The BBB (Basic Boring Bathroom!)

P1210308Yep!  Your standard, VERY basic and boring (and very SMALL!) bathroom.  The bathroom is one of my favorite rooms to decorate so I’m kinda bummed at how small the one in my new place is.  There isn’t even enough room on the floor to put my bathroom scale?!?!  I have to lean it up against the vanity beside the toilet.  And then re-set it from kilograms to pounds every time I use it!  oy!

P1210307I had accumulated a lot of stuff to decorate the bathroom with over the last year while I was planning the move.  I had anticipated that I’d end up with 2 bathrooms, since I wanted 2 bedrooms and most 2 bedroom apartments have 2 bathrooms.   So I accumulated enough stuff to decorate 2 bathrooms.  Somehow I ended up with FOUR shower curtains?!?!?  Because I was packing stuff away as I got it, I totally forgot how many I had bought!!

P1210309And you won’t believe this, but the tub/shower in this place actually had GLASS DOORS, and didn’t even NEED a shower curtain?!?!?  sheesh!!!  But the doors had been removed when I looked at the place the first time, so I requested that they be left off. (which they were happy to do) I HATE cleaning those glass shower doors!  Plus I’d much rather look at a pretty shower curtain; and the doors make the room feel even SMALLER.  ( And I had already purchased a ‘tension’ shower curtain rod; intending to use separate rods for the liner and curtain.)  So I did get to use at least ONE of my new shower curtains!  I always buy the cheapo shower curtain liners from the dollar store, and when they start to get grimey, I just toss it out and buy a new one!

**** MY SECRET METHOD FOR EASY SHOWER CURTAIN LINER REMOVAL:  Since my plan to use the separate tension rod for the outer liner got the kibosh due to circumstances, and I HATE ‘wrestling with the curtain when I want to change out the liner; I bought TWO sets of shower curtain hooks.  I use one set for the outer fabric curtain and one for the liner.  Put ALL the hooks on your shower curtain rod.  Use every other one for the outer curtain and then the others for the liner.  This way, when it’s time to replace the liner (OR change out the curtain!) you only have to deal with the one piece that you are changing; and not battle with leaving one off while getting the other one off!


There is NO medicine cabinet and very little storage in the bathroom, so my decorations HAD to be functional!  At least the sink vanity has extra room on the top to put stuff, but I didn’t want it to look all ‘cluttered with bathroom junk’.  The two small drawers on the vanity are just big enough to hold hair brushes and hair clips etc.  The big door in the center is where I store cleaning supplies, because you don’t want to put anything else under there where it smells all musty!  Small door on the left for toilet paper storage of course.  And the other small door on the right for powder, face cleaner etc.

So, exactly how much decorating can you do in such a small bathroom?


 I had used this  upcycled little aqua  cubby shelf in the kitchen at the old place.  It fits perfectly at the left of the sink and holds some necessities in pretty bottles.  I opted for ‘mis-matched’ jars for my floss picks, q-tips and cotton pads.  The little glass bottle next to the cotton pads is witch hazel, which is what I use the cotton pads for, to clean my face.  In the lower cubbies is a jar of band-aids and some vanilla body spray; FACE cloths (which are NOT the same as WASH cloths!)  and my Shalimar.  There is even room on top of the cubby shelf  for extra wash cloths, a magnifying stand mirror (which I need to SEE to put my mascara on!)  and mouth wash in a pretty vintage bottle.  It all looks so much prettier in clear bottles and jars, doesn’t it?!?

P1210316This is the area to the right of the sink.  A vintage shabby trug is set on its end to hold hand towels and my big jar of soap on top.  As I was perusing Pinterest and looking at bathroom ideas in the recent past, I kept seeing big jars filled with soap and LOVED the look.   P1210317

Leaving a couple of bars of soap outside the jar makes the bathroom smell wonderful!   The candle is an electric one to leave on at night.


This starfish wreath to the left of the sing is hanging from the hand towel ring.  It’s just too awkward of a place to hang the hand towel and the bare ring just hanging there bothers me!


Eventually, and after I’ve been here for a couple of years, I’ll probably just take the ring down; but this will have to do for now . . .or until I can think of something to hang that COVERS the ring.  (suggestions welcome!)


As for the hand towel, I just leave it folded on the vanity.

P1210579Big ceramic pump bottle of lotion; so much prettier than the plastic bottles the lotion comes in!

P1210314I hung this little shutter cabinet over the toilet to store the stuff that’s not pretty; toothpaste, toothbrushes,  face cream etc. The little rusty wire baskets on top hold the rest of my wash cloths.  I bought the 24 pack of white wash cloths from Costco, so I had a LOT of them to store!  (don’t forget to spray your rusty baskets with CLEAR spray paint first so the rust doesn’t shed!)  This little shutter cupboard came from the old place too.  Michael didn’t want to keep it.  Sure glad I decided to hang on to it.  I spray painted it white.

P1210315A vintage Ball canning jar filled with Epsom salt and another filled with beach glass and two starfish on the back of the toilet.

P1210318Of course I HAD to hang some pretties on the wall!  I went with all white for the towels and wash cloths.  That way I can easily change up  the bathroom decor whenever I want because the white towels will go with anything!

P1210319And a glimpse of the shower curtain.  I also have a solid white ruffled one, an aqua ruffled one, and a white chenille one!  Maybe I’ll just change them out every so often.  I’d use them as curtains if I had windows that they’d fit!

P1210575This is about as good of a picture as I can get of MOST of the bathroom; with the shower curtain in the mirror reflection.

Almost forgot!  The difference between FACE cloths and WASH cloths???  I like the cheapo terry cloth wash cloths to use on my face.  And the big fluffy wash cloths for body washing.  Kind of silly, I know.  Originally I started using the cheaper ones for washing my face and removing make-up because I didn’t want to get make-up stains on my ‘good’  white ones; and I can just bleach the cheap ones.  But the big ones are just TOO big for just washing my face, and I like the way the terry cloth ‘scrubs’ my face.

And that’s my NOT too BBB.


Pretty little frame make-over

P1190770Interesting small wood frame; holds a 5×7 photo.  Actually not too bad, as is; just a little too ‘uniformly’ distressed for my taste.

P1190785I covered the opening with a piece of paper.  Spray painted the whole thing black, then bushed on two coats of aqua paint.

P1190799Instead of sanding to distress this time, and because I wanted to bring out the creases more; I cracked open my beloved Ralph Lauren tobacco stain.

P1190801I ‘scrub’ the stain on to be sure it gets into all the crevasses, then ‘pounce off’ the excess stain with a cloth rag.

P1190800And you know I have to put ‘something pretty’ inside all my frames before I can sell them.  I opted for a replica of a French post card.

P1190861I really do love how it turned out!

Vintage spool corner shelf

Spool style corner shelves always seem to sell well for me, so I grab them whenever I find them at a good price.

P1190766Even though many of them are the inexpensive ‘kit shelves’, they are quick and easy to make over.

P1190767This one had a little ‘bonus’ feature; keyhole hangers on the top shelf for hanging it on the wall!

P1190768It does take a bit more time to paint the spindles than the flat surfaces, but it’s still pretty quick.

P1190787I try to paint 2-3 small projects at a time.  Paint the first coat on this corner shelf . . . .then work on a second piece while that paint dries.

P1190791Flip the corner shelf upside down and paint the undersides of the shelves and second coat on the spindles.  Work on second project while that dries.

P1190789For the second coat, and to expedite the process a bit, I apply the second coat to the underside BEFORE flipping it back over.  Since I’ve already got two coats on the spindles, they are done; so I can handle them to flip it back over, and while adding the second coat to the topside!  (that is the method to my madness!)

P1190792The spindles have to be ‘distressed by hand’ (with sand paper!)  The shelf surfaces and edges can be done with an orbital sander.  I always use a power sander when possible, since I have such a bad back and hand sanding is hard on my back.

P1190790You can see that I did not distress the underside of the shelves.  All in all, I probably spent a total of one hour painting and distressing this shelf.

P1190859As I already mentioned at the start of this post, this type of corner shelf always sell well for me.  And this one has already sold in my booth at Stars.

I’m DYING in this heat!!! Pictures of the new place!

ACK!  This heat just sucks the LIFE out of me!  It was SO hot yesterday during my garage sale. Despite the heat, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout, and how well the sale went.  I set up the tables outside (cuz the garage is FULL of other stuff!) and had just enough room at the front of the garage to set up a small table (pay station) and chair for me to sit on and NOT be in the sun.  Still, my face was BEET RED, by the end of the sale.

I THOUGHT I was going to tackle the rest of the garage today.  HA!  I managed to drive one carload of sale leftovers to Goodwill, and take down my sale signs, water my recently planted flowers in the front yard; and I was ready for a nap!  After noon the garage is just TOO hot to work in for any length of time.  It really never even cooled off last night.  Sure hope it cools down tonight.

I’ve made SOME progress inside.  It’s ‘livable’ at least.  The hardest part has been finding my ‘purse spot’ and my glasses spotS (yes, plural!)  The way this place is laid out, there really isn’t a ‘logical’ place for me to set my purse when I walk in the door.   And I have at least six pairs of reading glasses.  (Thank goodness for Dollar Tree reading glasses!)

One pair in my purse, that STAY in my purse.  One pair by the computer.  One pair on the craft table.  One in my bedroom, and one in the living room.  Basically, I keep a pair anywhere that I might need them because I HATE having to stop what I am doing to hunt down my reading glasses!  But unless I have a specific SPOT in each room to put them, I tend to take them off and lay them down anywhere.

Things are still ‘in progress’ a bit, but here are a few pictures.

P1210243Here’s a reminder of what I had to work with in the living room.  Hardly any wall space.  sigh.  And that fireplace is just SO ‘in your face’ when you walk in the front door.  blah!!

P1210377This picture was taken from the same vantage point as the previous picture.  LOTS of shelves!  These shelves were in my craft room at the old place.  But the craft room here is too small for them.  The living room somewhat serves as my ‘studio’ also.  Many of the ‘decor items’ on the shelves are actually ‘supplies’.

P1210346This chest of drawers is on the right hand wall.  I’ve actually already changed up the items sitting on it!
P1210350Santos statue with glitter wings (separate pieces) behind it.

P1210347End table next to my recliner.  Thrifted cherub lamp that I repainted and added a separately thrifted shade to.


P1210353Tomato cage lamp that I made.

P1210351Wire cloche and pedestal with ceramic bird vase and silk flowers. (flowers from dollar store!)

P1210354This chest is on the left side of the living room, and in this picture was just being used as a ‘catch all’ for stuff I didn’t know what to do with.  I have to leave the top of this ‘clear’ as it has to serve as my ‘packing station’ for etsy.  It works well for that purpose as it;s just high enough that I don’t have to crouch over to reach, and I can keep all my packing supplies in the drawers!

P1210355Shelves!  I’ve actually already moved those globes on the top to a different spot.  (a shelf mounted on the wall above the chest in the previous pic)

P1210358This vintage thrifted shelf was in my bedroom, on top of my dresser in my old place.  Here it serves as the TV stand, and storage space for buttons and lace crafting supplies.

P1210359The shelf to the right of the TV.  These globes have been moved also, so now ALL of my cream/tan ones are displayed together.  My pitcher collection really GREW during the year that I was readying for my move.  I was packing them as I found them and ended up with WAY more than I thought I had by the time I unpacked them all!  Had to ‘pick and choose’ which ones to ‘keep and display’.  The rest are packed away for now.  Might take them to my booth, or maybe sell them as a lot on etsy.  Any of you collect this particular shape too, and looking to add to your collection?

P1210360Filling in the corner space where the shelves don’t quit meet.

P1210361I collected five of these ‘conservatoires /cages’, and really envisioned them being displayed together.  Still working on that.  Supplies stored inside them!

P1210365My armillary collection atop one of the tall white shelves.

P1210364Bird houses and cages next to the armillaries.

P1210366Did you notice what was hanging inside those two cages???  I’m SO tickled that I thought of hanging these sweet glitter chandelier ornaments INSIDE the bird cages!

P1210367I have had these chandelier orns for YEARS and could never figure out WHAT to do to display them!  I just had them tacked to a bulletin board for years trying to figure out WHAT to do with them.  Just happened to unpack them at the very time that I was trying to figure out what to put inside the bird cages!  TA~DA!

P1210368Initially I thought I was going to end up with a place with TWO bathrooms; because nearly ALL two-bedroom apartments nowadays have 2 bathrooms.  So I bought ‘stuff’ for 2 bathrooms, and the bird decor stuff was going to be used to decorate one of the bathrooms.

P1210372My baby sized saddle shoes collection has gotten so big that it now needs to ‘be contained’ instead of scattered throughout the room.  This blue wire lantern works perfectly.  And when it’s full, I promise I will stop buying them.

P1210375OOPS!  I lied!  My ‘blue and white’ saddle shoe collection is in the lantern.  I just HAD to display the brown ones with my grubby books!


Vintage rotary dial phone that I found in another booth at Stars and HAD to have.  No, it doesn’t work, but I still LOVE it.  Wire crate filled with my finials awaiting use in new projects.

P1210373Jars of shells and shell encrusted balls that I made.

P1210348ACK!!!  I am SO embarrassed to show you THIS part of the room, but I’ve got to ‘keep it real’.  This is what the area behind my recliner looks like!  Most of that is inventory for Stars.  Once I get the garage completely situated, I HOPE there will be room for all of it in the garage.  Then I hope to find a vintage daybed to put there.  Right now, the only places to sit in the living room are a recliner or a wood rocking chair.  Since I’m not able to have a ‘guest room’ I figure the daybed is the next best thing.


I survived the move . . . BARELY!  Everything that COULD have gone wrong, DID go wrong.  I can’t even begin to write about it all.  Suffice to say I JUST got internet service.  sigh.

The last ‘big thing’ that needs to be done before I can FULLY settle in (and finally have ROOM to move over my power tools!) is to have a garage sale to get rid of a bit more stuff.

Short notice, I know; but like I said, I JUST got internet and was waiting for that to have the sale.

The sale it tomorrow!

EVERYTHING IS $1.00 OR LESS.  (Yes, really!)

10am – 3pm only.

20660 NW Lapine Way ! Portland, OR  97229

Lots of household stuff, holiday and home decor.  Hand crafted items and craft supplies.  LOTS of fabric!  Lots of unfinished wood frames.




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Blank canvas


Everything except the stuff I use on a daily basis is packed.  The movers come on Saturday.  I’ll go over with a carload of the ‘difficult to pack and fragile stuff’ every day; and then one load from nearby ‘storage garage’.  Touch up the cleaning (I KNOW they clean everything but I just HAVE to wipe out every drawer and cupboard before I can start putting stuff in.  And I want to put down shelf paper.

P1210243View of the living room from the front door.  Well, THIS room is going to be quite the ‘challenge’ to arrange and decorate!  Is that the UGLIEST fireplace you’ve ever seen or what?!?!  And it the CORNER!!  And what’s up  with how that wall just out???  Behind that part of the wall is the coat closet.  Would it have really killed them to make the closet 2″ narrower to give the living room a straight wall?!?!  sigh. The wall on the left side is a ‘floating wall'; open at the back to the hallway and open at the front to the dining room.  (the kitchen is on the other side of that wall.)  I’m actually debating ‘closing off’ that opening by putting shelves in front of it. It’s a ‘straight shot’ from the front door, to that opening, but by the time I put FURNITURE in the room, it’ll be an obstacle course to even get to it!  You can still get to that hallway from the kitchen.P1210242The side wall is fairly long.  The front door is just to the left of the windows you see on the right.

P1210244Yep.  That IS the dining room!  All 9′ x 10′ of it!  (That is SMALLER than my booth at Stars!)  I’m probably going to make this my ‘office’ area.

P1210245Good thing I am only cooking for ONE in this tiny kitchen!  By the time I put a toaster and microwave on the counter I’ll have NO counter space at all.  And cupboard storage???  HA!!  I just may end up putting BOTH of my big shutter cupboards flanking either side of this end of the kitchen.  OR buy or build some sort of kitchen rack to put against the wall on the left.  (on the right side it’s open to the living room)  This doorway to the hall is only 3′ (width of the frig!) from the one in the living room that I want to block.  To the left in that hall is the door to the garage.


Just as you walk through the opening at the back of the kitchen, garage door to the far left then craft room door.


This is the ‘bigger’ bedroom, but not by much!  It will be my sewing and craft room, as the only logical place to put a bed has a VENT smack dab in the middle of it.  Perfect spot for my craft table though.


Looking forward and to the right from the kitchen opening: TINY bathroom and what will be my bedroom.  You can see a sliver of the linen closet on the left.


Looking out at the living room from the hallway.  hat is the coat closet door on the left.  This hallway cracks me up!  So many doors in one small space.  There are EIGHT doors/doorways in this tiny ‘hall’.  Entries from the living room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, garage, coat and linen closet!     The wall you can see on the right is just behind the kitchen.

P1210250The smaller, ‘my’ bedroom.  The door is open in this picture.

P1210251Just enough room for a queen size bed and two night stands.  There is a sliding glass door that goes out to the patio on the left.  Yep!  You have to go through the bedroom to get to the back patio!  Cracks me up because this place is almost exactly like a duplex I lived in YEARS ago in Beaverton.  Same funky back living room wall with the jutted in and out spaces at the back.  Exact same kitchen and dining room.  Sliding door to the deck was in the bedroom.  But the fireplace was centered on the side wall instead of the back corner.  And it had a little laundry room.

I didn’t get to SEE this place until  after I had signed the lease.  So I had been ‘using’ the former duplex that had I lived in as my ‘visual’ for size.  Spot on with that idea!

And NOW for my FAVORITE room!

P1210258The garage!  Washer and dryer will go at the back.  Bought a small chest freezer, which will go on the wall to the right of the door.

P1210263Single car width (12′) and 25′ long.  But there will NEVER be room to park a car in here!  It will house my scroll saw, 1″ and 4″ belt sanders, drill press, metal work bench, shop vac etc.  I’m HOPING to have enough room to leave an ‘open work area’ towards the front so that I can give furniture makeover workshops.

I have a feeling that even with ALL the ‘purging as I packed’ (and donating to GW!) that I did, that I am STILL going to have to ‘get rid of’ a lot MORE stuff.  And by ‘stuff’, I mean craft supplies!  But at this point, I can at least hold on to the stuff and have a garage sale.

P1210267Nice little ‘garden plot’ just off the back patio gets full afternoon sun.  I’m thinking this will be perfect for planting a little vegetable garden.  (only half of it is ‘mine’,  rest is the neighbors.)


Shady flower bed along the side which faces NE.  Perfect for a ‘shade garden’, or maybe LOTS of hydrangea bushes!  (after I’ve called for ‘cable locates’ of course!)

P1210266My lovely front yard!  A landscape service is supposed to take care of the lawns, but this looks pretty neglected to me.  Even the WEEDS are brown!  And pine cones all over the place.  A dose of weed n feed before the next rainfall and a little bit of watering should green it right up.

P1210271From under the tree, looking towards the front door.  Can you see my little ‘flower chair’ there in the corner?  soon it will be overflowing with pink and purple petunias!  I’m thinking a couple of hanging baskets of wave petunias might be in order too!  It’s a bit too late in the year to plant anything new in the ground, so I’ll have to settle for annuals right now.  But room for more flowers or pretty ground cover along the walkway in the front.  That ONE shrub just might have to GO!  It’s overgrown onto the driveway AND unless I park ‘just so’, it blocks my car door when I back in!  The neighbors have a big ‘kiddie pool’ on their side of the driveway, and those are their garbage cans.  I think I’ll store mine IN the garage.  No place else to really put them with how things are laid out.  P1210270Here you can see how that front garden space goes all the way around to the side.   

And that concludes your preview tour of my new home!  It’s VERY small.  But ‘it’s time’ for me to downsize and simplify my life.  It’s quite quirky and will be a real challenge to ‘make my own'; but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge!

Will be packing up the computer for transport tonight, so I’ll be ‘off-line’ for a while.

Packing and purging and buried in boxes!!

Still packing away for my upcoming move, getting rid of as much as I can; setting some stuff aside for a garage sale at the new place and will still probably need to ‘contribute more’ to the garage sale stack as I unpack and try to find room for it all.  Of course, the majority of what I have excess of is craft supplies and project pieces.

P1210234Empty shelf in my craft room.

P1210235Boxed up etsy inventory.

P1210236And MORE etsy inventory!  It really did NOT seem like that much when I had it stored on the shelves!

P1210237Dining room.

P1210238Even having to stack on top of furniture in the living room.

P1210239Craft room and a little more etsy stock.

P1210240Boxes stacked in the closet.

P1210241And on the bedroom dresser!!

With all that packing, of course I have not had time to work on any projects.  And unpacking and figuring out how to arrange the rooms and where to put things is going to take a ‘good while’.  SO, don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while.

Then, once I get settled in and can take the ‘down time’, I’ll finally be getting my carpal tunnel surgery.  And again won’t be doing projects or blog posts for a while!  ( I tried to type with my brace on and it is IMPOSSIBLE!  And I am far too impatient to do the ‘one finger typing’! )

I’ll try to do mini updates on my Facebook page whenever I can.  Hope you all have a wonderful summer!!

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Old mop bucket Upcycle!

This rusty old mop bucket!  What do YOU think of when you come across something like this?P1210052Even thought this bucket is pretty rusty inside, it’s an ‘industrial’ model and much bigger and sturdier than the smaller ‘home models’.  There just HAS to be something unique and useful that I can make this into!

P1210053The wheels still work great, so a ‘rolling’ something . . .

P1210054The first thing I did was ‘deal with the rust’.  I didn’t want to cover it or remove it, but we all know that once rust starts, it continues unless treated somehow.

P1210055So I took a can of clear MATTE (you don’t want ‘glossy’ rust!) spray paint and gave the outside a couple of coats, and the rusty inside a good 3 coats.  The clear spray ‘darkens’ the color of the rust a tad, but it still looks very ‘naturally rusted’.


Next, I had Michael cut a round piece of wood for me that fit the top of the bucket; and I painted it grey.

P1200969Then I rifled through my fabric stash to find fabric that would match,  Settled upon this blue, white and grey homespun to cover the foam round that I had.

P1210056This round seat cushion pillow form that I had bought was a ‘no sew’ style.  It has a deep slit on one side and you just ‘wrap and tuck’ your fabric into the slot!  How cool is that?!?

P1200970Put them all together and you have a rolling fool stool!

P1200972With lots of STORAGE space inside!

P1200968I was originally making this to sell in my booth st Stars, but then I thought about those ’round tool trays’ that they make to fit the 5 gallon plastic work buckets . . . .

313ZGKCDFRLLike this!  And I decided that it would be the perfect rolling tool storage seat for my new garage workshop!

P1200970How cool is that???

Granny foot stools – Outdated / UPdated

P1180263Granny’s old needlepoint topped foot stool.

P1180261I thought about saving and selling the needlepoint after I removed it.  But the ‘donation pile’ was screaming for more; and the donation pile won!

P1180262Although the wood frame is pretty banged up, it’s still plenty sturdy.

P1180264And I really like the flower carvings on the sides.

P1180265ALWAYS REMEMBER!  When considering purchasing something like this to ‘re-do’ to TURN IT OVER, and be sure the existing top is easily removable.  This one was!  Just two screws and DONE!

P1180266This one was too!

P1180267This square one has tapestry fabric (monkeys?!?!?)

P1180270Similarly styled base, sans the pretty carvings; but in better condition.


I added some extra ‘fluff’ (a small pillow form) to the square one and selected some vintage calico-like fabric to cover it with. Perfect for propping up your tired footsies at the end of a long hard day!

P1200840I HAD to repaint the base to this one; it was so badly damaged.  Opted for white since the other one was brown.  A pretty aqua, tan and white paisley fabric suited the vintage feel of this one.

P1200844The bigger one on the bottom here was pretty much ‘just a set of legs’ (but they were easily removable!)  I don’t even remember what the original stool looked like; just the it was VERY grungy.  It had several layers of old fabric and batting that were just GROSS!  And the wood was stained too, so I took off the legs and tossed the rest.  Had Michael cut a new wood base for me and covered it from scratch.  All you need is a good staple gun!


All three stools have gone to my booth at Stars.


HALF OFF ANY ONE SIGN IN MY ETSY SHOP – Through June 12, 2015 only

I usually do a ‘half price sign of the month’ in my etsy shop.  As the end of May is fast approaching as well as my impending move; I was pondering what the next sale sign should be, since it’s availability will be shortened when I take my shop ‘off line’ for the move.

I’ve got a HUGE inventory of signs made for my etsy shop, which is usually a gratifying feeling.  Notsomuch when I think about packing and moving them though.  So, I smashed those two conundrums together and came up with a “HALF OFF ANY ONE SIGN SALE” in my etsy shop; now through June 12, 2015.  (the date I take my shop off-line to move.)

Read through this listing in my etsy shop for the particulars of how to get your 50% off any one ready made sign in my etsy shop.  (simply enter the specified coupon code at check-out)





***  OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 12, 2015.


This is a ONE TIME offer that I will probably never EVER run again,  So if you’ve been wanting one of my signs, but holding off because of the price . . . get your half price sign NOW.  

Visit my etsy shop HERE.


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