Why didin’t I think of THIS?!?!?

Is this a beautiful setting or what?!?!

I cannot believe I didn’t think of doing this.  I mean, I JUST did a shabby bird on a pedestal . . . adding the fringe and nest grass is that perfectly elegant little extra OOMPH!!!  And I’ve done hundreds of the plate/candle holder pedestals . . .  just never thought of topping it with a big ELEGANTLY decorated egg and some moss.

And the cute little Easter Greetings tag, I JUST bought a bunch of those little frames last month at Michael’s when they had their 20% off everything coupon.  (Jean and Lynne M!!!  Those are the frames you were asking what I was going to do with them.  Here’s another great idea!)

You can see the how to over on the ROOM TO INSPIRE blog

And the big egg, well I’ve actually never seen those exact big foam eggs in the craft store (we don’t have Hobby Lobby here in the West) but I have big plastic eggs and some big mache ones that I could do a similar treatment on. 

And speaking of things I wish I’d tought of:

At the big antique show at the Expo last weekend there was a booth with a big old open book case  with lots of shelves.  Artfully arranged on the shelves were assorted sizes of hardback books with the covers torn off!!  I tell ya, it was a SPECTACULAR LOOK!!!  Oh so ‘Anthropoligie -esque’. 

I MUST remember that and replicate it soon.  Gotta hit the Goodwill bin store first and grab up a bunch of books on the cheap.

And speaking of the Expo show . . . . . . Michael and I had gone to ‘scout it out’ for potentially participating in  the future.    Now I’ll admit that I had never been to such a venue, so perhaps my expectations were off.   But both Michael and I were extremely UNDERwhelmed!

I had assumed that at the price they charge for a space (around $250.00) and boasting a thousand booths (and doing a little quick math, that’s a quarter million bucks in the show promoters pocket; even minus the facility rental fee) that it would be a ‘nicely presented production’. 

There were indeed a LOT of booths, and how each vendor displays their booth is up to the individual, but the overall presentation of the ‘show’ was just plain SLOPPY!  No divider curtains or backdrops for the booths!!  Well, a few here and there, which we found out was for those who wanted to pay the extra.  But different colors all over the place and some spaces BACKED to another space that had a backdrop, but it only covered HALF of the backing of the space it backed up to!  WTH???  You could hardly tell where one booth ended and another began.  And hardly ANY signage of way of identifying the vendors. 

And NO PLACE to sit and take a break!  We had to leave without seeing it all because my back was hurting and I needed to sit down and rest.  We had seen ONE area of tables in the first building, but that was about 800 booths away from where we were!  sheesh!  If you’re only going to have ONE seating area at least put it in the MIDDLE so it is more accessible!

Oh, and let’s not forget that they charge $7.00 a person entry fee!  Maybe I expected too much.  The only ‘big’ show I ever did was Magic of Christmas ‘back when’ (which was hosted by Stars Antiques) and BEAUTIFULLY  arranged! 

Now we did see some very nicely displayed booth set ups.  Lots of vendors from Stars and Monticello and ones who were advertising that they headed to Farm Chicks in June.   I didn’t really see a LOT of spending going on, but then we WERE only there for a couple of hours.

SO, we can scratch that venue off the list for future participation!


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