Recycled old fence boards

Michael did an AMAZING job of interpreting ‘what I wanted’ when I described my idea for this recycled fenceboard stepback cupboard.  I just love how it turned out!  Great space on the top to show off your treasures, and a BIG storage area below for stuff you want to hide! 

Michael even commented that he wouldn’t mind making MORE of these!  (A lot of the time my ideas are a bit too complicated for him to ever want to tackle again!)

He started off with 8′ sections of old fencing.  The fencing place in town tosses the old stuff in a pile while waiting to haul it to the dump.  They are happy to have him haul it off for them!  The sections are big and heavy though and hard for one person to get on their own.

For the back and sides he just ‘cut the widths’ he wanted from the section, leaving the 2×4 supports in place.  Then he cut the rest of the pieces for the shelves and doors, and more supports from 2×2’s.  I ‘dry brush’ painted everything.  (see our tutorials for how to dry brush)  Here’s the back side of the back piece.

To add interest, he cut the side pieces from sections that were ‘worn at the bottom’ and put the worn part at the top.

We thought about adding a shelf to the inside of the base cabinet, but I decided against it so I’d have more flexibility as to what I could store in there.  Never enough storage space for back up product in the shop!

Kitty Spike takes a quick tour, but is unimpressed!  (He loves hiding in our kitchen pantry cupboard!)

And that’s it!  Lots of other variations are possible.  Wider, (although I’d probably make it a ‘two piecer’ if I went wider just because of the weight) open base, doors on top AND bottom…..

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  1. I need him to teach me how to use my jigsaw lol, very talented

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