How to make your own grubby battery operated tea lights e-book

These battery operated tea lights are becoming quite popular. The ‘look’ of a candle without the worry of the flame. Not to mention you can tuck them into places like cupboards and shelves, where you could never put a ‘real’ candle.

I’ve seen the grubbied up battery operated tea lights around for YEARS. Those who have made them always described them as ‘dipped’. Now I consider myself a master grubby candle dipper. Been making them for YEARS! Could probably dip candles in my sleep even. But I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to DIP these darn little battery operated tea lights?!?!?!?

If you dip them ‘right side up’ you’re going to get wax on the bottom, which would prevent you from replacing the battery. I asked one gal who was selling them if the battery ‘door’ was accessible, and she said yes, because she dips them upside down. But then you are also covering the BULB with your wax??? I’m so confused! She said she just peels the wax off the bulb. (seems like a lot of work to me!) And besides. there is NOTHING to hold on to at the bottom to DIP them!

Well, I finally had my LIGHTBULB moment and figured out how to make them on my own!

I’ve put the instructions and pictures into an easy to follow e-book, available for purchase. I’ll be adding it to my offerings on Esty a bit later, along with my many other e-books.

These are really fast and easy to make. Not nearly as messy or time consuming as dipping candles. For the grubby dipped candles (a different e-book) I don’t recommend you make them yourself if you are only wanting to do a few of them. It would be cheaper to just buy them already done.

BUT, the battery tea lights are simple and inexpensive enough that you can easily do just a few. They make great little gifts and stocking stuffers. Really great for selling at craft shows.

Also included in the e-book is the source information for the tea light candle molds shown.



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  1. Hi, I saw your website about grubby tea lights. I only need a few. Do you sell them? If not, do you know where I could buy them.

  2. Donna,
    The finished tea lights are avaialble to purchase in our retail store for $1.50 each. I do not mail them out though at this time.

  3. Do you still sell the directions on how to make the primitive tea lights??

    • You can purchase any of our e-books via our etsy shop.


  4. Hello! I am wanting to dip battery operated taper candles in wax and make them look grubby.
    I tried to put a glass vase in the center of a simmering pot of water and the vase broke in half!
    Any ideas for melting the beeswax safely and also I was wondering how you make them look “grubby”. I have heard of people adding bits of broken pine cones and things to give it texture.
    Any ideas on taper candles?

    • You CAN do the battery operated tapers using the same method as for the tea lights. You can buy the e-book via our etsy shop. Link to our etsy shop is at the bottom of the post.


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