Unique display for scrapbook supplies

This big ole ten drawer dresser has been sitting around in the shed for years!  Just couldn’t decide what to do with it;or even if it was worth trying to fix up.  Several of the drawer bottoms were DUCT TAPED together!  One side of the dresser had a huge gouge in it and I just couldn’t think of how to repair that.

See that big old gouge in the corner???

What we ended up doing is Michael just cut out that entire section and we ‘patched it’ with a piece of luan plywood.  You could see where it was patched even after I painted it, but you really don’t notice the sides of a dresser that much.

No knobs on most of the drawers either.  Michael replaced the bottoms of several of the drawers.  And the other side had several big dents in it that we had to fill with wood putty.

I decided to pair this dresser up with this hutch to create a step-back cupboard.

And here is the finished product, all filled with scrapbooking goodies!

Close up of the distressed drawer fronts.  I love the LOOK of the star shaped knobs, but I don’t think I’d use them again.  They are kind of sharp and ‘pokey’ whey you pull the drawer open.

Used clear glass jars to display lots of the scrapbooking supplies in.

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