘permanent’ display shelves (that are NOT for sale and not moved) to keep my staples and smalls on, that I have more time to concentrate on keeping the rest of my booth always looking NEW.


Sometimes you just have to make a display do ‘double duty’.  MOST of my permanent shelves are ‘back to back’ on the open side of my booth, covering about half that distance.  The rest of it has to look presentable from the inside and outside views.  This is a BIG part of the reason I always paint the ‘backsides’ of items that have backings, IE shelves and dressers.  This little shelf facing into the booth, sits about eye-level, stacked on top of two tables.  I positioned it in the center of the table to divide the space and create a ‘clean backdrop for this batch of upcycled candle pedestals.

P1250185And this is the other side!



Very simple black 4 drawer nightstand.


With CLEAN drawer ‘innards’!


Some new paint, a bit of sanding and some ‘new’ brass knobs.

P1250148And just for fun, some vintage road atlas pages to line the drawers.

p1190273Does this little table look familiar???  This was it’s THIRD incarnation . . .


I sure HOPE, the fourth time is the charm!!  Just plain shabby blue.


And a chunky wood stool in plain shabby blue.


And a smaller stool!


Found this great oval pine pedestal table at an estate sale.


The grain pattern on the top distressed beautifully!




Small drop leaf table.


The legs were VERY time consuming to paint and distress, but it looks SO nice now that it’s done.


I have a similar table in my booth that I just painted the top cream color.


Some one went crazy with the gold spray paint at this estate sale!  A LOT of stuff was painted gold, including this cute child’s chair.


I sanded most of the gild paint off the seat and the headrest before painting it, so that when I distressed it the wood would show through.  The gold shows through on the legs and spindles, but the areas are small enough that it’s barely noticeable.


A couple of wood trays, painted and distressed.  Trays always sell well for me.


In fact, this divided carrier has already sold!


I usually don’t bother to sand the inside.


Another candle pedestal; and as always, WITH a candle on it and included in the price.  I usually ‘save up’ my candle pedestals until I have a ‘batch’ of them to paint.  I just like seeing a GROUP of them better than just one or two of them.  AND they do seem to sell better when there are more of them to choose from.


Painted mini armoir (Jewelry size).


I usually don’t buy them if the insides need painting, but this one was a really good price!


All painted up!


Just a little distressing on the front.


Vintage maple milking stool, painted black first, then the blue and distressed.


Yes, another stool!  This one was already painted white on the legs, and the top was left wood-tone, but very scratched up.  A quick sanding and painting of the top and it looks like new again.  Stools are one of those things that I will ALWAYS buy, if the price is right.  They are easy to paint, come in very handy for displaying and they SELL well!


Old turned wood lamp.


Painted and sanded.


It’s getting harder and harder to find old lamp shades that are actually re-usable.  I’ve been opting for NEW shades lately.  This one is burlap.  I can usually  find them at a decent price at Ross stores.  (and if I remember to go on a Tuesday I get the added Senior discount!)  It can be ‘hit or miss’ as to whether or not they will have any in stock, so I’ll usually buy a couple of extra ones when I can find them.


This little ‘open’ oak shelf was really quick to paint.  (no before pic; oops!)


Oval storage box, repainted; stenciled ‘VINTAGE’ and a decorative key glued on.  (these are scrapbook keys so they are FLAT on the back and easier to glue on!)


I ran out of room for this shelf; so I just had to tuck it behind a display for now.  I’m calling it a ‘desk shelf’ for lack of a better description.  It’s HALF of what it was originally (we cut it in half).  the other half was exactly the same, but turned upside down and connected at the bottom.  I guess it was supposed to be a wall shelf of some kind, but it was WAY too big and heavy for ME to hang on a wall.  As they say, necessity is the Mother of invention!

That concludes the paint-a-thon portion of this blog post.  I’ll conclude with a few more pictures of my latest booth do-over.


























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Windy winter weather wreaths!

Try saying that five times fast!  It’s been a VERY wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest.  As in RECORD rainfall.  Even my garage is too damp to do much furniture painting many days.

P1240599It’s been quite windy along with that record rainfall; and the landscape service hired by the property owner is ‘off’ for the winter.  SO, there are a LOT of these willow tree branches in several of the neighbors yards.  I grabbed a hand-full from a common area on my way back from the mail box one day . . . .

P1240598Because it was still so fresh and damp, I was able to very easily from it into a little wreath.  Didn’t even need any wire to hold it together.  I just ‘tucked and tied’ the ends.  I felt a new ‘addiction’ in the making!  But most of the rest of the fallen branches were in the yards of neighbors, so I didn’t feel quite just taking them.

So, I took the first little wreath that I had made and was headed over to knock on the door and ask if they minded if I picked up the branches in their yard.  The neighbor just happened to be taking her dog for a walk, so I introduced myself, and asked her if she minded me picking up the branches from her yard to make the wreaths; and I offered her the wreath that I had.  She accepted the wreath and said ‘Take as much as you want!”  And so I did!

P1240604I I used up about half the pile of branches and had made about a dozen 10-12″ wreaths.  It wasn’t really ‘work outside’ weather and my hands were getting numb, but I didn’t want the branches to dry out and then later when I wanted to make more wreaths they would just break instead of bend.  As I was searching for ‘something to store’ the extra branches in it hit me!


If I put them in a ROUND container they would dry out in that shape and probably be even EASIER to make more wreaths later on!

As my storage basket got fuller, it was becoming difficult to keep the branches contained, so I put some ‘weight’ (in the form of a planter filled with packing material) on top and ‘voila!

P1240602Another wind storm a couple of weeks later left a fresh batch of twigs to be gathered.  (I still had not used up the previous batch!)  So I found another round container to store that batch in.


Topped it with an old enamelware bowl to keep the branches in place.IIP1240605

I decided to try an oval one, but it ended up more of a ‘rear drop’ shape.  think I’ll stick with the round ones.  Now I just need a fairly warm and dry day to use up the rest of my branches.

I’m resisting the temptation to go out and gather up MORE branches because the rain and wind continues to fill the neighbors yard with them.

Cute little step-back cupboard

Found this cute little ‘Barbie-doll’ size step-back cupboard a few weeks ago.

P1240289Unfinished wood, so just a good dusting and it’ll be ready to paint.

P1240290Oops!  Okay, maybe a little bit of sanding inside the doors before I paint it.

P1240291The knobs are easily removable too.  This will be a quick make-over!

P1250077A couple of quick coats of my ‘new blue’ paint, and a little bit of hand sanding.  I re-used the original knobs ‘as is’ since I didn’t have any others that were small enough, and they suited the new look just fine.


I painted the insides of the doors, but not the entire inside as it was too small to get my hand and a brush into.

P1250135It has been taken to my booth at Stars, along with LOTS more ‘new blue’ items.

P1250095LOVE this color combination!

Ornament wreath #2

I was getting ready to pack away all my Christmas crafting supplies, and sorting the vintage ornaments I had by color to see IF I needed to look for more in the after-Christmas sales; and if so, what colors.

It ‘looked like’ I had enough on hand to make another wreath; and I decided to go ahead and do so while the steps were stiff fresh in my mind.

P1240515I elected to make this one using a slightly smaller ‘dynalite’ (that stuff that is denser and CHEAPER! than styrofoam).

P1240516Decided to cover this one with some tinsel garland before adding the ornaments; with the hope that IT would show through the ‘bare spots’ and I’d not feel compelled to fill every tiny nook and cranny.

P1240519Kind of cute even withOUT the ornaments added!

P1240749First layer.  (btw, the hot glue sticks MUCH better to the tinsel that it does to the fabric that I used to wrap the first one.  First layer; frosted white and rose gold med/lg ornaments.

P1240750Second and interior layer; shiney rose gold and gold ornaments.

P1240751Third layer; assorted med / lg ornaments ‘wherever they fit’.  The next few layers are assorted smaller ornaments to fill in the holes.

P1240754Alas, the gold tinsel ‘base-coat’ did NOT do the trick for me.  I LIKED it and will definitely continue to make the wreaths that way; but I still needed some ‘filler’ for bare spots.  This is where I had tucked in the snippets of white berries on my first one.  All I could find to use on this one was this mini star garland.

P1240752I clipped it into 5-6″ lengths and twisted the ends together and ‘flared out’  the ends to make a “Y” shape, so they looked like this teardrop shape.  I made a LOT of these!

P1240753Put some hot glue on the “Y” part and tucked them into all the bare spots.

P1240756And around the outside edge.

P1240758I just kept rotating the wreath and filling in the bare spots.

P1240759The more I added, the more I liked it!  I wasn’t sure about mixing the regular gold with the rose gold, but I like the combination just fine!

P1240760With tacky glue I glued a strip of fabric for it to hang from. It would probably be easier to add your hanger FIRST; but I find that the finished wreath looks better from a certain angel.  So I pick the best angel and add the hanger so it hangs that way.


LOVE how the color looks in this picture; almost a sepia tone look!


I think I like this one MORE than the first one.

Here’s a reminder of what the first one looks like.
P1240759And the newest one again, against a white background and ‘truer’ to actual color.

Just FYI, the second one took about HALF as much time to make.  Partly because I was more confident in the outcome and moved a little faster; and partly because the tinsel covered wreath from ‘grabbed’ the hot glue better and I didn’t have to ‘hold each ornament in place as long’ for it to set, before moving on to the next one.

I’m hoping to get brave enough next year to make some bright color ones!  And now, to figure out HOW to store them safely until next year!


As I have mentioned before, I buy many of my sign making stencils from    “Maison de Stencils”.   If you have been considering making some signs of your own, NOW is the time to buy them during their biggest sale of the year with 40% off ALL stencils.  Click on the link to go to the site and get the ‘code’ for the sale.

As for my ‘to paint of not to paint’ conundrum, all your comments have convinced me to NOT paint them.  At least not before I TRY to sell them ‘as is’.  I think I just get a tad ‘nervous’ about buying / selling PINK, because it has NEVER sold well for me.  sigh.

Back when we had our own shop, and I was able to divide the floor into multiple little vignettes, I had a cute little PINK area. Pink furniture and accessories, all arranged in a room-like setting.  I got more comments and ‘OOOoo00oooohs’ and “Ahhhhhhs!” on that pink area . . . .but nothing ever SOLD!!

And even when I took the ‘pink stuff’ to a show after our store closed, none of it sold.  I eventually gave up, repainted all the pink furniture and it sold right away.  Hence, my ambivalence over the pink on the vintage plaster cherub plaques.  But, I SHALL take your advice and see if they sell ‘as is’ before I potentially ‘ruin them’ by painting them all white.

I’ll be taking my Valentine inventory to my booth at Stars soon, and will include the cherub plaques.


To paint, or not to paint?

Found this cute pair of vintage wall plaques last week.

P1240684The cherubs on them are ADORABLE!  But that ‘pink’ background?!???

P1240687It’s just a very ‘off-pink . . . . kind of the ‘flesh’ crayon color from when I was a kid.

P1240686The sides are very think . . . and PINK.  They are kind of ‘bowl shaped, but with straight sides, and the cherubs are inside the bowl at the bottom.

P1240688Normally I’d just spray paint something like this with white or cream and just cover it entirely.  But I really like how the faces are painted.P1240689

I’m torn!!  I’m considering attempting to hand brush paint ‘just the pink part’; but I’m not sure white paint would look right either?!?!  And I hate ruining cool vintage stuff like this!

P1240684What do YOU think of them ‘as is’, in their original color?

Look what I got for Christmas!

P1240723Yep!  That’s ANOTHER Keurig mini Plus in RED!  hehe.  Every year my son asks me what I want for Christmas, and every year he gets me exactly what I asked for.  I had asked for a wedding photo enlargement and a medical alert system, since I live alone now and have a lot of medical issues.

SO, I had no qualms about buying the Keurig for myself.  Plus, I never imagined that my son or daughter in law actually ever READ my blog or Facebook posts!  Apparently they DO!  And they decided to surprise me with the Keurig, and had already bought and wrapped it when I posted that I’d bought one.

We all had a good laugh about it, and they gave me the gift receipt so I can return it.  (if anyone LOCAL wants to buy it from me, it’s brand new, still in box, unopened.  $80.00)

My ‘other’ gift from them more than made up for the Keurig kerfuffle though.  I was expecting one 8×10 wedding photo; they had an entire wedding ALBUM made for me!  I LOVE it more than I can even say!

P1240693Now I REALLY need to get that day bed / sofa and a coffee table to put the album on!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to joy and new adventures in the New Year!


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