It’s all about the FEET!

I showed a few of the recent projects that I’ve added FEET to in the previous post. Something about adding feet just gives everything that extra OOMPH!

When I bought my current sofa (long ago!) the ONE thing I HAD to have was BUN FEET. And I’ve been drawn to bun feet ever since. You can buy unfinished furniture size bun feet at the hardware store, but they are like $8.00 apiece! Which isn’t bad added to the price of a sofa; but for little craft projects, ya gotta be more frugal!

Here are my ‘frugal bun feet’:

Just a very simple little plywood shelf that Michael made. But these bun feet just MAKE it really stand out. Bet you can’t guess how I made these sweet little bun feet???

Maybe you can tell now with this closer look. No???

How about NOW??? Can you tell how I made the bun feet?

How about NOW???? Yes, they are small wooden BOWLS!!! I had Michael drill a hole in the center, and we added a little wood wheel (which you can see better in the 2nd picture) as a spacer/washer; then just screwed them on from underneath.

Perfect little faux and FRUGAL bun feet! How’s THAT for a unique way to repurpose old wood bowls?!?!

We haven’t tried these on anything TOO large. If we DO ever use them on a larger piece of furniture we would add a solid block of wood to the inside of the bowl for added strength. That way the item would actually be being supported by the piece of wood, with the bowl over it just for decoration. I’m not certain just how strong these bowls would be on a large piece just by themselves.


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  1. Wow! I LOVE THIS site! Bookmarking you

  2. I will be linking to you on a post I am doing in a few weeks about repurposing. You have great ideas!

  3. […] those cute little bun feet, (or if you just haven’t been reading my blog for that long!)  click here to see the original post and what I used for the bun feet.  Of course you can BUY ready made, unfinished […]

  4. Clever idea!!

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