Updated vintage plastic sewing box

This is the third such ugly ole plastic sewing box that I’ve updated. 

I actually remember when these were ‘in style’!

It’s still in perfectly good shape, nice and sturdy.

Has some very pretty detail even.  Just can’t deal with the FAKE WOOD look!

I scrubbed it up and primed it.

Several LIGHT layers of white spray paint, then a touch of RALPH.  (Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze)

Took this picture out in the storage shed, so the lighting isn’t too great.  Still want to do something to finish up the insides.  That can wait for a rainy day!  Right now while it’s warm and dry out I need to get some MAJOR painting projects done!


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  1. Looks wonderful! Much better than the faux wood look. Nice job.

  2. I don’t think I would use it for sewing supplies – too pretty!! Great job on the redo.

  3. I have one given to me for christmas in 1969. My sewing box is green in perfect condition. I love my sewing box it has gone through a lot and still in perfect condition. Do you know it’s worth. I would like to give it to my daughter someday.

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