Wicker chair with “UN” slip cover

I have one of these chairs at home.  Got it second-hand and painted it off white.   Found another one while out thrifting.  Thought about maybe keeping it to have a pair.  Then remembered the other one was a different color to start with, so they wouldn’t match.

I have loved this style of chair since they first came out.  It’s wicker, but it has very modern, clean lines.  Sturdy and comfortable.  Just need to update it a bit.

A couple of little snippets of wicker missing.  No problem, I’ll cover it with a cushion or something.

I literally only took me TEN minutes to dry brush this entire chair.  Since I’ve been doing so many pieces with this aqua paint lately, I store the brush in a baggie for re-use.  I didn’t even have to re-load the paint brush until I got to the legs!

Since some of the original brown wicker shows through, I wanted some brown to show on the legs too.  A quick bit of sanding took care of that.

Now for that cushion or slipcover!  I was perusing the thrift store for some fabric to inspire me and found this awesome TABLE RUNNER!

Perfect colors!  Perfect fit!  And it worked exactly as I’d imagined it would!  (but if it hadn’t worked, I could have used it to make a cushion)

That pink ball fringe is so FUN!!

To keep the runner in place, I just tied a pretty piece of ribbon at the back of the seat. 

Pretty little bow at the back and I’m done!

Come on over and sit a spell!

This cabana cutie has gone to my space at Stars. 

Where everything in my space is 25% off through this Sunday!

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  1. Love it! You inspire me each and every day… I’ve been visiting your blog if I’m not mistaken since last year… at times I need a pick me up… I visit your blog and I can’t wait to start the next project.. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the aqua color you use for alot of your trash to treasure items… I understand if you rather not share.. thank you… keep up the great work and remember you inspire so many of us….

  2. Barbara,

    The ORIGINAL blue I started with three years ago was Ralph Lauren brand, and the ONLY color RL had that was close to what I wanted. Home Depot no longer carries RL and I haven’t been able to find THE COLOR, so I’ve been mixing my own! I know that’s no help for you. I suggest you just look around at a paint store and find one that you like. I’ve ‘evolved through’ several shade variations, and all have been equally well received.

    The thing about this color is that it changes in different light. Even in some of the pictures I take, it looks different. Sometimes more blue, others more green. The really great thing about colors like that the various shades go together so well.

    I buy LATEX by the gallon, and use my acrylic craft paints to tint with when I want to tweak the color.


  3. So fabulous! I love the simplicity of this slip!

  4. Great idea with the runner!

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