Modern abstract wall sculpture

The idea for this thing came about shortly after my son and his girlfriend moved into their new apartment.  They had bought a nice new sofa and loveseat, and we were discussing decorating options for the rest of the room.  Someone (I don’t even remember WHO had the original idea!)  thought a big grouping of weathered fence boards, artfully arranged, would look cool on the wall. 

As we brainstormed from that starting point, I thought about painting the boards in varying shades of brown, similarly to their new sofa.  THEN I had the idea of putting lighting behind the wall sculpture.   Then, since their furniture is so new and has such clean lines, we decided to use NEW wood, instead of old weathered wood. 

I had Michael cut me a bunch of pieces of scrap birch plywood.  Then I painted them assorted shades of brown.  This was probably a YEAR ago!   Our schedules just didn’t match up for the longest time.   If they were home on a weekend, we were busy; and vice versa.    Since this was going to be a very large piece, I was going to ‘construct’ it at their place, and let them watch over the process and try different arrangements to see what they liked best before we permanently attached everything. 

We took the painted pieces over to them, and just never got around to assembling it.  Finally one day my son got tired of looking at the pile of wood and just started playing around with it, arranging it in different ways on the floor.  Found an arrangement he liked, and started screwing the boards together from behind.  And he had it hanging on the wall when we went over for Mother’s Day!  Now he just needs to add the lights behind it. 

Nice job, son!!!

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  1. Ah, I see Elliot has some of his mom’s creativeness! : ) Looks great!

  2. Love the way the different colors work together and the shapes make it even more interesting. Good job, mom and son!

  3. Great job Elliot!
    Time to go into business,,,

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