New spring ribbon has arrived at Costco!

I’ve been looking for it for WEEKS.  It usually appears around the end of January.  Finally found it last week, but not in ti’s ‘usual’ focal point display in the middle of the store.  It was a MUCH smaller supply and shoved into a bottom shelf in the office supply section.

There were several nice whites and creams, different widths and shades and types; sheer, embossed, crinkly.  (whites and creams had been sorely missing from the last years selections)  And a LOT of BRIGHT colorful springy colors.  I had to refrain from buying all that I really WANTED, and stick to just what I really ‘needed’.

I got one white and one cream, and the pink.  If you look really closely at the pink you can see little glitter crowns!  So cute!

This is really good quality ribbon.  50 yard SEAMLESS spools; wire edged; and just $6.49 per spool!!    And it goes FAST!  Especially when they put it ‘front and center’ in the store.

They usually get some really nice spring nesting boxes about this time of year too.  REALLY sturdy.  They’ll probably do the Easter focal point display with the boxes and ribbons together AFTER Valentines day.    I’m trying to better organize my craft room, and thinking a set of the boxes would be great to organize things in.

So, if you need ribbon . . .. get to Costco NOW.  It’ll be gone in a wink!


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  1. when do they usually bring out the ribbon? I am looking for an ivory ribbon (preferably lace or chiffon-y type material) to rope off the aisle! I need atleast 50 years

    • I don’t watch as closely now that we no longer have our retail shop to buy stock for. They have Christmas ribbon in NOW. Christmas ribbon usually arrives late August/Early September, and USED to sell out VERY quickly. Not so much anymore with the tight economy. I’ve also noticed the spring ribbon showing up later in the year and much LESS of it to begin with.

      I will say that if you find some you like at Costco, BUY IT, and buy EXTRA of it! The solid light colors like white and cream go FAST!


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