FINAL DAY: Spring break project marathon, and yes, it’s snowing again this morning!

Has that been EVERY day for the last six days now?!?!?  I’ve lost count!  We had a few nice sun breaks yesterday and got a fair amount accomplished.  Here are a few more pictures:

This was an old porch post.  Michael cut it in half so I could make two big candle pedestals from it. 

I decided the base needed more WEIGHT, so I added another beveled square plaque (from the craft store)  So the base is now two craft store plaques and a square hunk of 2×6.

Here they are all painted up, but not ‘finished’.  I’ll add candles of course.  Always have to have a candle in a candle holder before I put it out for sale.  But they need some kind of adornment also.  Not sure just what yet.

Old slat seat child’s chairs:

Now in pretty cottage colors!

Michael is back to work today.  I have one more day off, and lots of little things to finish up.  Seems like I’ve been gone from the store FOREVER!


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