MORE blue

Oh YEAH, baby!

NO such thing as too much of THIS color!  I was outside painting these on Sunday when Stars called to tell me that a big doll house I had in my space had sold, and there was a big bare spot!

Here’s the before of the bigger chest.  Michael had to repair on drawer and one drawer guide.  Other than that, it was just sand, paint, then sand to distress.

LOVE this size of chest!  Have had re-done several over the years, and they always sell FAST.  It was in really good shape, a little bit of peeling varnish on the top.  A quick sanding job and it was ready to paint.

I rummaged through my knob and pull junk box searching for some different knobs for the bigger one.  ZILCH.  I just didn’t have 8 of anything, nor 8 ‘different yet similar enouhg’ to do mix/match; which is what I really hoped to do. 

So, I painted up some other wood knobs.  (quite similar to the original ones, but an ‘older’ shape)  And used smaller ones on the top drawer.

I considered (for about a SPLIT second!) putting matching knobs on the two pieces.  But then I found these vintage glass knobs and just HAD to use them on the little chest!

Aren’t they just DARLING?!?!?!

As I already mentioned, these have gone to my space at Stars.  And while I was there, I did a little ‘fluffing’, and repositioned this blue end table.  (It was ‘buried’ under the ginormous doll house prior to this!)

Made this one EXTRA grubby, sanding a LOT and letting the dark undercoat show.

Lots of other blue stuff in stock at Stars.  TWO of these small shelves; which could easily be hung on the wall. 

Little star pillows and felt word pillows add a whimsical touch to any display.

Here you can see ‘the whole spread’!

MORE blue and beachy accessories on the ‘outside’ left of my booth.

Vintage wicker stool and grubby little wood stool.

Little corner shelf.

BIG natural wicker baskets, overpainted with blue.  Perfect size for stashing your favorite magazines!



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