My apologies for the recent UNINTENTIONAL blog posting hiatus

Between internet problems and power outages and being stuck in traffic every time I leave the house . . . . it’s been a highly UNproductive week!  sigh.  I do apologize.  NOW I am so far behind on posts I don’t know WHERE to start!?!?

How about pictures of some recent findings?

This pretty gal will be repainted and given a new seat.

Cutie-patootie itty bitty primitive plant stand.  Will probably just ‘clean up’ the top.

Cool old frame.

Old painted wrought iron (it’s HEAVY!!) bar stool.  Being left ‘as is’ except for a new seat cushion.   Perfectly gently rusted here and there; which unfortunately doesn’t show in the pic!

BIG white and rusty old trunk.

Spent DAYS and a multitude of potions to get the ‘stink’ out of this old thing!  Several doses of Lysol spray; lots of my room spray, half a bottle of Febreeze; lots of newspaper (supposed to absorb the odors.  Didn’t help!) and finally a whole box of baking soda carpet refresher, which did the trick!

This WAS that desk I showed a while back!  Michael chopped off the desk top; now I need to sand and paint.

Rusty wall shelf sconce thingy.

Looks more like a crown to me!

Little white end table.

Little 3 drawer chest.

Full size head and foot board.  Anyone know what this STYLE is called?

Lots of seats to re-cover.  Here’s some of the new fabric I bought for them.

More fabric.

My favorite!  And I found the coordinating smaller print of JUST the orange flowers on a later shopping trip!

Already used some of this!

On this little bench that has a lift off seat.

It has gone to our space at Camas.

And here’s the finished version of that little old smoking table.  It went to Camas. (and has already sold!)

Vintage glass cake stand and dome.  For sale at Camas.

Awaiting a new seat.

Big ‘Pottery Barn inspired’ wood clock faces.  First attempt.  Came out TOO grubbied up!  Will have to try more later. 

Smaller two have gone to Camas.

Vintage youth chair and HUGE vintage bird-cage!

Vintage ceiling tin. 

Rusty crusty wire planter.

Vintage oak child’s chair.

Being sold as is at Camas.

Vintage white stools.

Modern coffee table to shabbify.

So, even though circumstances have been preventing me from posting as often as usual; I’ve been keeping BUSY.  We’re doing out BIG re-do of both mall spaces this Saturday, when a lot of these items will be re-appearing!  Stay tuned!


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  1. I believe it’s called Jenny Lind…

  2. I think the headboard and footboard style in Jenny Lind..

  3. I too think the bed is the Jenny Lind style.

  4. I think it’s Jenny Lind too. About the smell in the trunk – I’ve had luck putting a small amount of vanilla scented oil on a cotton ball, and laying it in the trunk for a few days. Lay the cotton ball on a plastic lid so it doesn’t stain the interior. Had a trunk that smelled horrendous, but after the vanilla was in it, the next time I opened it, it smelled great! Tried it once in a car that had got some flood water in the carpet, that didn’t work, the car smelled like vanilla flood water LOL. But in the small trunk, it seems to work.

  5. These beds are all called spool beds – one of the first machine turned styles – “Jenny Lind” was an advertising gimmick because she was so popular when these were first being sold.

  6. Oh how I wish I could shop at the places you find your treasures!!! 🙂

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