I TOLD you I was already “Thinking Spring”!

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And here are a few pictures to prove it.

Putty and cream colored pottery; jute accents.

Balls of string.

Natural elements.

Pewter and tarnished silver. I HOPE I can find more pewter!)

A bit of Paris chic.

Lots of ‘twigs and twine’.

Blended in with sand and shells and beachy blues.

Birds and bee skeps and bears.

Earth tones and fabrics with lots of texture; like burlap. I bought this homespun and the brown burlap on two different shopping trips and didn’t even realize how well they matched until I put them in my fabric stash. The homespun really looked OLIVE GREEN and turquoise in the store. But next to the yummy cocoa brown burlap, it’s most definitely brown!

Some lighter tan burlap and onnasburg for upholstering chairs and making pillows.

This lamp will probably end up with the shabby Paris stuff. I love the ‘squareness’ of both the lamp AND shade.

So, what trends are ‘grabbing your eye’ for spring? Or are you still knee-deep in Christmas?

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