WHO ARE YOU???????

Where did you come from?  Why are you here? And what do you want to know???????

I’m just getting a little lonely here on my blog just talking to myself (and the cats!)  In my blog stats I see that as many as 400+ people a day are looking at my blog.  Other blogs that I have peeked in upon have lots and lots of comments to their posts.  I’m just wondering who is reading my blog and why.  I am curious, what brings you here?  What are you looking for?  Did you find what you were looking for here in my blog?  What would you like to know about that I can add to my blog?

Please introduce yourself, and leave a comment and let me know!  It will really help me better my blog entries.  If you’ve never left a comment in my blog before, I will have to approve it before it gets posted.  And I only have access to my computer in the morning and evenings.  (so don’t fret if you don’t see your comment appear right away) 



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  1. I have never blogged before so here it goes. I love your sight. I have a girlfriend that has a shop similar to yours and it is fun to see all of your ideas. I don’t know how you get everything done plus a daily blog. You have great ideas. I recycle in my crafts. I make a lot of crazy birdhouses and garden angels. I love to recycle bed springs, silverware, anything metal, old fencing, typewriters and just about anything that will hold up in the great outdoors. My dream would be to go to the dump on a Saturday and get to pick thru everything that comes in.

  2. hi, honey, it’s must meeeeee again…….i don’t have an answer to any of your questions…..but i could just cut and paste your whole post right onto my blog! ….. i check your blog nearly every day because it is fun and happy and interesting……..elizabeth

  3. Hi
    Just passing through (via the little arrow in the top right hand corner for a random blog and got yours). Responding to your wish for folks to say hello – so Hi from London, UK!!
    Just love your kitty-cat Lewis. Ours does that belly up thing too to get attention. Give him a tummy tickle from me.

  4. Great site and great stuff! I love everything that I see here! Lewis is wonderful…I have a cat that does the same thing. I’ll be back to view your site often!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi AJ,

    Love your blog and all of your store pictures. Gosh, I would simply be in heaven there. Hopefully next time I get out that way I can stop by. Don’t you just love blogging? I’m so hopelessly addicted to it I think.

    I know what you mean about sometimes you feel like your talking to yourself (: But we are here and reading.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend,

    Kelle Arvay

  6. Good Morning!

    I am a surfer of blogs, especially those of people that are creative, and yours is one of them that are bookmarked on my computer. Surfing lets me see what other people are doing and it gives me inspiration to do the things I want to do.

    I am not a blogger, but maybe I should be. If you look at my website, under home decorating, you will see that I add stuff every couple of days.

    I’m an ER Nurse and I use my crafts, hobbies thrift store shopping and furniture rearranging as a way to relieve my job stress. I even started selling on eBay and I’m having fun with that.

    Thanks for all your inspiration, and I promise I’ll leave more comments!

    Debbie in Florida

  7. aj… it’s wendygail from the hgtv message boards, if you remember me? I’m not sure if you do or not.
    I just dropped by to try to find one of your window cabinets. I’m making one, and I wanted to see how you did the top, and if you put feet on it. 🙂

    that’s it!

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