Little boxes made from reclaimed wood


Michael built these simple boxes with lids out of reclaimed wood.

For the darker primitive ones, I base-coated the outside with black paint first.

Applied my second coat of paint color and sanded a little to distress.  I ‘just happened’  to be making some checkerboards at the same time and decided to use the stencil on a couple of the boxes.  Apparently it was a good idea because the two with the checkerboard sold right away.

I wanted a way to keep the lids in place that would be fairly simple.  Had Michael cut two little strips of luan which I glued to the underside of the lids.

I ‘thought’ they were done at this point, but as they sat on my work table and I kept looking at them, I decided they needed FEET and a knob.

So I went digging through my big box of assorted small wood parts and found some wood spools and candle holders that I decided would make nice little feet.  And some wood knobs (which I’ve also used as feet in the past!)

Just glued them on with tacky glue.

Measured and marked the center of the lid for the knobs, predrilled a hole and screwed them in from the underside.  They look much more ‘finished’ now.

Although I did go back and add a wood carved applique to the black one.

Then I decided to do a couple of lighter colored shabby ones.

Used the wood carved appliques.  And little wood ‘game pieces’ for the feet. 

Since these didn’t have as much surface area to glue, I predrilled holes in them and the bottom of the boxes.  Glued the legs on right over my predrilled holes; then screwed them on from the inside.

For the knobs on the shabby ones I used some little wood BOWLS!

SO, Michael and I were discussing what we should replace the scrapbook section with once all that stuff is sold out (it’s all on clearance right now) and we decided to put in a ‘do it yourselfer’ section that will contain things like these unfinished boxes, the stuff for knobs and feet, the carved wood appliques, unfinished wood napkin holders . . . like these:

Some wood boxes withOUT lids, like these:

All kinds of great things that you can paint and finish yourself!  We’re hoping to have the DIY section up and running the first part of February.



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  1. Great stuff, as always. I have an award for you on my blog.

  2. AJ, you are way too clever! I am finally going to ask a question I have been wondering since you started this blog: (I followed you over from CB Boards, I am a retailer too.)

    Why don’t you and you hubby wholesale?? Have you guys ever tried a wholesale gift show? I know you do big craft shows but have you ever tried wholesaling your stuff? I just imagine all the time how much your one-of-a-kind stuff would fly at a cash-n-carry.

    I do know you have back troubles and traveling the stuff far may be too hard. I also know things are just as tough selling wholesale as retail. But your stuff is so unique. And who can find good ole USA handmade stuff these days?

    Anyway, I was just wondering. You are cool, you should be out there! 🙂

  3. OH I love your boxes. I could do this but never will…don’t know why! The legs are fab!

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