Going Monochromatic

I have always been drawn to rooms done in a monochromatic color scheme.  Especially WHITE.  They just make you feel soooooooooooooooooooooo peaceful.  But I can only handle so much peacefulness!  I need stimulation and inspiration!

I spent nearly a year living and working in the Rocky Mountins.  Living at 9,100 feet elevation you have 6 weeks of springsummerfall, and the rest of the year is WHITE.  The billows of white snow were enchanting at first.  Growing up in Southern California, and living most of my adult life in the Pacific Northwest, I was not used to seeing snow much.  And it’s VERY DRY in Colorado.  The very dry air makes the snow sparkle like glitter.

After a while though, I found the constant white rather depressing!  It felt like ‘sensory depravation’.  I craved color and texture and the smells of the out of doors. . . .

So, after that I never thought I’d want to see white ever again!  But then I saw a picture in a magazine of a room in an Oregon coast cottage that was done in almost all whites.  I tore it our and saved it; hoping to someday replicate the ‘feel’ of that room.  A short while later I found an old white iron child’s bed at an estate sale.  Most of the white paint had chipped and peeled off revealing rust and iron.  It was the perfect ‘anchor piece’ for the white room I wanted to do in the store!

I pulled all the other white furniture pieces I had here and there in the store and began arranging my ‘room’.  Not having enough white things to fill the space made me try other things to see what would go with it. 

My inspiration picture had old floats and fishing net and sea shells and old yellowed maps etc, so I decided to supplement my ‘room’ with ‘sandy’ colored items.  And that led to some tan and brown items.

Here’s how it turned out:

I think the key to making a monochromatic color scheme work (to avoid that feeling of sensory depravation!) is to have LAYERS of similar colors and lots of texture. 

The nice thing about a basic white room is that the white goes with anything, and you can add ‘seasonal punches of color’.  Yellows in the spring, oranges in the fall, greens or reds in the winter, blues in the summer.

I just might have to try and make room for doing a white room in the store again!

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