Towing ordeal update

It’s been a couple of weeks and I don’t have any REAL news to report.  But thought a brief update was in order.  After the last postings I decided to email as many of Oregon’s Congressional members (7) as possible.  they all have ‘automated’ email systems and only five of them would accept my email.  The other two rejected it because I was not in ‘their district’.

In the emails I gave a quick summary of what happened; directed them to my blog and asked if their office could be of any assistance to please contact Janice Deardorff, assistant to the Mayor of Beaverton.

Heard from Jaince’s assistant last week, letting me know that they had turned the matter over to the city attorneys office, and would get back to me with any new information.

Last Friday an aid from Congressman David Wu’s office called me about it, basically to tell me that their office couldn’t really do anything.  But that I should contact the state legislators office and gave me a couple of statute numbers that he felt might be applicable.

In going back and reading the post about the federal government passing the predatory towing law again, I realized that it’s not actually a federal law.  Just that the Feds have made it possible for individual states to crack down on predatory towing practices. 

SO, I may not have an actual case against them.  BUT, rest assured I will do everything I can to see to it that Oregon gets those laws passed SOON! 

I encourage ALL OF YOU to contact your state lawmakers and pressure them to do the same!

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  1. I think it is great that you are taking these guys on. They prey on the fact that people will either believe they were wrong to park there or just decide it isn’t worth the hassle to fight the towing company.

    I just came across your blog while searching for “mini conservatory” and the one in your shop is adorable. What a great idea! I have a bunch of those old single-paned windows for a greenhouse I plan to build but I may set aside a handful just to try this little guy. I would put a tiny Christmas tree in it and I like your idea of changing the display seasonally. Perfect!

  2. My blog concentrates on the issue of predatory and abusive towing, and fighting this growing national trend. Sorry some bad stuff happened to you. I hope you might find some useful info at my blog and maybe submit some comments.

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