Glitter 101

One of my favorite ‘new things’ in the new cottage style store is GLITTER!  Love it!  LOVE IT!!!  (Not much use for glitter when working in the primitive style.)  So, I have really been getting my glitter on this holiday season, and here are a few tips for you glittering newbies.


Do NOT use SPRAY GLUE!  I have read and read and read on every internet crafting board I can find about spray glues for glittering and everyone says it stays TACKY.  Regular ole glue works just fine.  Lightly brush it on and sprinkle on you glitter.  Do your sprinkling over a piece of newspaper so that you can pour the left overs back into you glitter jar.

I’ve also used my matte water based varnish for adhering glitter.  It works just as well as the glue.  I like it better for larger surfaces because it dries slower and goes on thinner and faster.

I used varnish on these 2′ rusty tin barn stars and was able to glitter the whole thing in one shot. 

That is some vintage glitter I found in a box of stuff my mom gave me a good THIRTY years ago!  Loved the combination of colors.

Loved the mixed colors SO much that I decided to try and replicate the look with new glitter!  I found these glitter sets at a dollar store.

Dumped them all into a container and shook it up.  Then applied it with varnish to these smaller tin stars.

Didnt’ get the EXACT same look, but pretty close!

Here’s a peek into my ‘glitter stash’:

The vintage glitters:

I splurged on a couple of new jars of Martha Stewart glitters!  I could not resist the aqua and the off white!  It’s a little ‘spendy’, but it’s super fine grain and goes a long way.

Assorted whites and clears.  If you could only have ONE color of glitter, go with a translucent white.  You can use it on anything.  Paint your item the color you want them to be and it will show through the glitter. 

I haven’t used this stuff yet, but I was intrigued by it.  They are teeny tiny BEADS instead of flakes like you typical glitter.

Haven’t used these little stars yer either.

Some icey blue glitter.

And some sequins.  No idea what I will use them for but my glitter box just didn’t seem complete without them!

I can’t wait to start on Valentines projects for the store!  I’m thinking LOTS of pink glittery stuff!



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