THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Sophie’s Cottage goes to Washington; Camas, Washington, that is!!!


Yesterday was move in day.  WHEW!  Glad we only have to do that ONCE!  We arrived shortly after they opened at 11, and didn’t finish until they were announcing closing time in 15 minutes.  Still have a LOT of ‘tweaking to do’.  The booths there have pegboard backing, which I’ve never been too fond of.  But I give them props on doing pegboard right!  It’s the nicest pegboard I’ve ever seen; all trimmed out and a chair rail with solid wall below. 

We ‘could have’ covered the pegboard with wall paper or fabric, but that would have taken all day, and I really wanted to just get set up.  I brought HOOKS for hanging heavy stuff on the walls (like chairs!) but forgot the unbent paperclips for hanging pictures.  The hooks are too thick to fit into the hangers on the back of pictures.  So, that’s why you see a lot of bare wall space right now.  Will work on re-doing that next trip up.

Ready for some pictures?!?!?

Miss mannequin wearing her new petticoat and angel wings greets you upon arrival.

‘Big Pink’ as we lovingly call this baby, faces to the outside of the aisle.  Can’t get far enough away for a good ‘straight on’ photo.  But she is FILLED with lots of goodies!

You can see a little more from this angle.

Awesome vintage nightshirt hanging on the side.

Some of the treasures on Big Pink.

Birds and butterfly file holders.


Big bowl full of crochet yarn.

Yummy chocolate truffle candles and yummy natural bees-wax candles from Paris!

Lots of birds!

View as you head into the space.

Front right hand side.  Shelf full of  ‘good smelling stuff’:  oatmeal cookie and cinnamon bun tart melts, cinnamon bun room spray and cinnamon oil for fragrancing potpourri.

One spritz fills the whole room with yumminess!

Unscented pods and botanicals.  Use our cinnamon OIL to fragrance these to use as potpourri.

Tart melts and my very own tea stain for grubbying up paper and fabric.

More bees wax candles.  These are small rolled ‘honeycomb’ candles.  Heavenly sweet honey fragrance!

Big old enamel ware tub filled with vintage brooms and brushes.

Big round table painted shabby cottage chic; and a small round table tucked beneath.

Better view of the big table top.

Little cabinet tucked under the big table.

And the small round table. 

Vintage black suitcases tucked under the table.

Another little blue (child size) table, square with designs painted on top. 

Little oval stools.

Little stack of stools under Miss mannequin.

Altered box and cute wicker purse.

No such thing as too many little stools!!!

Vintage paper baby shower table-cloth, and small table-cloth.  LOVE the colors!

Little gold mesh stars for bowl or jar fillers.

Shabby urn with nest and egg.


Topiary and grubby globe. 

Moving along to the PINK.

Sweet pink slat seat chair.  Vintage very rusty metal crib ends, grubby old cupboard door and shabby picket fence sections behind the chair.

Better view of the picket sections.

Shabby black shutter and wall baskets.

Vintage pink  ‘make do’ style chairs hanging on the wall.

Vintage pink bowback ‘short legged’ (close to child size height) chair hangs nicely on the wall too.

Shabby brown stacking boxes next to pink and brown side table.

Pink and brown side table.

Shabby pink and brown dresser.

Vintage chenille full size bedspread.  PERFECT condition.  No stains, tears or worn spots.

Pretty pink urn filled with flour sack towels.

Gorgeous one of a kind pink and brown shelf.  We used a vintage frame as the decorative moulding on the front!  Lots of room to display your favorite treasures.

You can see some of the detail of the frame edging in this picture.

LOVE the stacks of old books with the covers torn off!!!  Restoration Hardware sells them for some crazy high price!  I couldn’t find them listed on their webpage, but they SHOW them in lots of pictures:

We sell our bundle of three for just $9.00!

Sweet little pink patent leather shoes!

The oldest pair of baby booties I’ve EVER seen!  So adorable!


Camas Antique Mall is located in downtown historical Camas. 

305 NE 4th Avenue  ~  Camas, Washington  98607

OPEN:  Monday – Saturday; 10am – 6pm    Sunday; 11am – 5pm

Phone: 360-834-4062;  JoAnn Taylor, proprietor.

Camas Antique Mall Blog

* We are in the company of a multitude of talented ‘antiquers’ at Camas Antique Mall; including a long time blog favorite on mine, and I’m sure MANY of you too;  Tracey, of Notes From a Cottage Industry!


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  1. Ava…looks great!You are very creative and do a great job displaying everything.Someday I’ll have to do a road trip. 😉

  2. Lots of eye candy! Much success!!!

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