New at Stars Antique Mall

Well, since what I showed yesterday was about half my space at Stars, I may as well  show the rest of it today, eh?

LOTS of white and tan benches on the right side of the booth.

With little groupings tucked in, here and there.

Just a little reminder!

Little vintage bottle with tea stained cheesecloth tie.

Two gold frames hung inside one another with wire cross.

BIG tabletop candelabra.  It’s been around for a while and gone unsold.  Seriously considering bringing it home for a makeover . . .  shabby blue???  white and distressed with some crystals???  Whaddya thing???

Cloches and goodie plates.

VERY grubby little stair step.

LOVE this black wrought iron frame!  I had a hard time letting this one go.  Really wanted to keep it for myself!

My very own cinnamon bun fragrance spray.

Shabby white corner shelf and black wire mannequin.

Handcrafted angel wings.

Vintage green divided carrier.

Vintage primitive black and brown step stool.

Little word pillows and hand stitched heart in a twiggy nest.

BIG shabby blue baskets.  Perfect size to stash magazines in next to your favorite reading chair.

Lamp with vintage book pages covered shade.

Tall wrought iron lamp.

Small wrought iron lamp.

Stars WILL be open regular hours on July 4th; noon – 5pm.



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  1. Hi there!
    Love your store! I’ve been wanting to go into a store also. In my area (south florida) there is an antique mall that rents booth space. Is this what you have? Any suggestions or cautions?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Karen,

      Yes, this is an antique mall that rents spaces to individual antique vendors. This particular mall DOES allow some NEW product and handmade to be blended in with teh vintage; but not ALL do. Be sure you CAREFULLY read teh contract and know the rules before you go in. YOu’ll probably have to pay last months rent in advance and maybe a security deposit; possibly a small once a year liability insurance fee. In addition to rent, the mall usually takes a % of sales. Around here it’s 12%

      Advice? STUDY THE COMPETITION. Look carefully at the other booths. Compare prices to what you are offering. PICK A THEME. Be it color or style or decade or genre. Try to keep your space cohesive. (I have my space’ divided up’ and usually have a couple of themes going at a time) Try to find out which vendors have been there a LONG time and look at what they have done. Not to copy it, but to determine their formula for success, so you can follow it. For some it’s LOW price. For others it’s variety. For some it’s uniqueness. Or maybe HOW the space ia arranged and thingss are displayed. Try to think of your space as a ‘little room’ and arrange it accordingly.

      ADVERTISE. In your blog. Have business cards or postcards printed up (or print your own) to put in your booth with your blog addy. If the store offers a free website, use that too. Stars has one, but not to SELL from, just for advertising purposes.

      Good luck!

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