I found the bodies!!!


DOLL bodies that is!

At the point in my ‘clearing stuff out’ process that I was actually able to get to the BACK of the storage shed to a stack of bins that were put there FIVE years ago, and too much stuff piled in front of them till now to be able to get to them!

I ‘had’ out nice neat sticky labels on the end of each bin, but those had long fallen off. So, THIS is what was in one of them . . . . a dozen NAKED raggedy bodies. Faces and legs already painted and tea stained. Dresses already cut out and ready to sew.


So it would be really fast and easy to finish these off. Could probably get them all done in a day. But my question ISSSSSSSSSSSSSS . . . . . Are simple raggedy type dolls like this still “IN”???

raggey 001

These are pictures of finished ones from ‘back when’ they were a BIG thing.


I don’t get out much to even know if things like this are popular anymore! Well, ACTUALLY we don’t even have any other ‘country style’ stores or craft malls around here anymore. But it’s been some time since I’ve seen dolls of this like at the shows we do.


So, whaddya think??? Worth my time to finish them up right now? Or should I pack them away for another ten years and bring them back as ‘collectibles’?!?!?

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  1. Why not turn some of them into little kits. If they sell then you could make the rest up. If they don’t sell then at least you are not out too much time and they can be stored away until that style comes back.

  2. i like the previous comment. i also love raggedy dolls…looks like the dolls in the pictures have yarn hair. maybe fabric hair would work better. i don’t know, just throwin’ it out there. good luck

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