From the “I’m so far behind that I’m a year ahead” file.

Been working on a few Christmas things the last few weeks.  Intended to have gotten them done in time for THIS Christmas, but, oh well!  Now I’ve got a head start on next Christmas!

Here are some of the ‘almost finished’ stuffed homespun stars that I started on a while ago:

They’ve been stuffed and stitched closed and stained; and could really be used ‘as they are’, but I plan to embellish them a little by tying on some of the little round metal rimmed tags, or pinning on a stained strip of muslin with words stamped on them.

Got a whole bunch of rag ball ornaments done too.  These still need to be stained.  (Since I don’t need these till next Christmas; I’ll wait until summer to stain them so I can set them out in the hot sun to dry) They have a string hanger attached so they can be hung on a tree.  I want to do a ‘homespun holiday’ theme tree next year.

Here are the rag garlands I did for the homespun tree.

First I picked out five fabrics that I wanted to use, and cut 1″ wide strips.

Then I cut each strip into 8″ pieces, and placed them in rows according to the order I wanted to tie them together.

Of course now I can’t remember how long I ended up making the finished garlands!  (and they are at the store and my computer is at home!)  They went together pretty quick and easy.  Cutting the fabric into strips and then pieces actually took longer than it did to assemble the garlands.

I still need to think of a couple more coordinating decorations to round out the tree.  Any ideas?????


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  1. I love your title…”I’m so far behind that I’m a year ahead.” I’ll have to remember that when I’m frantic because I’m not getting everything done that I had on my “to do today” list. Enjoyed your ornaments, too.

  2. Amazing how far ahead you need to be thinking about next year. How about muslin angels – with homespun accents, cinnamon ornaments and decorations made with wooden spools.

  3. Thanks for the ideas Ruthanne!


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