5 minute basket make-over

Seriously.  Five minutes is all it takes to give an old basket a fresh new look by dry brushing on a fresh color of paint.

This is what I started with. Have had these baskets for a good TEN years. Nice big ones that I have used to hold magazines. Still in great shape, but I’m redecorating the living room to a ‘softer, cozy cottage feel’, and these dark baskets just don’t work for me anymore.

YIKES!!! What’s up with THAT ‘Grinch green’ color?!?! I wanted to experiment a little. I had two of these baskets, one slightly bigger than the other, and wanted to see if I could make them slightly different shades of the same color. So, I undercoated this one with some green spray paint before adding my coat of dry brushed Robin’s egg blue.

Here’s the end results. The top one was just painted ‘as was’, and the bottom one is the one I base coated with the green. Just a very subtle difference.

Dry brushing is the easiest technique ever:

* Load your paint brush with a MINIMAL amount of paint.

* Swipe your brush on a piece of paper a few times to remove some of the paint. Your brush should be looking DRY, but with a little bit of paint color.

* Start painting! Use a VERY LIGHT hand, just barely touching the surface you are painting. In the case of these baskets, my paint went on the raised parts of the basket weave.

* Don’t worry about not getting enough paint on your item. You can always go back and apply more. But, if you use TOO MUCH paint, you can’t go back and take it off.

Here are a few more things I dry brushed:

Another rustic basket. Gave this one a touch of light tan paint.

This thrifted heart shaped bowl had been sitting in my ‘to do’ pile for quite some time.  It was just a tad too plain looking.  I gave the outside a bit of the same tan paint as the basket, dry brushed on the outside.  Voila!  Highlights the ‘carved’ features perfectly!

In less than half an hour, I dry brushed four baskets and the bowl.  Don’t you wish ALL your projects were this fast and easy?!?

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