I’ve got the BLUES!

Well, I’ve been in a bit of a BLUE MOOD lately.  No, that that kind of blue.  BLUE!  The color blue.  Pretty Robin’s egg blue.  So I meandered about the store to see what I had that I could re-paint.  A couple of white flower buckets, some tin boxes, some white shutters, a paper mache box, some little wood frames.

So, then I had a whole table full of blue stuff . . . . and it needed ‘something’. . . .  a decorative element of some sort.  So I went rummaging through by big box of foam stamps and found this set.  PERFECT!!!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t even remember when or where or WHY I bought these.  I honestly didn’t even know I had them.  But they are perfect and will be getting a lot of use now that I have discovered them.  (the brand name is Making Memories)

These 24″ tin stars were originally rust color.  Then I sponge painted them white.  Now I’ve done blue over the white.  The layers of color add a lot more depth and interest.

Close up

These pretty little embossed tin boxes came to me white, with a red crackle finish on the heavy cardboard lid.  I HATE crackle finishes!  Well, REAL cracked from age paint is wonderful; but I’ve never seen a fake crackle job that I liked in the least. 

I painted several of the lids in assorted pastel colors (several coats to fully cover the red!) and left the boxes white.  Then I decided to sponge paint the box to enhance the embossing of the tin.  THEN I realized what a pretty design was on the bottom of the box.  It’s just too pretty to only be used ONLY as a box bottom!

So I sponge painted both the sides and bottom of several of them and will hang them on the wall as a piece of dimensional art.  Now I just have to find a use for the lids.  Maybe a collage . . .

Love the way this blue and brown box turned out.  Gonna have to do a few sets of these now!

Flower box

Old wood tissue box cover.

Metal flower buckets.

I had already painted this little shelf blue a while ago; just added the brown flourish stamp.

Decorative shutters.

Metal ‘enjoy’ wall words were originally tan/rust.

Another repainted tin star, just a smaller one.

Now today I get to rearrange the store and make room for all this new stuff!


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  1. i have two big tin stars on my porch …maybe i should paint them …. hmmmmm

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