Painted paper mache boxes ~ cottage style

I am finally getting around to paring down my paper mache box ‘stash’ and getting some of them painted and ready to sell. 

 I used to paint tons of them primitive style.  Then when I switched to more cottage style I wasn’t sure what direction to go with the boxes.  I fianlly just decided to paint a few of them in the cottage colors even though I wasn’t sure how to ‘finish’ them.  Figured it would ‘come to me’ eventually . . . .

So they sat like this for a while.  Then I took them to the store where I have all my foam stamps and other fun stuff to play with.

And here is what I ended up with.  I added painted wood spool ‘feet’ and a painted wood knob on the top box and a different stamped design on each box.

Then lightly sanded the edges and surface to make them look a little ‘worn and loved’.




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  1. I love painting paper mache boxes!! I love how you did it country cottage style! You have such great ideas!

  2. those turned out SUPER … good job … you are so clever….

  3. Oh I LOVE the way they turned out! So pretty! And I LOVE the colors too!


  4. Oh I like those. The sanded edges are great.

    Have you thought about doing black with a red undercoat — ala French style?

  5. Wow, you have tons of boxes. Very creative keep up the good work!

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