Recent finds and a “What is it?”

Pretty good thrifting this past week.  Here’s a little of what I found:

Little white one drawer desk.  Looks GREAT at first glance.  (which is ALL I did before grabbing it up because the price was “RIGHT”)  Upon closer inspection when I got home, I could SEE why it was so inexpensive!!!  I could see a touch of soft blue in a couple of spots before I bought it.  So, I’ thinking I can just sand it a bit for the blue to show through and be done.  HA!!!  That pretty blue was only ONE of the  MANY colors under the white.  The others included bright lime green, fire engine red, dark royal blue and neon yellow!!!  Mercy!  A lot more work than I was expecting.  Had to sand off several layers on paint on the top and drawer before I can repaint it white.  Might do some ‘fun design’ on the drawer front and/or top.

Another ‘price was right’ desk with VERY damaged top.  The plan for this one is to have Michael CUT OFF the desk part, leaving only the little three drawers.  We ALWAYS  need little 3-4 drawer chests.  Not decided on what color yet.  We’ve got a bit of a monochromatic white thing going on for the next re-do at Camas.

Cute little ‘stilletto’ leg table.  Not terribly steady so it will be painted gray and used in our new display wall at Stars.

Sweet little cosmetic cases.  Just need some cleaning up.

A frame to paint aqua and place a big scallop shell in the center.

And here’s the “What is it?”  At first I thought it was just a little table with a drawer, and a cracked in half top.

Then I realized that the split top was a hinged opening, and there’s a HOLE in the bottom of the inside.

You can see that hole better here.  A smoking table maybe, and the hole it for the ashtray?? 

What I had thought was a drawer on the front is actually another hinged opening that used to flip UP, but had been painted shut.  The knob had broken off and just been painted over. 

Here’s the label that is inside.  I couldn’t get any closer for a better shot.  And I can’t even read it WITH my reading glasses on!  I don’t know if you can enlarge the picture to see it better.  I need to find my magnifying glass and get a better look at it so I can research it more.

But I’m really thinking it’s an old smoking table.

I sanded it up some more to bring more of the black out, and added a pretty vintage glass knob.  But that picture will be in the next batch.  I take WAY too many pictures to download the disc until it’s almost full.  Takes too long for me to FIND them later with SO MANY photo files on my computer!


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  1. What a lucky collection of finds. I really like the desk and the table with the hold in it. I couldn’t read it very well but one word appears to be Indianapolis? Those cosmetic cases are wonderful too!

  2. I love your stuff, wish i were closer would love to visit your store.

  3. I think you are right and it’s a smoking table. Many of them had holes for the removable ashtray to sit. Usually it was on the top of the cabinet, but since this one opens from the top, I guess it had to go inside. It looks just about the right size to be a the smoking table.

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