What to do about faded color on fabric boxes

Cute little fabric boxes, like this, seem to be pretty easy to come by at garage sales and thrift stores.  Only problem is that the fabric on the lids is usually quite FADED, and just doesn’t look right with the brightly colored base.

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the lid is considerably lighter than the base of the box. 


You can really see the difference in this picture.   So, what’s a shabby gal to do???

“Grubby” it up, of course!  I just lightly spritzed the entire surface with my grubby stain, and let it dry overnight.

If you like the look of watermarks and want to create them, just add water!  Just a drop of water here and there will spread to make nicer size watermarks.  You can do this while it’s still wet OR once it has dried.    And IF the sun is shining and you can put it outside to dry, you’ll get lots of color striations.

Don’t forget to do the bottom of the box!

To pretty it up before putting it out for sale, I add a crumpled piece of tissue paper.  And sometimes I’ll spritz a smidge of fragrance spray on the paper.  BE CAREFUL ABOUT FRAGRANCES THOUGH!  A lot of people are allergic to some fragrances, including me!  Anything floral smelling is OUT for me.  Triggers an asthma attack!  I only use vanilla or cinnamon fragrances.  Baking smells are usually pretty safe. 

Just BE SURE to mention any added fragrance ESPECIALLY is you are selling on-line, where the buyer won’t be able to smell it in person.


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  1. Brilliant!!! I love it!!!

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