Hidden storage

There are a lot of things that I underestimated when we opened our store.  The need of storage space was probably the biggest.  Within just a few months we had outgrown the back room storage area, which had seemed more than adequate to start with.

I created an additional storage area by taking a 7′ tall by 9′ wide shelf and facing it just a few feet in front of the back wall; so the back of it became ‘another wall’ to create a storage space.   Outgrew that extra storage in a short time too.  So I started hauling extra product home to a storage shed.  And since then, Michael has built another storage shed at home ‘just for store product’.  Then we also have a shed full of ‘projects’ waiting to be completed for the store.

Soooooooooooooo. . . . in the recent make-over of the store I made it my goal to ‘create’ as much additional storage space as possible without losing any more display space.  What I did was create storage WITHIN the displays.

These look like those little round tables with the particle board tops, but they aren’t!

You can buy ‘just the tops’, (or use ANY round piece of wood) and wood crates set on end for the base, which gives you extra storage space under your display!  (and this is a  LOT more stable than those three legged tables!)

Here I did a PAIR of round tables, one slightly higher than the other.  This works perfectly for the ‘middle’ of a vignette.  Extra product for the display under the tables.

It’s really easy to ‘build around’ the covered tables too.  The neutral back drop makes the items in front of it really stand out.


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  1. Wonderful ideas!

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