Primitive colors 101

I stick with a VERY simple color palette.   My standard and most used colors are, Americana brand craft paints in:

Antique white

Deep midnight blue

Deep burgundy

Honey brown (for my mustard yellow color)

Terra cotta (for orange)

Celery (sage green)

Other pastel colors I don’t use much, so I mix my own.

Browns, II’ll tend to vary a bit on.  I’m on a ‘drab brown trend’ right now and experimenting with several different colors.  I’ leaning towards using several different shades.  Recently made a set of five stacking boxes, all base-coated black, then each one painted a different shade of brown, then distressed.

I’ve never found a dark green that I like well enough to use regularly, and therefore I don’t do many things with dark green.  And when I do paint with green, I tend to ix my own…or add to a color I have to darken or lighten it.

I’ve also never found a ‘flesh’ color that I like, so I mix my own.

Black is black as far as I’m concerned, so I buy whatever is the better deal at the time. 

If you need LARGE quantities of a certain color, just take a small sample of the color to your paint store and have them color match it.

In primitive and folk art style painting, there is no shading, or blending or feathering of colors, so you really do not need a huge assortment of colors. 

There are paint brands that have better COVERAGE or more pigment than the Americana brands, but since I am sanding away (to distress) half of what I’ve painted on, I don’t really need heavier coverage.  It’s just more to have to sand away as far as I’ concerned! 

Happy painting!


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  1. But what kind of paint do you use? Acrylic?

    • Oh wow! That was a REALLY old post. As it mentions in the post, they were Americana brand (acrylic craft) paints that you can buy at just about any craft store.


  2. what do you mix with your honey brown to make mustard color?

    • I use the honey brown ‘as is’ for my mustard color.


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