Treasures from the sea: sea glass editions

As I was rummaging through by bin of shells to find the perfect ones to fill another little box with, I came across some bags of sea glass.  LIGHTBULB!!

Wouldn’t THESE look pretty in the fluted paper cups too?!?!

I may have to go back and add some ‘fringe’ along the edges of the heart shaped box.  The ‘treasures from the sea’ tags are ones I just printed up on my computer.  I just did an entire page of them, different sizes and different fonts, and tore them into strips.

Just look at all those yummy colors!  Some of them are almost a perfect ‘gumdrop’ shape!

I didn’t think I was going to be able to find enough different colors to do all the compartments in this box, but between the clear and frosted glass, I had just enough.  It was kind of fun digging through the box to find ‘ just the right ones’.

Debating whether or not I should GLUE the glass into place before I take them to our booths to sell.  I kind of DON’T want to, because I enjoy picking up and holding each piece, and I’m sure potential purchasers would too.  It’s the ‘hold in your hand and slip it into your pocket’ shoppers that I am worried about!

Don’t those turquoise ones look just like gumdrops???

Working on some jars filled with the sea glass too.


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  1. Really cute idea – you might want to put a disclaimer somewhere on them that they are not candy …

  2. Love the colors!

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