Old windows made into shelves

Yep!  Those are some HUGE old 16 pane windows that Michael dragged home!  We had made shelves out of smaller windows before, but never any this big. 

First Michael had to finish breaking out all the glass.  Then he just built a basic shelf to fit behind the window frame.  We left the frames ‘as is’ with their nice vintage patina.  For the shelf part I used a slightly watered down white paint so it would look a little worn and not too glaringly new compared to the window pane.  As always, I painted all the shelf pieces BEFORE Michael put them together.  MUCH faster and easier that way!

I had a little bit of touch up to do on the sides of the frames once they were put together.  The watered down white paint worked just fine here too.

Decided I wanted some color, but not too much, so I just painted the shelf backing.  And here ya go:

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  1. These are awesome. So the window does not open as a door, right? I love that it looks like 16 different cubbies, but really isn’t!

  2. Correct Becky. The window pane has been permanently attached to the shelf. It would have been much too heavy to use otherwise. Would have brought the whole shelf down!


  3. How cute are those, they look like they have little cubbies. Can I add them to my windows page?

  4. Oooh how lovely, that window looks a bit like our dining room sash window, which I absolutely love.
    Alison x

  5. you are just too clever …. i love the look of these …. very lovely ….

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