Battery operated grubby candles: tea lights AND TAPERS!

Tis the season for candlelight. Gotta love the battery operated candles and not having to worry about them getting knocked over and starting a fire!

I’ve updated the e-book for the battery operated tea lights to now include the battery operated tapers and pilars.

I did a LOT of research before putting this e-book together.  Tried MANY different “how to’s” that others were peddling.  Layers and layers of mod podge, and rolling in spices between each layer, and hours of drying time between each coat???  Are you kidding me!  I wanted something FAST AND EASY ~ and that looked like REAL candles.

Several of the crafters I asked said they just “dunked the whole tea light base into their wax mixture”  then once they cooled, peeled away the wax covering the bottom and the little bit that got on the bulb.  Two things wrong with THAT technique:  My OLD arthritic fingers are not nimble enough to hang on to the dang thing ‘by that tiny bulb’; and I don’t want to have to scrap or peel wax off !  That might be an okay way to make them IF you are just doing a few for your own personal use.  BUT, I was making them in VOLUME, to sell at our store and craft shows.  I needed a fool proof, fast and easy way to make these babies!

No pun inteneded, but ‘a lightbulb finally went off in my head’ and I knew how I could make them,  in a couple of quick steps with no back tracking and un-doing.

The book also give the source for the MOLDS I used to make these tea light holders.    These silicone molds  are quite expensive so I don’t recommend buying them if you are just wanting to make  ‘a few candles for yourself’.   But the cost is totally justified if you are a crafter and making them for shows or to sell in a shop.

You can buy the e-book for $3.95 in our etsy shop here: Sophie’s Cottage

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