Glass domes and nests and candles and beach things

I have a tendency to do things in ‘groupings’. I THINK in groupings, I create in groupings. I display in groupings. I almost CAN’T think of ‘just one’ of something. One of a kinds, yes, but similar one of a kinds . . . in a grouping!

So after the little egg binge of last week , I went on a bit of a ‘glass pedestals and domes’ binge. Adding in a few glass bottles I had recently acquired, just to ’round out the groupings’.


I’ve been putting ‘nests and eggs’ in most of the ‘cloches’ I’ve put together lately; but decided to leave a few empty for you to add your own little treasures to.







These glass bell domes I decided to not add a pedestal to, so that they would fit on this little shelf.


A few new aqua colored glass bottles. I can never find enough of these and they always sell really FAST!


Decided to go with a ‘shell’ theme on this one.


Which led to a few beachy themed candle holders.




To go with these ‘sand covered’ beachy blue flower pots.


Which led me to ‘beach uo’ these two plain white flower vases.


And then to fill this vintage style apothecary jar with shells and ocean blue/green rocks.


We’re back to birds nests now! I painted this thrift store candle pedestal and was planning on adding it to the other beach themed candles when I noticed this urn with a nest in it that fits perfectly on top!


Sweet little ‘nesting box’. Found the box at the thrift store. Cleaned it up and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. Added moss and a little egg to each cubby.


To keep the moss ‘mostly in place’ (because nothing will keep it entirely in place as someone will surely come along and PICK at it to see how much they can pull off!) I cut cardboard to fit in each little section, covered it with glue and then piled on the moss. Then slipped it into the cubby once the glue was dry.



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