Spring had sprung!

It’s OFFICIALLY spring!  We’ve been having unseasonably warm and DRY weather here in Oregon for almost a month already though.  Gonna be hard to deal with those ‘April Showers’ this year after having been so spoiled so early!

This early spring weather has been a HUGE help to me with catching up on all the furniture painting I was unable to do outside last summer when it was just TOO HOT to work outside.  I might even have my entire furniture ‘project stash’ painted up before I move!  Fingers crossed!

Switching things up in my booth at Stars a tad and going with more WHITE for Spring.  Here are the latest pictures.


For a better color impact, I’ve attempted to put all the white inventory at the front, left side of my booth.





And the turquoise stuff at the back, right side.



P1190508View from the outside corner with some more turquoise shelves on the outside far left.  (those turquoise shelves are fairly ‘permanent’.  They CAN be moved, but it’s a LOT of work to unload all those dishes and move them!)

P1190468I brought in a couple of vintage white wicker tables.

P1190466The top one was ‘dry brush’ painted white, and the round one spray painted.  Which look do you like better?  Solid white or the shabby distressed white?  I tend to do the dry brush more often because at least that way if the purchaser prefers solid white, they can easily repaint it themselves.  But once it’s solid white there is no going back.  It’s all about leaving options open.  The more options, the more buyers it will appeal to.

P1190485Vintage chenille and embroidered throw pillows.

P1190484Vintage quilt pillows and a little quilt angel.


Easter is so early this year that it kind of sneaked up on me and I JUST put my Easter product out.


Vintage style roly-poly bunny.









P1190499Vintage button covered ‘ostrich size’ eggs.

P1190500Turquoise and aqua glittered Easter eggs.

P1190501Tissue papered Easter eggs with clear glitter.

P1190502NOT a good picture at all!  this is actually a bunny PITCHER.

P1190503MORE bunnies.

P1190504More chicks!


P1190505This big old ladder on the front corner was the perfect spot to display the seasonal items.

P1190511Newly created mini step-back cupboard.

P1190512Assorted vintage urns.

P1190529Big HEAVY letter “A”.  (I was very tempted to keep it for myself!)

P1190509Constantly adding ‘new’ vintage white ironstone.

P1190489Upcycled cupcake stands, some with cloche tops.

P1190516Upcycled cherub wall sconce.

P1190519Large hand panted ‘PARIS’ suitcase.

P1190525Happy spring!!

New batch of finials – black this time

I haven’t made any new finials in a LONG time!

P1180373Used some old ‘lawn chess’ pieces, wood pillars, round plaques and wood fence post topper.  Glued them together like this.

P1180374Added two round base pieces, in graduated sizes to this base to better balance out the width of the middle of it.

P1180376Really just ‘played around’ with the parts and pieces to see what looked the best, then glued them in place.

P1180480A can of black spray paint and some tea stained muslin ribbon and voila!






P1180488Found a candle holder after I had put all the finials together and decided to paint it black to use in the grouping.

P1180489Used a sheer bow on the candle holder to break up the look of all the muslin ribbons.


P1180491I’ll be taking these to Stars in the near future; and be adding more Paris Apartment style items.

Not ANOTHER ‘country heart’ cut-out shelf?!?!?!

****  QUICK HOUSE UPDATE:  Did NOT get the house.  There were 7 other offers on it and we were outbid.  Back to the drawing board.  *****

Yep.  Another country heart cut out shelf!  BUT a completely different style of one than I have ever re-made OR even SEEN before!

P1170995Except for the heart, I kinda LIKE the style of the shelf.  It has a white wash paint finish that I actually liked too!

P1170996But that heart has GOT to go!


 Disguising this particular heart cut out proved to be quite the challenge!  It wasn’t a piece that I could ‘just remove’ as I have on some in the past.  And none of the carved wood appliques I had ‘fit’ perfectly over the heart.  So I used TWO appliques, but still had a gap in the center.  Added a strip of thin wood BEHIND the two appliques to fill in the gap, AND had to fill the very corners with some putty!  WHEW!  A lot of work, but well worth it to cover up that heart cut out, no?

P1190008Even JUST adding a backing to ‘open back’ shelves like this, ‘ups’ their value and sales-ability.  A couple of times I have just repainted similar open back shelves and NOT added a backing.  I noticed that THOSE take much longer to sell.  Add a back and BAM!  They sell!


I ALWAYS paint my shelf BEFORE I add the backing.  (fewer tight corners to have to paint!)  And paint the backing before attaching it. (SEEMS like it would be more work this way, but it really IS faster!)  This particular backing I opted to glue on vintage dictionary pages on the backing instead of painting.


I painted this self a putty color and distressed it.

P1190013This shelf will be going to my booth at Stars soon.

Basic (and BLAND!) night stand updated

No news on the house yet.  Waiting patiently.  (well, as patiently as possible!)  I drove by for a peek on my way home from Stars the other day.  What they are calling a ‘work shop’ is a small (probably 586’!) shed.   But the shed DOES have electricity!  It’ll work for storage.  Just as I was about to peek into the garage (which is what would actually be used for my workshop) a car pulled up so I figured I better get outta there!)  THANK YOU all for your prayers!


A very ‘plain Jane’ little night stand.    Clean drawer.  NO stickers.  (bonus!  I HATE scraping stickers off of furniture!)   Needed minimal prep, just a little sanding before painting.


(sorry about the ‘sun streak!  It’s been SIXTY degrees and SUNNY here in Oregon!?!?!  Crazy GREAT weather!)


OOPS!  I missed that little part under the drawer!  I was thinking that the drawer covered it! (I did go back and paint that strip after I saw the picture!)   I painted the entire piece a ‘putty’ hued white paint and lightly distressed.


An amber colored (repro!) crystal knob for the drawer.


The drawer was perfectly clean and did nit NEED to be lined; but this piece of scrapbook paper just added a little ‘special touch’ since it’s such a simple piece.


Speaking of KNOBS!  Check out these beauties I found at Ross recently.

P1180911They are BIG and heavy.  I wanted to use one of these on this night stand, but they were just TOO big for that little drawer.  I’ll save these for a bigger project later.

P1180931Distressing along the prominent edges.

P1190020But ‘notsomuch’ on the more protected from use interior section.

P1190021As I am often inclined to do with my made over pieces, I painted the back of it.   I do this PRIMARILY because oftentimes the backs of the furniture I put in my booth at the antique mall are visible in my display, and it just looks nicer.  Sometimes the backs are just UGLY and NEED to be painted over.  It’s also just a nice finishing touch and literally takes just a minute or two (with a roller!) and it just looks better!  (and also I am a wee bit anal sometimes; but you already know that!)

P1190022Some light distressing  on the sides.  Just enough so that it looks ‘lovingly used’, but ABUSED!

P1190018All in all, I am perfectly pleased with how this piece turned out.  I am really TRYING to ‘keep it simple’ more often than not on my furniture pieces so that they appeal to a broader buying audience.

This will be going to my booth in Stars soon.

The big antique show/sale at the Expo is going on this weekend, and that means Stars is having a SALE!  The sale at Stars runs Thursday, March 5th – Sunday, March 8th.

50% off all regular priced items in my booth during the sale.

After the sale ends on the 8th, I will be doing a MAJOR booth overhaul!

The Next Chapter . . . continued ( A BIG twist in the story!)

So, things were moving right along. I’ve been working away to be ready for the move.  Figured out who would keep what of our shared possessions.   Started shopping for the things I knew I’d need; a new vacuum, a blender, a toaster, shower curtain, plunger  . . . all that FUN stuff you need in a home.
~::~  (so if you are wondering what this > ~::~ is; it’s a spacer for paragraphs because for some reason I can’t get them to separate any other way just now, and I hate reading blogs that don’t use paragraphs because they are nearly impossible to read!)
I EVEN allowed myself to ‘splurge’ a little on some ‘pretties’ when I could find them at the right price.  Although since I’ve been ‘packing as I go’ I have a feeling I have forgotten half the stuff I bought!  Gonna be like Christmas when I unpack at the new place!
Made my list of people and places that I’ll need to give my new address and phone number, and list of ‘other stuff to do’ like order new checks when I have the new address; change the address on my PayPal account.  Had to decide who will keep the cat.  Michael won that decision primarily because Spike to TOO FAT for me to carry to the vet for his shots! (but I will continue to split the cost of his care)
I was really feeling like I ‘had a handle’ on the whole thing . . . .
Then, out of the blue a couple of weeks ago I get an email from my son.  “We need to talk about your move.  Can you meet me for lunch this week?” I FREAKED!  I kid you not, I went into instant PANIC mode.  Told him that while I could meet him for lunch, I could NOT wait until then to hear what I assumed  could only be BAD news about my move to the apartments!  I told him I had the move VERY well planned out, money saved to hire movers . .  . everything.  WHAT could he possible need to talk to me IN PERSON about?!?!?!
We scheduled lunch but I IMPLORED him to tell me “what was up” because I could only imagine the WORST!  So, he told me that he and Megan (his fiance’) just hated the thought of me throwing away my money to rent an apartment for the rest of my life, and that they had decided that they were in a position to help me by buying a house to rent to me.
WHAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?  Um, you have a wedding to plan and should be shopping for your OWN home right now!  You don’t have time to shop for a house for me?!??!  Actually they had already been looking and already had a few prospects!  Who IS this young man and what has he done with my SON?!?!  Of course I’d LOVE to live in a house as opposed to an apartment, but it seems like a lot for them to take on right now.  He said, “We’re good.  Work is a little slower now.”
So, I guess my son and future daughter in law are ‘house shopping; for me.  Nothing fancy,  Probably a fixer upper; just cosmetic stuff, nothing structural.  I’m fine with that.  Then the phone rings on Saturday, it’s my son  He tells me to go check my messages on Facebook because he sent me a link to a house and that he’s going to put in an offer on it!!!
It’s ADORABLE!!!  A petite 1950’s bungalow with a white picket fence?!?!?  Are you kidding me?!?!  And a GARAGE for me to use as a workshop!  SCORE.

AND it’s MOVE -In ready!!  Which I would really, REALLY love so as to not have extra work for my son to have to do (or arrange to have done) at this already very busy time in his life.  I love the location.  Walking distance to Farmers Market.  And the front yard is ‘dog ready’ and fully fenced.  (back yard fence needs dome repair)  I have been dog-less for way too long!!


Please say a prayer that their bid on this house is accepted.
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The Next Chapter.

*** WARNING!  This is a ‘just life stuff’ post with NO pictures, and it’s very loooooooooooooong.  Remember, I warned you!

About this time a year ago I was battling one of my ‘annual respiratory infections'; which inconveniently came on at the same day as a huge snow storm that kept us ‘house-bound’ for five days.  Not good!  
By now I’ve learned  that when I DO get sick, I get VERY sick, very FAST, and I do not wait to see how I feel in a day or so before going to the doctor.  And my primary care doctor knows how sick I WILL get, so he puts me on antibiotics and steroids right away.

But last year, I couldn’t get to the doctor as soon as I got sick.  We could not even get down the driveway for FIVE days.  And by then I was way too sick to drive myself to the doctor and KNEW that they would want to do an x-ray to be sure it wasn’t pneumonia (again!), so Michael ended up taking me to the ER as soon as we could get out.

Due to the fact that I had had to wait those five days to get the medical care I needed, I got EXTRA sick and it took an EXTRA long time and two rounds of steroids and antibiotics for me to get better.  sigh.  I spent WEEKS in bed recovering;  too sick and too tired to do anything.  Except think; when I wasn’t sleeping (which I did a LOT of!)

I took a really long hard look at my ‘living situation’ being way out here in the boonies and it really hit home to me that this was NOT a ‘safe place’ for someone who has as many ‘medical issues’ as I have to be living.  It’s just too far away from emergency AND regular medical care for me, and it was time for me to start thinking about where I should go next.

I thought and prayed about it a LOT.  And finally; and very contentedly, came to the conclusion that I needed to live closer to civilization.  I have a LOT of risk factors for having a stroke, and when one has a stroke, FAST medical treatment is SO important.  I just don’t have confidence that I’d get the level of care that I’d need to survive a stroke living so far out in the country.  And IF I had a stroke and survived but without motor function, they’d HAVE to give me a lobotomy or I’d go CRAZY not being able to DO anything!!  (kidding but not really.  I would go crazy!)

I waited about a month before I talked to Michael about my decision.  I wanted to be sure that I was sure that it was what I NEEDED to do.  And I wanted to figure out some of the logistics of where I would even GO from here.  I looked around at some apartments. Thought ahead to what my life might be like five years from now . . . and with my son getting married this year . . . in five years I could very well have grandkids!  And I MUST live in close proximity to my future grandkids!!

I decided that the BEST location for me was the same apartment complex that my son and his fiance now live in; but not BECAUSE they lived there.  (because they won’t be there for long as they are getting ready to BUY a house!)  Still, the location was ideal.  Close to both of their work offices (for future grandchildren babysitting duty!) 5 minutes to the hospital, 5 minutes to my doctor.  Just over 10 minutes to Stars and right between Portland and Beaverton.  Basically convenient to ALL the places I go!

Once I had all that figured out, I needed to break the news to Michael.  And I will tell all of you who read my blog the same thing I told him; that while I AM moving away from him, I am not moving TO get away from him.  I’m leaving him, yes; but that is not the REASON I am leaving.  We aren’t married, so no legal stuff to deal with in that regard.  But still, after 12 years together, it’s not easy.  I still love him, but I just can’t live out here any longer with all the inherent risks to my health and life!  And Michael is not ready to leave his property, so in the near future, we will be parting ways.

I WAS waiting for the floor plan I wanted to become available at the apartment complex to determine my moving date.  Hopefully sometime this spring or EARLY summer; because son’s wedding is the end of August! I have spent a LOT of time since last March ‘preparing for this move’.  Sorting through massive amounts of craft supplies and donating a LOT of stuff to Goodwill.  Packing the decorative stuff that I don’t need.  EVEN drawing a ‘to scale’ diagram of the apartment and all my furniture pieces to be sure everything will FIT in the apartment.  AND planning to actually work on the ‘furniture placement’ in the apartment ahead of time so I’d have a diagram on moving day!  I know that sounds a bit anal.  But if you lived in my defective body, you’d ‘get it’.  I have to be sure that everything gets placed right where it’s going to stay while I have the movers to help, because I CANNOT life and move furniture around anymore. (Oh how I used to LOVE to rearrange furniture!!)

So, all that has steadily been in the works for the last year.  A lot of ups and downs.  Excitement for the future and sadness over what I’ll be leaving behind.  But RELIEF that I don’t need to worry about not being able to get TO the medical care I need.


I bought a HORSE!

P1180805No, not a REAL horse!  A heavy (I could barely lift it into my cart!) solid wood horse, that I ‘think’ used to be painted like a carousel horse; and someone painted it brown.  (can see a few spots of color where the brown paint is chipped.)

P118080631″ tall, and about 30 pounds!

P1180810But his TAIL is missing!?!?!?  Another customer in the thrift store actually stopped me and asked to look at it after I had put it in my cart.  She said it was just like one she had.  I asked her what the original tail looked like.  she told me it was carved wood, just like the rest of the horse.  I seriously doubt that I can carve a new tail for it, so I’m thinking maybe a just twine tail??  (Other recommendations are welcome!)

P1180809It’s a pretty good size ‘tail hole’ to fill too!  Can you see some bits of yellow, green and blue paint showing through some of the chipped spots?

P1180808Kind of reminds me of the big horses in front of P.F. Changs restaurant.

P1180813NOW I just need to decide what color to repaint it?!?!?!  I’m leaning towards a ‘putty’ color, then distressing a LOT.  What would YOU do if you had one??

Re-purposed hand-me-down desk


 I’m dubbing it the ‘blue beast’!  One of the strays Michael dragged home YEARS ago after someone left it on the curb.  He gave it to some friends who had young school aged kids.  Nice homework desk.  I had totally forgotten about it.  Until Michael’s friend called and asked him if he wanted it back, as their kids had out grown it.

 It’s a lot more ‘beat up’ than you can see in the picture, especially the shelf side.  And it’s GLOSSY paint.  The HARDEST paint to paint over.  I really did NOT want it as a project.  Unleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees . . . .


 He was willing to cut it down into just a three drawer night stand.  I can ALWAYS sell a night stand with drawers.   The more drawers, the better!  Doesn’t look half bad from the front, does it?

P1180389Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . .but the SIDE where the center desk drawer was connected could be an issue!  It took a LOT of sanding to ‘even’ that side out, a bit of wood filler and then several extra layers of paint!  And while I am attempting to move AWAY from a LOT of aqua items for a while, given that this piece was already blue and I didn’t want to spend an entire WEEK working on it…….

P1180928I went with my ‘beachy blue’ color on this piece.  Tossed the old wood knobs into my ‘knob box’ and used these vintage porcelain pulls with back plates for a more vintage look.

Shabby white drop leaf coffee table

DRAT!  Yet again I have lost or forgotten to take a before photo!  This was just a basic maple wood coffee table with drop sides.   The top was pretty badly scratched up, so the price was low.P1180649I LOVE drop leaf furniture!!!  Compact when you need it to be and roomy when you need the room.   I painted this coffee table white and wasn’t planning on distressing it.  But something floating in the air while the paint was wet got stuck in the paint.  I had to sand it to get the crud off before I could paint it again, and decided to call it good after just the sanding.

P1180647Much less distressing than I typically do, because I wasn’t planning to distress it, I had given it several layers of paint.  I do fewer layers of paint when I’m planning to distress. (because WHY do lots of layers if you are just going to sand it off, right?!?)

P1180648I just sanded enough to get the ‘crud’ off; then hit the edges a little harder.

P1180650A bit of distressing along the drop leafs, and I left the legs NOT distressed.

A quick couple of coats of varnish on the top and drop sides and she’s ready for a new home.  (perhaps MY home!  I haven’t decided just yet!)

Sprucing up for Spring at Stars . . . AND a Big sale!

Out with the red and pink and hearts in my booth at Stars, and time to spruce the space up for Spring!

P1180941Front focal point display with whites, creams and metallics.  Just working with what I have on hand in my booth for now BECAUSE I really need ROOM for lots of new stuff!

P1180939And to MAKE that room I am having a 50% off sale!  EVERYTHING except already reduced ‘red tag’ sale items will be HALF OFF.  Discount will be given at check-out.  No specific ‘end date’ for this sale as of yet.  I’ll keep it going until I’ve sold enough stuff to make the room I need for the new inventory.  (and hopefully enough room to bring the BED back in!)

P1180950In the meantime, I’ll continue to ‘mix things up’ and style new vignettes to inspire you for Spring decorating, using what I have on hand.  Vintage Madonna statues and vases, pedestals and urns.

P1180949Adding a few more metallic items with those silver and gold boxes.

P1180948This is actually the BACK side of the front display.

P1180951But it SHOWS as you round the corner, so I may as well ‘market the space’!

P1180952I always really enjoy going with the lighter colors for Spring.

P1180953Vintage inspired felt hearts with lace and buttons.

P1180961Will be building on the Paris themed items when I bring in new product.

P1180962Not many of these reproduction shoe form wall hooks left.  Normally $9.00.  They’ll go fast at half price!

P1180958Small Paris carrying case and burlap pillows.

P1180957Glass apothecary jars and cloches.

P1180960Vintage ceramic frames; one an art deco style and the others a floral motif, are perfect for hanging ‘blank’ where you just need a ‘little something’.

P1180963A new display in the giant white lantern.


An urn works perfectly as a paper crown stand!

P1180975Lots of birds on pedestals and with crowns, of course!

P1180989Lots of the vintage grubby book bundles still available.

P1180987Not very many frames left at the moment.  (I need to find a new stash of them to paint!)

P1180942Fabulous shabby black plant stand!

P1180944Vintage cherub urns look pretty in this back-lit photo!

P1180945Some have plates added to turn them into dessert stands.


Lots of signs available, as always!

P1180946Had your eye on some new white Ironstone pieces??  NOW is the time to grab them!

P1180984I’ll keep this sale going until enough stuff has sold down for a MAJOR re-do of my booth.



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