60 second wicker basket stand makeover

I think I picked this wicker basket stand up last summer.  Was thinking on what I wanted to do with it.  Perfect size and height for a beside the couch project basket to keep sewing projects in that I want to pick up and work on while I watch TV.  Alas, my kitties would surely make it their new favorite napping spot, so I guess I’ll gussy it up to take the the spring show next month.

BAM! Finished up a quick dry brush paint job in about 60 seconds.  Seriously!  I was working on a little dresser and had my brush loaded with this turquoise paint, so I just grabbed the basket and used up the last little bit of paint on my brush and slapped it on this baby.

This frame was on my other work table with the black base coat drying.

So I went ahead and gave it a quick DRY BRUSH coat of the turquoise paint too.

The nice rough texture of this frame lends itself well the dry brushing.  BUT, you can achieve the same look on a dry brushed smooth surface with a little practice.  (the secret is to have your brush VERY dry IE: very lightly loaded with paint)  Dry brush painting gives you a weathered, peeled away paint look without having to sand!

And while I had the turquoise paint out, I went ahead and painted this little wicker stool; again using a dry brush technique.  You can see the little dresser behind the stool.  That’s the project that started all these other turquoise projects!  Gotta love a day without rain in Oregon!


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  1. It all looks great–love that color! I just painted similar basket blue while i was painting something else!

  2. Adorable! I am looking for a specific color. Depression glass green. Do you know of such a color? Its like your tourqoise but a little lighter. I keep buying the wrong color! Thanks, Annie

    • You need to find a piece of the glass OR a picture of a piece of the glass to take to the paint stroe for them to color match.

  3. I love your wor!! This color is great for all furnitures.

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