Who’s your daddy?????

I apologize in advance for bringing up this topic. . . . but it’s ALL you hear in the news right now! Who is baby DannieLynn’s daddy????? Men are coming out of the woodwork to claim to be Anna Nicole’s only heirs daddy. Makes one wonder if this is really the legacy she dreamed of leaving behind. . . ????

But is has also made me pause and give thought to what people will remember me for when I am gone.

I hope that I have encouraged and inspired a hurting soul or two along the way. Helped someone believe that their life is a beautiful God given gift, meant to be shared; when they were filled with self doubt & uncertainty.

I hope that I have ‘paid forward’ the many kindnesses that have been shown to me along the way. And that I have gracefully forgiven the hurtful things that I have endured with dignity.
I hope that in some small way, Michael and I have made the world a better place by restoring and repurposing what others considered trash; keeping things out of the landfill. Perhaps we have made room for one more flower to bloom and left one more tree to grow old and tall and too big around to hug.

I hope that the things we create help your ‘make a house a home’. That those homes are filled with warmth and charity. That when you sink into your favorite chair at the end of a hectic day, you sigh, “There’s no place like home”.

So, I guess it’s not really about the THINGS we make, but about the feelings they bring to those who take the home. That ‘feeling’ is what I hope to be remembered in. . . . .

 Sure, we are in business to ‘make a living’, but in the BIGGER PICTURE it’s really about making a difference.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE:  www.cscrafts.com/aj.html

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