Best friend’s wedding

My son, Elliot’s best friend, that is.  Mike and Elliot have been best friend’s since middle school.  (they’re 25 now)  Mike is just exactly the kind of guy a mom whats her only son to be best friend’s with.  I had not yet met the bride to be, so I was very excited to be going to the wedding.

It was held at a historic house in Oregon City.  An outdoor ceremony.  The weather was looking a little ‘iffy’ (like possible showers!) on the drive out there.  But just before the bride walked down the grassy aisle, the sun broke through the clouds!

The young female minister is the groom’s cousin.  My son, Elliot is the guy in the middle.

Jen was a VERY enthusiastic bride!  Honestly, the happiest bride I have ever seen.  It was all the GUYS who got teary eyed!  My son, Elliot, slipped Mike a tissue after he handed him the ring.  Then he needed one for himself!

The happy newly weds!

Once they were out of sight and ‘thought’ they were out of earshot, we heard Jen scream, “WE’RE MARRIED!!!!”

Michael was a little nervous going through the receiving line.  We were about half way back and he realized Jen was an enthusiastic ‘hugger’.  Michael is not a hugger upon his first meeting of someone.  I made sure I went first when we reached the couple.  I introduced myself as “Elliot’s mom”.  “Elliot’s mom!!!” the bride squealed as she grabbed me and hugged me.  And then I introduced her to ‘my Michael’.  “Another Michael!!!” the bride squealed with delight.  (there must have been a dozen Michael’s there!)

I managed to steal my son away from his best man duties for a few moments and a picture with me, and one with Michael.  (which I obviously snapped too soon as Michael was not yet smiling!)  Elliot said his cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

The maid of honor gives her speech

Time for the best man’s speech.

The groom stole the mic for a minute

Time to cut the cake.

And yes, they smashed cake into each other’s faces! 

I managed to find Mike talking to his mom and sister and got a picture of the three of them.  “Do I still have cake up my nose?” he asked before I snapped the picture!

The bride and groom’s first dance.

And of course, ‘the dip’!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Ain’t love grand?!?!?!

 So, last night, when my son and his girlfriend were over for dinner, he showed me the photographer’s pictures on line.  I had wrapped their wedding gift in LIME GREEN paper with hot and light pink curly ribbon.  I found a really cute ‘stand up card’ of a groom carrying his bride.  The card was WAY too cute to just stuff into an envelope; so, I put the card on top of the package.  Anyhoooooooo…….  MY wrapped package was the one the photographer chose to take a close up photo of the wedding rings sitting on! 

I can’t show ‘that’ photo, but here is the one I took of the package before we went to the wedding.

When we got to the gift table to drop off the present, Michael ‘tried to’ hide it at the back behind the other ‘normally wrapped’ gifts in pretty white and silver paper and bows.  I made him put it in the FRONT!  So, last night when we saw that the photographer had deemed MY gift wrapping job ‘the one’ worthy of photographic remembrance, I got to say “I told you so!” to Michael.  And Elliot commented, “I should have known that YOU wrapped that one mom!”  he he

Congratulations Mike and Jen!

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  1. Aren’t outdoor weddings just beautiful – if the weather co-operates. My daughter just had an outdoor wedding this summer, but much more casual. Of the 150+ people there only the flowergirl (my grand-daughter) was dressed up. She HAD to wear a pink ruffled dress with purple bows. It took me forever to find a combination of fabrics that didn’t look too garish so I could make her dress. I think the outdoor setting allows people to relax so much more.

  2. I’m loving the flag frames. What a great use for those tattered little guys! I also love your thinking of being so far behind that you’re really a year ahead. I often feel this way. I know I should check before asking, but is your secret tea staining recipe on your craft page? I must get it!!

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