Which do you like better????

I’m working on my ad for the next issue of Country Pleasures Magazine.  Typically, I advertise ‘the store’; but I’m thinking of taking a different approach “just to see how it goes” and have the ad be about the BLOG.  (which of course ultimately directs readers to the store!) 

While I always include the web site in everything, including the store ads, I just have a feelingthat reversing the order might work better.  Can’t hurt to try, eh?  People see the ad all over the Northwest (Oregon and Washington), but unless they are right in THIS area, I’m thinking they probably won’t look up the web site for the store.  BUT, if the blog is emphasized, they may at least check out the blog and become a fan and regular reader and so on . . . .

SO, I’m trying to think of a clever way to present the blog in an ad.  I have about a 4″ x 4″ space to work with.  I’m thinking of REVERSE coloring (the background BLACK, and white letters) to really POP off the page compared to all the rest of the print which is black on white. 

This ad is for April; which is Earth Day month and there is a LOT of local buzz about earth friendly anything.  Which is right up our alley, so that was my first thought for the focus of the ad.  BUT THEN, I had another thought after seeing multiple ads for an upcoming movie. 

So, here are the two I am thinking of.  Tell me which you think would capture readers attention better and get them to want to look at the blog.  Remember, the background will be black and the letters white. (but I don’t know how to do that here in my blog!)  My ad deadline is the end of the week, so I have to decode SOON!


We are here! We are here!



We are here! We are here!



Hillsboro hears a who?


                            They may be just a speck on the map, but Sophies cottage in Hillsboro

Is doing big things! see how they turn trash into treasure
















(I appreciate your opinions!)




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  1. Option two speaks better to what you are all about. 🙂

  2. As far as which ad, I vote for #2.
    I DO think you have a good idea putting your blog “front and center”. . . I, for one, am so into
    blogs now, more so than websites. And your blog is SO friendly and welcoming to people, the way you share your decorating secrets. So, that’s my 2 cents worth. 🙂

  3. i like option #2.
    i would also think about maybe later on, running an ad upside down.:)
    we hung business cards upside down and they were the first to be looked at everytime!

  4. Definately #2!!! Intrigues me,I would check out the blog immediately if I saw that ad. #1 is not as clear and I would wonder about it but it wouldn’t spur me to look at the blog right away like the second ad. I also think (everyday) as I read your blog from WI, “now I will prob. never be able to go to her store, but why doesn’t she offer some of this great stuff for sale on her blog or website”? Good luck with the ad!

  5. My vote is for #2. It would make me curious, and it describes just what you do. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t “get” #1. Hope the ad brings many new customers!

  6. My vote is also for #2~ I’d definately make me log on!

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