Pictures from the spring show ~ Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar ~ April 20 – 24, 2010

* sorry for the delay in getting pictures up.  Got home Monday night after setting up the show and got really sick.  (!?!?!)  Spent all day yesterday in bed.  Still not feeling great, but better than yesterday. 

These are pictures of OUR area of the show.    I’ll post the rest of the show pics tomorrow.
























YES!!!  Cinnamon bun room spray!! And, yes, there IS some ‘cinnamon refresher oil’ too . . . it’s back on the table with the primitives.  And this is the LAST of it that I will be getting.

My grubby tea stain.  I also keep this stocked in my space at Stars.


Seriously, a LOT of monograms!  Vintage, new, handcrafted, grubby, bright, big and small!  Little monogrammed notebooks and tags make great gifts!

And still some primitives . . .AWESOME big wood trencher bowls; and darling little OVAL wood bowls.





FUN!!  Little glittery cupcake trinket boxes!!  Yes, the top opens up!






















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  1. I could seriously live in that space!! Love it!

  2. Everything looks just wonderful!


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