Good news / Bad news . . .

Or maybe it’s just a CHANGE of news. . . . .whatever!!  It’s HARD to think up titles for hundreds of different blog posts sometimes!  So, here’s the news:

Our plans to do a major overhaul of both of our mall spaces THIS Saturday, July 23rd; has had to be postponed until NEXT Saturday, July 31st.   Soooooooooooo . . . .the 25% off sale at Stars that was to end this Saturday has been changed to 20% off through the 3oth.  A slightly smaller percentage off, but MORE TIME to take advantage of it! 

The space is still JAM-PACKED with goodies, as you can see!

LOTS of wonderful beach blue goods!

The 20% off sale INCLUDES already discounted ‘red sale’ tags.

You KNOW you want a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to brighten up the house this summer!

Or someone’s got a birthday coming up that you need a gift for!  Who couldn’t use a practical little bench around the house?

Sweet little sentiments are always nice too.  These make fun package tie-ons!

Come and get it while the gettin’s  EXTRA good!


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