How do I remove the COLOR from these balls?!?!?

Bought these a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago at the thrift store.  Don’t care for the color of them at all, but they are really heavy-duty (3-4 layers thick!) twig balls and I figured I could easily bleach out the color and leave them white/cream.  Would look awesome in a beachy display.

Can you see how THICK they are???  Nice size too.  Slightly bigger than a softball.   I tried bleaching one of them when I first got them.  NOTHING!  Not even a hint of a shade lighter.  That’s when I stashed them away for another day.

So now I tried some Rit color remover, two packages, in the washing machine with hot water.  Directions say to soak for 30 minutes; I left them for over an hour!  I could see some of the dye in the water, but they BARELY looked any lighter once I let them dry.

NOW WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!   Painting them is out of the question.  There are too may layers to get paint into and not even spray paint would work.  Any other dye/color removing tips for me to try???

I suppose if I can’t get the color out that I can wrap them in muslin strips and glue moss on them to make big moss balls.  But I really had my heart set on shabby white twiggy balls!  sigh

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  1. what about dipping them in a paint bath? Never tried it but that might get inside the twigs. Hang them on a fish hook maybe, and dunk in primer. That could get enough colour inside that a spray on the outside would finish them off.

  2. oh my gosh! that is exactly what I was going to suggest! dipping them I would thin the paint a little, and do it twice.
    good luck, keep us posted!

  3. slosh them around in clorox then rinse really good with icy cold water …

  4. I would try dipping them in paint also. Good luck . . can’t wait to see how they turn out.

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