No, this kitty is not Ralph.  This is Lewis, aka Lew Magoo, aka bubbalew, aka Lewigi, aka Lewige MaSqueege.  And he is very patiently waiting for belly scratches.  Sorry Lewis, I’ve got blogging to do . . .

Lewis is 12 years old and was practically born IN my lap!  His mama was a bit nervous and did not want to leave my lap for her kittening box to deliver.  Finally I had to sit right next to her box and rub her belly to keep her in there.  Sweet little Lewis was the spitting image of his mama, Tiger.  Sister Lucy didn’t come along till almost 20 hours later, much to our surprise!  Hard to believe that was 12 years ago!

So, who is this Ralph that I am professing my love for???  Ralph Lauren!  Well, his paints at least!  I got to crack open my first can and use it last night.  I must confess to usually buying the ‘bargain brands’ when it comes to gallons of paint.  But Home Depot was crazy busy and all the other paint sample boards were too crowded to even get close to.  I was on a mission for a certain color, and there it was, on the Ralph Lauren color board.

I got Interior Matte Acrylic Latex.  I may never buy another brand of paint again.  Totally worth the extra cost!  Went on FAST and sooooooooooooooooo smooth!  (like butta!)  Dried quickly and barely needed a second VERY light coat.  And this was an old piece I was REpainting, (had THREE layers of previous paint on it!),  all I did was sand the surface to prep it.  (With our new ORBITAL SANDER that Michael recently bought!  I was gonna wait till Father’s Day to shop for new tools.  That’s when the BEST tool sales are btw, if you are in the market for tools!)  Can’t wait to finish this piece and show you the pics!

“Still waiting for that belly rub. . . .” says Lewis patiently.  Patience is a virtue, bubba!  Love you too!

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