Sandpaper 101: What IS a ‘sanding sponge’???

I always, ALWAYS ONLY use coarse sandpaper.  For sanding off an old paint finish before repainting, for prepping new wood to paint, to sand after painting for the purpose of distressing.  In my hand sander, in my 1″ belt sander’ in my 4″ belt sander, and for hand sanding.  COARSE SANDPAPER ONLY!  And NO, as a matter of fact, it does NOT just ‘scratch up the surface’ ; which everyone who has ever raised an eyebrow at me when I suggested they use COARSE sandpaper has thought. 

BUT, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.  LOOK closely at my work and tell me if it looks ‘scratched up’.  Now I know the shabby/grubby look isn’t everyone’s idea of beautiful; but if you are a regular reader of my blog, you LIKE my style and want to REPLICATE it. 
And you can’t do that with fine sand paper!

For hand-sanding (which I do aa little of as possible with my damaged spine!) I use sanding sponges as opposed to sheet sandpaper.  Much easier to handle, AND you can rinse them out when the paint starts to build up on them.  You should be able to find them right alongside the sheet sandpaper in any hardware supply store.

Here’s a picture of some sanding sponges so you’ll know what you are looking for…..

I prefer the thicker ones; and if you are needing to get into corners, the one with the angled end works great.


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