Because I LIKE them . . .

I really can’t tell you WHY I like bowls and baskets and jars full of string or crochet thread.  I just DO!

My ‘love for the look’ surfaced last summer when we started our closing sale for our retail store, and I decided I wanted to get rid of my entire collection of primitive/folk art and Americana decor.  We live too far out in the boonies to ever do a yard sale at our home, so I hurriedly whisked my entire collection off to our store to sell there, while I had the chance.

I knew I wanted to go with a more ‘nurtral palette.  And a more ‘organic’ and simplistic look.  And I found myself drawn to whites and creams and soft putty colors.  ESPECIALLY big bowls and jars filled with string!  THAT was the inspiration for the whole living room re-do.  (which is still very much a ‘work in progress’ . . . . SLOW progress!)

These pictures are of items I just stocked in our space at Camas.  I finally got enough ‘to share’.  I’ve got two big glass jars at home, and a couple of small jars with darning thread and grubby vintage white ric rac in them. 

I’m lovin’ the BIG industrial size cones of thread too.  I have one at home and took the rest to Camas.  You can see part of one on the far left here.  The other two (I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of them!!)  have sold already.

The jars shown come WITH the contents included.  The big glass jars are actually harder to find than the string.  Target carries some at a ‘reasonable price’ if you are buying for your own use.  Of course I have to HUNT for them at garage sales at a cheaper price so we can make ‘some profit’ on selling them.    If you already have a jar or basket or bowl and just need the string, these shown are sold individually.

  What is it about big bowls and jars of string or yarn that is so appealing?

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  1. I love the soothing colors of the white and tan…

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