Halloween witches!

I LOVE seeing what others do with the ideas we share and my e-books.  Check out the witches THE CINNAMON STICK made using my e-book:

witches cinn stick

You can see more of their Halloween open house photos on their blog HERE

As you can see by how many of them they made, they are fast, easy and pretty inexpensive to make.  See the e-book HERE

I sure miss living in the ‘burbs’ and having a kid at home this time of year.  Halloween decorating is so much fun!  One year Elliot and I cut out over a HUNDRED bats from construction paper and hung them throughout the stairwell entrance to our four-plex.

And I took a BIG box (big enough for a person to fit into; but didn’t have a person in there) and set it right next to the door.  Took a shirt and gloves and stuffed them and let them partially hang out. Set a pair of boots beside the box.  Took a scrap piece of a 2×4 and tied clear fishing line to it and ran the line through the side of the door.  When the trick or treaters knocked on the door; I pulled on the string and it REALLY sounded like someone was trying to get out of the box!

Next to the door was a handmade tombstone (used the innards of empty cereal boxes for the headstones) that read, “Here lies the trick or treater who knocked on the wrong door!”  And then on the small landing half way up to our upstairs apartment I build a scarecrow.  Strapped him on a hand truck to keep him upright and tied a piece of fishing line to one of his hands and made him ‘wave goodbye’ as the kids went down the stairs.

Of course, the obligatory ‘spooky sounds’ tape was playing.  Under the lower stairwell I had tied a sheet to an old box fan  and turned it on the create a ghost!

Ahhhhh . . . . those ere the good ole days!

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