Birds nests on pedestals

Assorted mis matched pillar candle pedestals.  

These first few I left ‘as is’, and just glued my little birds nests on.

Still need to add some tags to these.

Added some loose twigs to a few of the nests.

This batch of shorter pedestals HAD to be painted though!

Since the original finish was shiney and I didn’t want to have to sand, I spray painted them cream color.

Add a little “bit o’ Ralph” (Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze!)  I applied it in sections, to the bottom part first; just GLOB it on.  You want full coverage, but not too THICK, because you are going to be wiping most of it off, and why waste it?

You really have to work QUICKLY with this stuff as it ‘tacks up’ very quickly.  Apply your glaze and immediately dab off.  I did each base, one at a time; let dry for about 15 minutes so I could handle the base to do the tops.

A little comparison: The one on the LEFT is one of the formerly red ones that I painted and glazed.  The one on the right was ‘factroy glazed’ and purchased ‘as is’.  I COULD have made mine look MORE like the factory glazed one by WIPING off more of my glaze.  Leaving more glaze in the crevices and less on the surface.  I just prefer to DAB mine for a more uniform look.

Then I glued my little birds nest on top of the factory glazed one.

Here’s all three of the formerly red ones finished and awaiting nests.

As you can see, I didn’t glaze the inside part of the top.  Why waste the glaze when it’s going to be covered up by the nest?

Here are a few other finished ones.

I bought these nests (ON CLEARANCE ALREADY!!) premade, and just added some extra moss to fill them in more.

This big green pedestal perfectly compliments the color of the eggs!

 A little tea stained bird tag is the finishing touch.

These finished ones have gone to my space at Stars.



 Home tweet home!


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  1. These are sooo cute! I love the idea of using the urn too.

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